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June 8, 2019

Shakib Al Hasan

Cardiff, Wales, UK

England - 386/6, Bangladesh - 280

Q. Congratulations on the innings. But as good as your innings was, probably you guys are not happy with the result, and the second question is, do you think it was the right call to bowl first?
SHAKIB AL HASAN: Well, I'm not the one who decides whether to bowl or bat first. You know, it's a combined decision that the team takes, and it's for the betterment. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it doesn't.

Yes, disappointed with the results, or the manner we actually bowled. I thought we bowled really, really well against South Africa and against New Zealand. We were expecting better, you know, better bowling performance in this match. But you know, obviously England played brilliantly. Credit goes to their batsman. The way their openers started, and the way Buttler finished the innings was, you know, the turning point of the match I think.

Q. What do you have to say about England's batting? It keeps coming at you right from the top.
SHAKIB AL HASAN: Yes, that's been their pattern for the last two, three years, by building up to this World Cup. So they are not changing in this World Cup the way their approach was going for last two, three years.

So we knew that it's always going to be tough for us. We knew that we had to take wickets in regular intervals in order to keep the momentum down, which we couldn't do today. I think that's why we lost the match.

Q. You scored nearly 300, but lost by 100 runs. What do you think was chaseable on that pitch if your bowlers had managed to get a scoreless defender?
SHAKIB AL HASAN: I thought anything between 320 to 330 was something we could have feel much comfortable because at one stage, we are two wickets down. We needed, no, I think we had two wickets down and 30 overs, 180 on the board.

So from there on, you can think of chasing something like 320, 330, if you keep wickets in hand. But 380 was always against our chase or favour.

Q. Batting at No. 3 for the last, maybe 18 months, new role for you. Obviously you have to do a lot of bowling in ODI, as well and you're always in No. 3. How is it different from No. 5 where you batted almost all your career, about 130 matches?
SHAKIB AL HASAN: It is different. You need to face some different challenges. But I'm enjoying at this moment, but having said that, you know, just the start, I need to contribute as much as I can with both bat and ball.

So I thought it's a better opportunity for me, you know, to contribute more with the bat. So at this moment, I'm enjoying, but having said that, you know, there are plenty more matches in this tournament and after that.

Q. Who prompted it? Was it your decision at the start to bat at 3?
SHAKIB AL HASAN: Yeah, it was fine.

Q. It was your decision? Did you have to convince anyone?
SHAKIB AL HASAN: Yeah, everyone. (Laughter). (Smiling) Yeah, everyone. Because if I don't score runs in a single match, they think he should be batting at No. 5; he's better down at 5.

You know, I had to convince a lot of people to bat at No. 5, but it's working at this moment.

Q. What was it like to face Jofra Archer and Mark Wood when they have got the wind behind them?
SHAKIB AL HASAN: They are quick. It was a difficult challenge, but I enjoyed it. Obviously they are the two quickest bowlers in this World Cup, so I knew that it's going to be tough, but you know, felt very happy with the way I played them.

Q. When you are batting the middle overs, and do you and Mashrafe have the belief that Bangladesh can chase it?
SHAKIB AL HASAN: Well, we wanted to see where we are in the 30-over mark. So after 30th over, I think we needed around 200, and in T20 games, if you bat really well, you can get those runs sometimes. You know, it's not that we never had the belief that we can chase those runs, but having said that, we always knew that we were playing, you know, against run of play.

So it was difficult for us from the beginning, but at one stage, we could feel like that if we even can chase that total, we can get close to the total. So that was the belief we had at that little time.

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