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June 9, 2019

Mackenzie Hughes

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Q. Talk about the day for us and what it means to you.
MACKENZIE HUGHES: That was a really frustrating day. I actually think I played the same I have the first day really. I mean, the first day played the best, but the last few days I played the same but I just couldn't get a lick out of my round today. 17 pars and a bogey. It was really -- I mean, wasn't boring, but I just couldn't get that forward momentum going. Tons of burned edges and lip-outs.

Yeah, wasn't for lack of trying. I was grinding my butt off. Couldn't get one to go. It stings a little bit. I mean, seeing what Rory is doing today I wouldn't have had a chance to win, but certainly would've been nice to put a nice round together and finish on a strong note.

I feel like coming back here in the future this will be a golf course that sets up really well for me. I'm excited for future Opens here down the road.

Q. By 4 or 5 it looked like you were really getting frustrated with the putting. How difficult was it to keep believing you were going to sink one at some point?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: Yeah, I mean, I was frustrated for sure, but I kept telling myself to keep hitting good putts. Something is going to drop. Just keep telling myself that.

You know, some great putts, like on 10 hit a putt from about 20 feet and horseshoed back about four feet down the hill. You're just like, what do I got to do here? I'm just hitting some great putts and they just weren't going in.

12 I hit a shot on top of the ridge and it was about a foot from staying on the top and being perfect; had a 10-foot putt and I've got 50 feet from the bottom of the hill.

I mean, O almost make that, but it's like just need something to just fall in to give me some sort of life and, yeah, couldn't quite get it. I stuck with it and I just kept telling myself, keep grinding it out, but I just didn't have it.

Q. Mack, I know it's probably tough to think about right now, but what do you think you'll remember most about this week?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: Just some amazing crowds. Amazing crowds, great weather, and a great golf course. I can't imagine Golf Canada is too displeased with how this tournament is run so far. The date change has proven to be great. Going forward in the future the next few Canadian Opens with this new date change should be really exciting.

Q. How about the support personally for you?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: Yeah, it was crazy. They were screaming and hollering even though I didn't make a birdie all day. They were trying to get me to make one.

Yeah, it's been great.

Q. I would say you had some of the signature moments at this tournament this week. Is there a particular moment when you look back, year, two, three from now it's going to be a positive moment from this tournament for you?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: I don't know if I could pick out one particular moment. The first day, Thursday in The Rink was pretty electric. Putting on the jersey and people were getting pretty fired up about that.

But just the whole week in general. I look back on a lot of things and think a lot of positives and a lot of highlights.

Q. May be hard to put in perspective right now, but how do you feel about the Canadian contingent as a whole? One of the strongest showings Canada has had at its own national championship in 40 years.
MACKENZIE HUGHES: Yeah, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the next five to seven years there will be a Canadian winner. I'm hoping it's next year; could be seven.

But very soon there will be one of us hoisting this trophy. Yeah, Canadian golf is the strongest it's ever been, and that's the female and male side.

It's really exciting to be a part of it and one of the guys in with a chance. We'll all keep pushing each other to try and end this drought.

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