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June 8, 2019

Tim Tadlock

Cameron Warren

Caleb Kilian

Lubbock, Texas

Oklahoma State - 6, Texas Tech - 5

TIM TADLOCK: Congratulations to Oklahoma State today. They pitched really good. I liked to commend Rob Walton, their pitching coach. He's been a wizard over there for a long time, and anybody that watched that game kinda knows. He really never gave in to Gabe Holt and Josh Jung and Cam Warren. I think when the bases were loaded with Josh, it was just a key moment in the game, and I think he would have been fine walkin' him, truth be told.

I thought Parker Scott did exactly what he wanted him to do for six innings and really mixed on those three guys and the rest of 'em. We had some pitches to hit, proud of the way Kilian threw the baseball. It was a great college baseball game. If any of you guys ask us if we could start the year and play one game for an opportunity to go to Omaha, I think we would all sign up for it, so really looking forward to the opportunity tomorrow.

Q. Cameron, what's your message to the rest of the team considering you know how big it is to go to the College World Series?
CAMERON WARREN: We were in the same position last year. Like Coach said, one game to go to Omaha, everybody would sign up for it.

Q. Caleb, what do you feel you were doing well that kind of kept them off balance minus the two mistake pitches you had there?
CALEB KILIAN: I think I was commanding the ball pretty well, especially toward the end. I think my curveball started working really well, so I think that helped me a lot, but could have done better. Missed my spot on those -- a few pitches, that one, especially, and they took advantage of it.

Q. You guys talked about last year you were in this position winning and losing and coming back Game 3 to defeat Duke. Losing in the fashion that you lost tonight, does that make Game 3 any different for your mindset going into tomorrow?
CALEB KILIAN: We just gotta want it. I think we're gonna want it. We're going to bring everything we got and try to get this win, go to Omaha.

Q. Do you think being in this position last year of being in the same position will help you guys at all?
CALEB KILIAN: Uh-huh. I think for the guys that have been there they will drive the guys to work their hardest and get a win.

Q. Cam, what about you? Do you think being in this same exact position do you think it can help you out?
CAMERON WARREN: I mean, who doesn't want to play in this game tomorrow? They are going to come out trying to get at us, and we're going to come back at them, so it's going to be a fun one tomorrow.

Q. Cameron, just talk about that play that you made at first to keep the E-1 off, and keep you guys in the game what were you trying to do?
CAMERON WARREN: I was just -- (away from mic.) Want to come out and win tomorrow.

Q. What are you going to tell your guys? Like you said, you guys were there last year, but for you is there urgency on your side, and do you try to tell your teammates that there is that urgency to get them ready?
CAMERON WARREN: Coach told us in the locker room, just now, if you're scared, get a dog. Just come out and same game we played first day of the season, middle of season, just gotta be ready to go.

Q. Caleb, how far back do you go with Parker Scott? You've known him since you were how old? Did that add anything for you tonight?
CALEB KILIAN: Makes me want to compete even more and beat one of my friends. But, yeah, we go back to high school. I played with him. He's a dirty lefty, pitched really well tonight, but I wanted to beat him. Unfortunately he did really well and got that win.

Q. When y'all were teammates, who was the 1 and who was the 2 on that team?
CALEB KILIAN: I don't know. Honestly probably him. He shoved in high school, but we kind of went head-to-head, back and forth. I don't think we had a deal, we kind of switched the rotation every week in high school, but we're over high school. We're in college now.

Q. Even though you gave up the homer tonight and 3 runs, I think you had gone seven starts before then that you had not allowed more than two runs. How much of a groove do you feel like you have been in over the last several weeks?
CALEB KILIAN: I don't feel like it's a groove right now. It's postseason, everyone is bringing everything they've got, and it feels more like a grind to me. Everyone is trying to win. I wouldn't say it's quite a groove.

Q. Tim, same thing I asked the players before. The fact that you guys were in this same position last year, do you think the guys that were here last year that experienced that, do you think that will help them going into the same situation this year?
TIM TADLOCK: Experience would be defined, I think, as if you failed at something and you learned from it. We've played a lot of three-game series. To me probably the experience they need to draw on is it's a baseball game. These kids, they want to go to Omaha, they want to go so bad they can't stand it. But it's a baseball game and, you know, baseball is meant to be played one pitch at a time. You gotta go out and win innings.

I think that would probably be the experience, anytime we have been in a three-game series going into Sunday, you know its going to be a barn burner from the get-go and embrace that and get ready to go.

Q. Do you think losing in the way that you guys did creates a bigger chip on your shoulder?
TIM TADLOCK: I don't think so. I don't think so. Again, the ball bounced their way there and they earned the right to win. They had a couple of really big swings there from Morrill and Simpson, at really big moments. They put together good at-bats the whole day and they beat us today, so we will tee it up tomorrow.

Q. Coach, you mentioned they had big swings there but how tough is it to know that you gave them a little bit of help, the lead-off walk, and that walk was the one that ultimately decided it there?
TIM TADLOCK: We got guys that can pitch out of those things; we really do, and we've done it a number of times. The most important thing really at this point is those guys move on. If you're pitching out of the bullpen in any type of competitive baseball, you're going to have bad things happen at times, and the guys that are really good at it can come back the next day and execute pitches.

Q. I know there is back and forth action, but what did you see from Dru today? Hadn't had a start for a while but he locked in today for you?
TIM TADLOCK: Yeah, he put together some good at-bats. It's been pretty much a month, and he's been working really hard. His preparation has been really good. I mean, he's been a shortstop, and I think the month was probably good for him, and he had some big swings today.

Q. Tim, considering Haveman and Beeter and Floyd have all been guys that have done a lot of good for you this year and guys that you have relied on, how much of a concern is it that each of them had some degree of struggle tonight? Now you're one game either advancing or --
TIM TADLOCK: We trust every one of these guys. We believe in 'em, always have. That's not going to change based on one outing. So hopefully they will get ready to go by tomorrow.

Q. Anything in particular with Taylor with the wild pitches that you noticed he wasn't doing?
TIM TADLOCK: Probably more than anything missing location, bad enough where it's a tough pitch to block. Just missing. He's a guy that when he learns to stay within himself and execute pitches, maybe not try to punch every guy out, even though it's a situation where you needed to today, possibly, he's going to be a better -- he's going to be a better pitcher.

Q. Gabe Holt came out in the ninth. Is that defensive? Is he okay? Something happened with his hand?
TIM TADLOCK: That's a good question. He dinged it up pretty good, whatever happened. Haven't talked to Bryan yet. He came out because it was going to be hard to get it in his glove. It's his left hand.

Q. Any chance you don't think he might play tomorrow?
TIM TADLOCK: Probably too early to say, too early to say.

Q. Tim, considering Noah Sifrit from Coronado wound up winning the game, what level of recruiting did y'all do with him?
TIM TADLOCK: None, but he's a great kid. Last year in the wintertime he came up and hit with Braxton. I guess that would have been his freshman year. They committed Noah pretty early, as in, it would have been when James Vilade got on staff there. You go back and look at that third base coach. He's a great kid. He was a great high school player, so, again, he's a Lubbock kid, and I don't know what to say about it other than we didn't recruit him.

Q. And considering the situation y'all are in now, do you feel like in a situation like this you have to say anything special with guys like Cam and Josh? Their internal leadership is strong enough that these guys know what's at stake?
TIM TADLOCK: Probably the biggest thing, I already said it. Just play baseball. It's a baseball game, go play baseball the way you've always played it and don't make do big of a deal out of it.

Q. Coach, how much did it affect Beeter to have to sit down after throwing one pitch and then coming back out after what was kind of a long inning for you guys, and then second one --
TIM TADLOCK: Could have been something. Something all relievers have to deal with.

Q. You going with Bonnin tomorrow?

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coach.

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