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June 9, 2019

Marc Gasol

Toronto, Ontario - Practice Day

Q. You know that the Warriors are making adjustments. What's your process between games to be ready, but you know each other so well at this point?
MARC GASOL: It's like the previous series against Philly and Milwaukee and even Orlando. every game gets tougher and tougher because they take things away from the other team, and fundamentals mean so much on every possession. you can't give up anything easy to anybody because you understand that anything easy is free and you can't give anything free.

Q. How big of a role has Nick Nurse played in getting you guys to this point?
MARC GASOL: Huge. Huge role, obviously. He's the head coach. They do a great job, Nick and his staff, of preparing you for games, breaking down film, giving you confidence on the schemes defensively and their tendencies and how we're going to help and communicate and do all those things, and also giving you freedom and confidence to execute and do what you do as a player. So obviously, it's huge. Huge. A huge part of what have we done.

Q. You've had a ton of battles against DeMarcus Cousins. Where do you think he is just health-wise?
MARC GASOL: You don't analyze that as a player. It's a different scenario, different role, situation. You have so many other important things to do and to prepare for than to analyze his health or another player physically.

Q. As a kid, did you ever picture this?
MARC GASOL: Picture this? No, but I was fortunate to live three of them with my brother. I went to watch two of them. Actually, I watched live and one of them I watched from the TV. So it was a lot of fun. We had a great time and he won two of them.

Q. Have you spoken to Pau recently over the playoff run?
MARC GASOL: Yeah, but not really about basketball. We have been talking like brothers talk -- about [each other], not about basketball.

Q. Is there any sort of internal pressure that you guys have to try to get it done here as opposed to having to go back for Game 6? Or is that just more an external thing?
MARC GASOL: I'm sure that outside the locker room people will talk. You see how many people are here, and everyone has an opinion and says different things about the game. For us, it's more about doing every little thing that we need to do to win the game. Hopefully, we'll put enough possessions together where we'll win the game.

Q. When you have a whole city feeling this much excitement and a whole country, too, how do you stay grounded?
MARC GASOL: You're not outside as much as maybe four months ago, so you don't get to leave as much. But it's a good feeling. That kind of excitement, it's a positive energy. It's definitely not bad. Everyone has bumps and bruises and has some active issue physically, so that encouragement and that passion makes you feel a little better.

Q. What was it like seeing so many fans in Oakland?
MARC GASOL: It was great. It was surprising because it's not easy to get tickets for The Finals. You have to go around a lot of things to get down there. It was very good to see.

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