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June 9, 2019

Paula Creamer

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. You said earlier this week that you're a grinder and that you like to grind. How much was it a grind out there on the final day?
PAULA CREAMER: Oh, my goodness. I haven't played in conditions like this for a long time, probably the Scottish last year. But the golf course is playing awesome, but it was tough. My goodness, you're hitting 8-, 9-irons into par-5s and then 5- and 3-woods into par-4s. It's a little different. But I'm proud of the way I played today. Had it going there for a little while. But it was good. It was tough.

Q. This was the last tournament where you cracked the top 10 in 2017. What does it say about your game right now that you're come back, you've battled some injury before. What does it say about your comfortability with this course and with your game at the moment?
PAULA CREAMER: You know, I've been working really hard with my team. I always say that, and it always seems like you're so far away. But I love this golf course. I love coming here. I've been here for so many years, and I'm very comfortable. It always gives me a good confidence like that. Coming into it, like I said, I've been playing well, it just really hasn't shown. Had a good glimmer of some good golf out there the last three days, so it's exciting. Hopefully take this into the next several events.

Q. What is there to take away from what you were able to put together in the three last rounds into your next event?
PAULA CREAMER: You know, my caddie Kyle and I have just been working really hard on just our process of everything and committing to whatever choice that we make and sticking to it and never doubting it, and I think that that's a real positive that has shown from the last couple of weeks, and we'll take it into -- KPMG is my next event, so we'll take it into that.

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