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June 9, 2019

Andre Iguodala

Toronto, Ontario - Practice Day

Q. You guys have been in this situation before, but is there anything you can take from that Oklahoma City series or is this a completely different ball game?
ANDRE IGUODALA: Well, you try to take experiences in general and use them going forward. You don't know exactly what part of it you can use, but just from a mental aspect knowing that you can, it's capable of being done, but it's harder and harder as each game goes on.

Q. We heard you guys talk about the importance of just getting one game at a time, one game at a time, what's it take to get this game tomorrow?
ANDRE IGUODALA: Well, we have done some good things in each and every game, they have just been able to make the right adjustments. So we feel like you got to have close to perfect game and that's taking care of the ball, limiting second-chance opportunities, they have done a really good job of finding a different guy each game that's had a huge impact. Serge was incredible for them last game, getting to his spots, the trapping of Kawhi a few times.

So being able to adjust, sticking with tendencies. You look at Danny Green, the Game 3 he had, they're a complete team. And I think it's good, it raises your antennas and you know every possession becomes more and more important. So looking forward to the challenge and I think all the guys are now. But, yeah, we have a pretty resilient group. I think win or lose we respond in a good manner in terms of our mentality, in terms of our confidence doesn't waver, so that's something I see in each and every guy's eyes coming into the games.

Q. A resilient group, but there are challenges this playoffs that this team has never faced before, 10 different starting lineups just this postseason. What for you has been the biggest challenge for you guys team-wise that the Warriors have faced?
ANDRE IGUODALA: That's just a part of it. Like I said, no matter the outcome, our preparation from adjustments within our team to adjustments we have to make on the fly, guys are locked in and ready to go. Like I said, we're playing against a tough group, a hungry group, a fresh group. They never been here before, so there's that level of excitement that you can't replicate that. Once you're there more than once, it gets harder and harder. But they're a fresh group, so they're bringing it every night and that's going to raise our level of play and that's what makes the game better.

So each game has been high intensity guys getting after it, so that's what you hopefully continue to see.

Q. How hard is it to win that fourth game and from your position to prevent a team from winning that fourth game?
ANDRE IGUODALA: It's one of the harder games to win. It seems like it never ends. The game just never ends, it just keeps going on and on and on. So from our aspect, we want to make sure that it happens. We get to that point, where it feels like our fourth win is the longest game ever and hopefully continue to take it one game at a time.

Q. The team's been here for five years. You've been able to keep the core intact. But this is a big summer in terms of, I know Shaun has hinted he might retire, you've hinted that your career is coming to a close, you got two unrestricted free agents. Is there a sense that keeping this together is going to be difficult after this season?
ANDRE IGUODALA: No, I don't think we look at it that way at all. Especially for myself I've been, a lot of people have spoken to me each and every day, especially with kind of our -- the folks that cover us, and I'll be here next year for sure, and I'm pretty confident that we'll have our core back and we'll try to make another run at it.

But our key right now is to focus in on tomorrow's game and things we can do to try to keep the season going.

Q. How much experience, if any, can you draw from 2016 from the flip side, and say let's do to Toronto what happened to us and let's learn from that?
ANDRE IGUODALA: Our group, we don't think about that too much. We try to use that experience and say we have been through it, but we don't need that as motivation. Just being in NBA Finals is enough motivation and believing in ourselves and understanding, cleaning up the mistakes we made and a few other key adjustments. And we got a group that's locked in.

But we believe we can get the job done come tomorrow. We're not looking to any other game or not looking at Game 6 or Game 7, we're looking at Game 5 and what we can do to win.

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