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June 9, 2019

Adam Hadwin

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Q. All right, Adam Hadwin. I know it wasn't the round you were looking for; bit a tough day out there. Can you put it into words for us what happened out there?
ADAM HADWIN: Golf. Yeah. Just one of those days. Just a little out of rhythm early. Again, struggled off the tee a little bit. Hitting from the rough not quite as easy to control the golf ball. Then just didn't putt as well again this weekend.

Had my fair share of putts that could have dropped on the back side for sure to climb up that leaderboard; just didn't go in today.

Q. What's the emotion level right now? Disappointed? Frustrated?
ADAM HADWIN: I think overridingly disappointed. Yeah. I feel like I had an opportunity today and just didn't get it done.

The crowd was amazing all week. That reception coming up 18 was something special. I pictured it with being a few more under earlier in the week, but they were amazing.

Yeah, just disappointed I couldn't get it done in front of them.

Q. There are some consolation prizes. You do finish as the low Canadian to win te Rivermead Cup and you get a spot in the Open Championship, which has got to be nice.
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah. My sole focus today was getting to the top three to get in the U.S. Open next week. Actually, to be honest, kind of forgot about that little caveat there with the RBC Canadian Open being in the Qualifying Series this year.

Disappointed as I am, it's nice to get into another major this year. We'll rest up, prepare, and get ready to go for that.

Q. I know the final round was disappointing, but when you put these four days into perspective with where your game is right now, positive about where it's headed?
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, absolutely. Disappointing to not be able to pull off the shots when I wanted to, but at the same time, I grinded everything out this weekend.

It could have been a lot worse. I could have let it get sideways. Contribute that to the fans, this event, whatever it is, but I'm proud of the way I hung in there and kept giving myself chances down stretch.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, certainly bit of a disappointing end. I just didn't hit it well enough off the tee to set myself up and give myself enough chances.

Very scrambly. Very proud of the way I hung in there. I still had lots of chances coming down the stretch. Had a good look on 15, good look on 17 for eagle, and then a great look on 18.

So certainly disappointed that I couldn't make at least one or two of those, but it is what it is.

Q. Overall weekend as a whole, Canadians doing well, what do you think this weekend means just for Golf Canada?
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, I think it means a lot. I think it proves a lot to not only us as players, but the golfing fans across the country that there is a bunch of us out here and we're here to stay. We're here to play well and we're going to contend for championships for years to come.

No longer can we spoke about golf in Canada being in a good state. We're going out and proving it week in and week out.

Q. I guess qualifying for British Open takes some of sting out of the disappointment.
ADAM HADWIN: Certainly. Yeah, any time you can qualify for a major, something that I wasn't otherwise eligible for yet. Definitely consolation prize for sure. You know, keep working hard to get ready for that.

Q. I think you were close for the U.S. Open, too. Maybe had to finish top 3; is that right?
ADAM HADWIN: That was my understanding. I didn't know the exact math. I was scrolling through Twitter and saw that. That was certainly in the back of my mind today, getting a spot there. I felt like I was playing well enough. Even when I was struggling a little bit at front nine felt like I was playing well enough to do it. Just couldn't make the putts down the stretch.

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