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June 9, 2019

Danny Green

Toronto, Ontario - Practice Day

Q. You've been in previous situations before in The Finals. What's it take to close this team out?
DANNY GREEN: Going to take lot. Obviously, we know how good they are. They're going to continue to fight. We have to treat the series as if we're down in the series.

Q. Do you feel that there's an internal pressure within the team to get it wrapped up on home court and avoid going back to Oakland, or do you feel that in this position the pressure's more so on Golden State to extend it? Is there more an internal pressure for you guys or is it more an external thing that applies?
DANNY GREEN: I don't think we're thinking about that as much. The pressure is on both sides, but for us more so than anything. We're not the champions. The pressure is always on the opposing team, the team that's trying to dethrone the champs. They're three-time champions. In order to take that away from them, we got to be on top of our game and execute.

Q. How hard is that to do?
DANNY GREEN: Very hard. Knowing that teams are going to be fighting for their lives, their back is against the wall, they have a lot more to lose. We got to play as if we're down in the series and our backs are against the wall, that this is our last game.

Q. How much of a factor can the fans be?
DANNY GREEN: A huge factor. They're the greatest sixth man in the world, helping us night in and night out. Helping us close out series, helping us win series and helping us this series to hopefully bring it home.

Q. Can you take anything from the Game 7 against Philly, the game against Milwaukee?
DANNY GREEN: We're taking everything from each series. Each series has helped us to come to this point. I think that's why we are where we are right now is because of how well and how much we have had to adjust and how battle-tested we are as a group.

Q. There was video of you guys walking off the court where you guys all were very stoic. Where does that come from with this team? Is that experience, that kind of an IQ understanding of where you're at?
DANNY GREEN: It comes with experience. It comes with IQ. It comes with knowing that we haven't accomplished anything yet. It comes with appropriate fear of knowing what that team is capable of.

Q. Is there one guy in the room that's leading that?
DANNY GREEN: I think there are a number of guys in the room leading that charge. As you can see, everybody's persona was the same after the game. It wasn't just like as soon as the game is over somebody went in and told us, Hey look, this is how you got to act. I think everybody was just like that before we even got to the locker room, before we even got a chance to talk to each other. As I said, it's appropriate fear, that necessary focus that we need to be able to make this thing happen.

Q. How does Kawhi's wingspan, his ability to tip balls that maybe other people wouldn't be able to, just sort of change the dimensions of the court defensively?
DANNY GREEN: It makes him a special player. Obviously, that's what he came into this league as -- a long, active defender. But he's emerged offensively a great deal. He's been that for us. With him, Pascal, their length, their ability. Serge protecting the rim. Even Marc, his length. It allows me and K-Lo defensively as guards where we can get up in our guys and trust them behind us to be able to have our help at the rim.

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