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June 7, 2019

Kyle Lowry

Serge Ibaka

Oakland, California - Postgame 4

Raptors - 105, Warriors - 92

Q. Got a question about your former teammate, DeMar DeRozan. How much contact do you have, and will you be talking to him on the way back to Toronto?
KYLE LOWRY: I've been saying this all year, he's my best friend. I talk to him almost every day. It's not about basketball, it's about life.

So, yeah, I mean, I'll talk to him, probably call him tonight. And I won't talk about basketball, just talk about what you did today and be regular life.

Q. What's he been up to?
KYLE LOWRY: Living his life. Living his life.

Q. You guys walked off the floor, nobody's smiling, seemed to be kind of stone-faced, a couple of fist bumps. Going in the look room, it seemed business as usual. You just came in here, you took two from the Warriors --
KYLE LOWRY: You joining me? Serge Ibaka, everybody. You all know him. Nice outfit. Worth a lot of money. Is that jacket real leather?

SERGE IBAKA: Yes, it's real leather.

KYLE LOWRY: Pants too tight, he can't even sit down. Go ahead.

Q. Maybe a question for both of you, just after the game it was kind of stone-faced, business as usual. A win away from a championship. Some may think there would be some cause for celebration, there wasn't. What's the mindset?
KYLE LOWRY: We didn't do nothing yet. We haven't done anything. We won three games. It's the first of four. We understand that. They're the defending champs, and they're not going to go out easy. They're going to come and fight and prepare to play the next game, and that's how we're preparing ourselves, that we have to -- we got to prepare ourselves to play the next game. We haven't done anything yet.

Q. Serge and Kyle, Serge, in that second half in particular, you were able to find some spots in there, and your teammates found you. And what opportunities does it present when Kawhi Leonard is going off the way he did in the third quarter, and what were you trying to do to kind of support him offensively?
SERGE IBAKA: Man, I was just trying to play basketball out there, and we know they would try to take Kawhi away, double him. So I just tried to play in the space. And also Kawhi and Kyle, all the guys, they did a great job to find me every time I was moving.

Q. As a follow-up, Kyle or Serge, at halftime you had played some really, really good defense. What was the focus coming into the third quarter and being able to offset that with trying to make some shots I guess?
KYLE LOWRY: They're a really good third quarter team, and Kawhi came out and made two back-to-back threes and kind of got us jump started a little bit. We know what happened in Game 2, and we know that was a big part of what we -- our learning process. And every game is going to be different, but we just continued to just keep trying to stay in the moment, stay level-headed, stay with the game plan and understanding what we have to do and keep working.

Q. Kyle, because Kawhi is so unflappable and because he's so good, what kind of impact does he have on this entire group in games like this and venues like this?
KYLE LOWRY: I think I've said it in many ways, and I think he's really been -- his demeanor has kind of taken a big part of our team. And we have some guys that are fiery and feisty, but we all kind of just stay level headed and never get too up, never get too down.

Serge can tell you this team has just been a bunch of true professionals, guys that just been continuing to work and work hard. And even our guys that aren't playing, they come in there, they get shots up, they play three-on-three, they continue to be ready. That's a testament to our team. And with the demeanor that we have, Kawhi definitely brought a lot to that, him and Danny, they kind of definitely brought a lot to that.

Q. Y'all been through a lot to get to this point. How do you feel like y'all elevated your game to get here?
SERGE IBAKA: Oh, man, just hard work. We put a lot of work and we believe in us, but one of the good things about us is our toughness, mind toughness. We be getting better and better each round, first round, second round, third round, and now we are here.

So like Kyle said, we always try to be ready, even the guys who don't play, they come out there, put in work. Even myself and Marc. When you play less minutes, you come the next day, you come the next day, you put in work. So I think that's one of the things about us. Also you see each night it's different guys, so you always try to be ready.

Q. Kyle, from night to night are there things that Serge shows you or says that lets you know he's going to be a factor offensively, or is it simply you and your teammates sort of bringing that out of him?
KYLE LOWRY: He doesn't say anything, I don't think -- I think Serge is -- when Serge is effective defensively is when he's at his best. I think the scoring just comes. We're going to make sure he gets that pick-and-pop jump shot, he's rolling.

But when Serge is at his best, it's on that defensive end. And when he brings that intensity and that fierceness, it's kind of tough to stop him on both ends of the floor. It makes a lot of -- a big difference when he can do that.

Q. When VanVleet got hurt, what do you guys do collectively as a team to collect yourselves when you see one of your main players go down like that?
SERGE IBAKA: We just try to stay together. We try to stay together at that moment. There's nothing we can do. We're just hoping that he can come back and help us.

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