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June 8, 2019

Andreas Mies

Kevin Krawietz

Paris, France


6-2, 7-6

MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Absolutely fantastic run. First Germans to ever win the men's doubles title here. What does that mean to you?
KEVIN KRAWIETZ: 1937 was the last German.

Q. Is that right?
KEVIN KRAWIETZ: Yeah. So not the first one. Oh, in the Open era. Okay.

I mean, it means absolutely a lot for us. Absolutely no words for this. We played first time French Open and won the title. I don't know. It sounds ridiculous.

Yeah, it's incredible feeling. Of course we were nervous for the final. But before the tournament, if somebody said, like, we play quarters or, I don't know, we say, Okay, we are fine with this.

I mean, of course when you are in the quarters, you want to win, but match by match. Yeah, no words for this. Incredible.

Q. Not many people in the sort of wider sporting world may have heard of you. Is there anything you'd like people to know about you both? This is your chance to tell us all about yourself.
ANDREAS MIES: Yeah, what can I say about us? We just want to enjoy the tennis. We just want to promote doubles in the best possible way. You can see it on the court. We're having fun together. We're really enjoying what we're doing.

Yeah, we just love to make a living out of tennis, out of doubles. And, yeah, I mean, it's hard to talk about yourself, but I want you guys to judge.

Yeah, but we're just a good German doubles team coming up. Hopefully this is not the last one for us.

Q. I'm sure the moments at the end of the match there will be ones that stick in the memory for a long time. If you look at the whole tournament, are there one or two moments that particularly stand out during this run to the final that were crunch moments, defining moments for you?
KEVIN KRAWIETZ: Yeah, tough. Every match was kind of special. The first round we play French guys, and we said, Okay, let's start in the tournament good.

But, yeah, then we have some -- I mean, of course, third round was Marach/Pavic, a pretty good team, fourth seeded. And we said, Okay, we have nothing to lose, and maybe this was a very big step for us. After this match, we were very confident. Was pretty good match, also.

Also the round before, I have to say, actually, Mahut/Melzer, very much respect for these two guys because they won together six Grand Slam in doubles.

Yeah, I think second and third round was very important for us and to have a lot of confidence for, yeah, for quarters, semis, and the final.

Q. With the points you'll get from this, can you kind of graduate from the Challengers into more regular ATP? Is that the goal? Does this say there is a really good core of players at that Challenger level just looking to make the jump?
ANDREAS MIES: Yeah, of course, you want to make that step from going from Challengers to ATP level. That was our goal when we started last year. It's crazy that we made it that quick in that short period of time.

Our goal was always to try to win as many Challengers to get points. We had to be patient. It took a little bit. Because if you win a Challenger, it doesn't allow you automatically to enter ATPs.

So the crucial moment was Wimbledon last year where we used the chance of qualifying and we went to the third round. We lost with match points against Bryan/Sock who went on to win the tournament. But that was a moment where we realized we had the level to beat all the top guys.

Yeah, it took some time, but I would say after we won New York in February, we realized we can beat anyone and we can -- we belong to these guys. We belong on the ATP Tour.

Since this year, we're starting to -- we started to play more ATPs. I don't know how many Challengers we played this year, maybe two or three. But, yeah, so from now on, we feel like we settled into the ATP Tour.

Yeah, this is just unbelievable. We hope to stay on the tour for a long time, and hopefully stay healthy and play 10 more years, play until 40, who knows?

Just keep enjoying what we're doing, yeah.

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