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June 8, 2019

Jeremy Chardy

Fabrice Martin

Paris, France


6-2, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. First of all, do you have regrets in this match after this beginning which was a bit complicated?
JEREMY CHARDY: It's true. When you lose, you often have regrets. But we started the match very badly. It's not the right way to start a finals. They built confidence on that, and we didn't. It's the only regret we can have regarding the match.

And they played very well. Unfortunately, we didn't play our best match today, but we hate losing. So tonight we are sad as each time we lose. We played excellent matches during the entire fortnight.

It's our first Grand Slam finals, so that's the positive side of it. It gives us a sour taste in our mouth and the desire to get the trophy next time.

Q. Do you think you had put yourself too much pressure with respect to these finals?
FABRICE MARTIN: The pressure, we felt it at the beginning of the match, indeed. But afterwards, we said, Whatever happens, we will play the match together, be it positive or negative.

And in second set we were able to show our good tennis, but it was complicated because it was the first time we lost our serve. Especially at the beginning of the match, we were very strong in our serves, and we were down 6-2, 4-0, double break right from the beginning of the match. So it was a bit bothering, especially in the finals. It was difficult to be confident. We struggled with the means we had.

We have no regrets. We played to our maximum tennis, but of course we could have dreamt a better end.

Q. You were relaxed the entire week, but on the eve of a finals, do you think a lot and are you less relaxed?
JEREMY CHARDY: I think each match in a Grand Slam is important to reach the finals. All the matches are important.

So, no, of course it's the last one, so you want to win it, but I think that in the preparation it's similar. It's not the first time we play important matches. I had nights that were not as good as last night.

So, no, I think already we were playing well, and today we lost. As I said, but although I'll speak for myself, he'll speak for himself, I'm very disappointed. We have just finished our match, and it's always difficult.

But we have to look at the positive side of things, and there are more positive things than negative things.

Q. Fabrice, you are less used to than Jim to be here in a major court. What will you take away from this fortnight, from this exposure from all that happened to you during these two weeks?
FABRICE MARTIN: It made me become aware that I could do it. With Jeremy, we have been playing, and we played for a while, and we played a few Grand Slams and stopped at third round. And with regrets, break in the third set, we lost in the three sets, and we were close to teams that went all the way to the end. So here we had the occasion of winning one, but we didn't succeed.

So I'm extremely disappointed tonight. But at the same time, it makes me want to continue working to lift the trophy next time.

Q. Do you know in terms of ranking where you will be?
FABRICE MARTIN: No, I didn't look at that during the week. I have a vague idea. Normally we should be in the top 30, but I don't know the exact ranking we will have. But certainly will be my best ranking.

So there are a lot of positive things from these two weeks. So gradually we will digest the defeat, hopefully soon, and then I'll continue.

We have two big tournaments ahead of us. We'll try to take the positive takeaways of these two weeks and continue with beautiful results.

Q. (Question off microphone.)
JEREMY CHARDY: He plays --

FABRICE MARTIN: If we play Wimbledon?

JEREMY CHARDY: He will be playing Halle and Wimbledon.

Q. (Question off microphone.)
JEREMY CHARDY: I also have my best ranking. I have just celebrated my coming in the top 100.

Q. You'll be 28 and 29. You're 8 or 9 in the Race. Will you work on your schedule of the next month? Has your call been answered to find a partner for Wimbledon?
FABRICE MARTIN: No, not yet. I haven't found anyone for Wimbledon, but I have no problem. I think I'll find someone. But maybe we have three tournaments until the end of the year, and we know we'll be playing together.

So the objective of London is accessible if the few times we play together we can succeed. Well, you told us we are No. 8. I know that there was a No. 4 and a No. 5 who will split, so it's two teams less. We will try to do it with the few tournaments we will be playing.

JEREMY CHARDY: You're asking the same question to me?

Yes, the US Open we'll play together. The fact of having played, it's different. Also, for me, we haven't talked about it, but I think we will look at it, and I will try to play more tournaments if he still wants to play with me.

But it's true that it's nice to be playing in major tournaments, to go far in the draw. It's very nice. And if we can have the chance of playing the Masters, it's a beautiful gift. And if we can play the Masters together, it will be cool.

Here, it's the middle of the year on grass. We won't be playing together. So it's not going to help us. But after the grass season, we have until the end of the year. We will be playing the US Open together, and then we'll see with my schedule, his schedule, and then we will try and play additional tournaments than what we had originally foreseen.

Q. Fabrice, are you fed up of changing partner? I think it's ten since the beginning of the season?
JEREMY CHARDY: That's not very kind for me.

Q. I'm going to finish my question. It gives you a form of freedom to play with your friend if you want it. If you were to choose between a fixed pair throughout the year with Jim or staying with this mixed format, what would you choose?
FABRICE MARTIN: I played one year with Marach, and we finished No. 10 or 11 in the Race. It was quite a good year, and I was up in the 33 ranking, our best ranking at that time.

But I have always wanted to play the major tournaments with Jeremy and play a whole year with Jeremy. But I totally understand that he wants to play in singles, and it's not easy and I have to adapt. And we have to adapt and to see which tournaments we can play together now that we are well-ranked in the race. And if he agrees to play the Grand Slams with me, I'm not having any problem of going here and there.

JEREMY CHARDY: It's the ideal position, the ideal pair. I'm the fixed partner and I give him jokers. We are an open couple. It's an open relationship.

FABRICE MARTIN: But I have two or three guys I try to play with.

Q. Only two or three?
JEREMY CHARDY: Only two or three. After more than three, it bothers me.

FABRICE MARTIN: No, it's not easy, indeed.

JEREMY CHARDY: It's a difficult life, indeed.

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