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June 8, 2019

Mackenzie Hughes

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. Mackenzie, just some thoughts on today's round. In good position still.
MACKENZIE HUGHES: Yeah, not sure what the final leader is going to finish at. I think they were at 13 the last I looked. If they could stay somewhere around there, still within striking distance, but I'm going to need a real good one tomorrow.

Today was a bit frustrating. Felt like there was a stretch there through the middle of my round where I could've got 3-, 4-under par but just couldn't get anything to go on the greens.

Feel like I played well tee-to-green for the most part. Just didn't quite have it on the greens. But it was definitely the hardest day of the three. I think the scores probably reflect that. So under par is not horrible, but felt like there was a few out there.

Q. Yeah, under par but knowing that you could potentially play better, how is your confidence moving into tomorrow now?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: Yeah, confidence is still high. I'm going to go to the putting green and try and sort some things out. Don't feel like I'm putting terribly, just one time it's speed, one time it's a slight misread.

So I'm just a tick off, but trying to get it sorted out and shoot a low one tomorrow.

Q. Was it just the wind that was more difficult today?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: That was part of it. I really can't tell you the longest putt I made this week, maybe like 15 feet. Just haven't really gotten anything going on the greens. If you start rolling in a couple 20-, 25-footers your round changes in a hurry.

Just felt like I was stuck in neutral all day hanging around par, 1-under. Just need to, yeah, clean it up on the greens and hopefully shoot something mid-to-low 60s tomorrow.

Q. Assuming scores stay roughly like this with the gap, do you have to do something different or do you feel like you have to be more aggressive to close the gap or do you just play way you play and hope they come back? What do you do?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: You tighten some of the lines maybe in terms of like coming into the green might take a few more chances. But I just intend to get 18 looks tomorrow. If you can do that I don't need to take any unreasonably risky chances. Just need to put a good round together.

I mean, the first round I wasn't trying to do anything crazy and the potential was will to shoot 8- or 9-under par.

I know that round is in me. I need it tomorrow when it counts.

Q. On 18 when you hit the tee shot, second shot was great. On the tee shot do you think back and go, Oh, man, 18 again?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: It's had my number this week. That tee shot is not a hard shot. Practice rounds hit the fairway every day. One shot to the right I hit the first day has kind of got in my head just a slight bit.

I've hit it left last two days. Got a fortunate break, hit a good shot, and made 4. If I'm going to pull this thing off tomorrow I need to hit a better tee shot there.

Q. How about the crowd reactions all day, especially with four pairings with Canadians in them back to back to back to back to back?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: I definitely felt that. That was a strongest energy we've had in a long time at the Canadian Open. Biggest crowds, biggest ovations; 18 was fantastic.

Hopefully tomorrow is even better. I think we have another good day of weather on tap. Hopefully everyone comes out in full force and we get a couple Canadians going low.

Q. Been a while since you played this tournament at this course. How has the experience lived up to or fallen short of your expectations so far?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: It's definitely lived up to expectation. I know when I come to a tournament like this so close to home it's going to be a little bit chaotic and crazy. It definitely has been, but it's been fun.

I may not show it all the time on the course, but I really enjoy the competing part of it. I love competition like this, being in the mix trying to -- you want to be the first Canadian since Pat Fletcher to win a Canadian Open. That's the stuff you practice and play for.

It's been a great so far. Hopefully end on a high note tomorrow.

Q. Fallen short in any ways?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: I don't think so. Besides this crappy weather.

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