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June 8, 2019

Gulbadin Naib

Taunton, England, UK

New Zealand - 173/3, Afghanistan - 172

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Gulbadin Naib. Questions?

Q. Could you give us an update on Rashid Khan? Did he fail the concussion test?
GULBADIN NAIB: No, he's feeling now better. So just a little bit. So obviously if you had, like, 140-plus more, then you realise something. But he's much better now. That's why he didn't come to the ground. The doctor said don't go to ground. Now he's feeling well. So he needed rest. So obviously we have a couple of days. So he's fine now.

Q. Do you regret your reviews today?
GULBADIN NAIB: [Chuckling].

Yeah. So we didn't take a chance or then after you didn't use your reviews or it's obvious you missed it. So that's why we -- I take a chance so maybe it's not in my favour

Q. You had a good start with the bat today, better than the last two games, but then sort of lost your way. Where do you think it went wrong today with the bat?
GULBADIN NAIB: Yeah, obviously we started really well in the start of the batting. Hazrat and Noor start well, 60 partnerships, something. And after that I'm always saying we needed a small, small partnership with the batter side. So we missed out.

So if you play this kind of cricket you should play 50 overs. Obviously we missed some bad shots. We did some bad shots. And this way we missed already 15, 16 overs (indiscernible). So we didn't play 50 overs. After we played the 50 overs, maybe score was maybe good. So we just missed some overs.

Q. Do you feel like there's some naivete in the batting and the shots that the people tried to take today?
GULBADIN NAIB: Yeah, so shot selection is not good. So wicket is really good for the day, for the seamers and the meddlesome shower, weather is, like, rainy, so the ball was skidding. And so this way we not went to according to the plan, so what we needed in the middle of the wicket.

So this way we missed, we throw all the wickets for the bad shots. So this is the cricket. So if you play 50 overs, maybe score was not like that.

Q. We've seen so far you've played three games. There's been little flashes at times of your talent. You must be very disappointed, though, with the overall effort that the team's put in so far?
GULBADIN NAIB: Obviously we played three games already. So we're trying to put our best in the ground, so everyone, every player is just trying to do his best. But it's cricket, so it's a tough cricket, tough team. So they didn't give any single chance to use or becoming really hard. So if they give a chance for us, so maybe we also went for hard.

So we needed momentum that's for batting for today -- you can say good start on the batting side, so this is a positive thing, and also in the start of the bowling of our side, Aftab and Hamid bowled really well.

So, this is a small, small thing. So if you go for the good start or winning the match you should be play 50 overs game. So this is most important to find the batting side. And obviously in this kind of team, you should be played and you put a good total on the board. So maybe we missed already 10 hours on the end.

So we run from that. We lost three games. But the morale is still high of the boys. We need a good -- one good match, in sha Allah, this will be difficult for the others.

Q. You talk about wanting to try and build up some momentum. How frustrating is it now that you have to wait a week before you can play again?
GULBADIN NAIB: Yeah, I'm saying that the teams, this kind of teams, they didn't go easy for, specifically for Afghanistan. So know Afghanistan strength was a strength for Afghanistan. That's why they come in very hard.

And one thing, when we did good in the start then we collapse in the middle, then we win something in the start. So we are good in the middle. So this is the thing, so I know the team, if you're losing the matches or it's really difficult in the dressing room, so the guys.

But I can say I know my team. My teammates, if you're losing these kind of matches, we're not losing one-sided matches, if you say. So, it looks good now. We just need one good match. So I know my boys or the teams, how they're playing, how we are now here.

So we played a lot of good cricket last one year. So, in sha Allah, we're trying to do the best what we have.

Q. Going back to Rashid Khan, can I just check, in terms of potential concussion, will he be checked again tomorrow by a doctor?
GULBADIN NAIB: Yeah, I asked the physio if he needed rest, some headache. So obviously he had 140-plus like this, so now he's feeling well. So he needs a few days rest, so obviously we have a rest of one week for the other game. So now he's feeling well. So he should be go to hospital and check for, like, some tests. Maybe now he's feeling well so he's feeling well now.

Q. So he could go to hospital, you're saying?

Q. With a week to go --
GULBADIN NAIB: No, he's fine now. Still he just like -- you can say he's cared now, so he's feeling like some, like what do you say in English, sorry I don't have words for that. Now he's feeling well. He's feeling well, not much serious for him.

Q. You're not concerned that it might be, he might be out in next week's game?
GULBADIN NAIB: No, he's well, you know? Afghani people is strong. [Laughter].

So it's just a small thing. But you need -- you had a hard, like, 140-plus or you just -- it's something.

Q. Do you have a concussion protocol that you follow with the Afghan team?

Q. Not like England and (indiscernible) played for six days with a concussion? Do you follow that protocol do you know or not?
GULBADIN NAIB: No, no, not on concussion.

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