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June 7, 2019

Stephen Curry

Klay Thompson

Oakland, California - Postgame 4

Raptors - 105, Warriors - 92

Q. Steph, we often hear about the Warriors championship pedigree and feel it. How much did you feel Kawhi Leonard's identity tonight, and from what areas did he affect this game?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, he played amazing. He hit every big shot, momentum shot that in that third quarter, it gave them the lead. And then kept the separation.

So we played pretty well for 26 minutes, and then they took control of the game. It's one of those nights where you play a lot of energy and you start to build momentum and then the wheels fall off a little bit.

So for us just understanding that they played another great game, overall as a team, not just Kawhi, and we got to do something about it if we want to extend this series and have another game here.

Q. Klay, basketball is becoming more and more scientific, how do you find the balance between pushing your limits on the court and resting your body, also to come back from injuries, is it more based on your sensations or on scientific evaluations?
KLAY THOMPSON: I think it's just based on the NBA Finals and the chance to be at this stage and compete. A lot of guys are banged up, probably on both sides, both teams, and it's just such a special opportunity, you just never know when it will ever come back again.

And obviously the science of nutrition and sports medicine is at an all-time high right now. So we have a great training staff who was able to get me back out there.

Q. Steph, you and Klay have been teammates for so many years. What's the impact he's had on your career? Does he make you a better player?
STEPHEN CURRY: Definitely he makes our entire team better. He showed that tonight obviously with the injury like that and to come back playing aggressive, hitting big shots and giving us a chance to even be in the game. So obviously he's a gamer and you love to go to war with guys like that. We have been doing it for a long time.

Q. You've been in this uncomfortable position before and been able to come back out of 3-1 down. What can you draw from that experience in 2016 as you try and get back on the right track here?
STEPHEN CURRY: That it's not over. It's not a good feeling right now, obviously, but like you said, we have been on both sides of it. And for us it's an opportunity for us to just flip this whole series on its head, and you got to do it one game at a time. It sounds cliché, and for us that's literally the only way we're going to get back in this series, is give everything we got for 48 minutes, everybody that sets foot on that floor in Game 5.

In our locker room we're talking about believing, everybody out there believe that we can get this done. We got to -- we can draw on those experiences that we had back in the day and see what happens.

Q. Steph, you guys talk a lot about rhythm in your offense and your shooting. It seemed like you never really found your rhythm much tonight, especially in contrast to two nights ago. Why do you think that was, and did the Raptors try anything different on you in the wake of your big game the other night?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, not really, they have been aggressive all series and trying to take space away from me and Klay. I missed some shots early that I usually make, especially from the three-point line, but overall I feel like I got good looks, and obviously I'm sure they were a little bit more focused on us two, considering how Game 3 went and having a great game plan.

So still look at the film, figure out how I can make the right decisions with the ball in my hands and be aggressive and assertive and make those adjustments for Game 5.

Q. Klay, how much do you think your hamstring affected your game tonight, even though you had a great game with 28 points? But do you still feel the pain and play through it? Because we saw you kind of limp when you got off the court.
KLAY THOMPSON: It didn't affect me. Like I said before, it's the Finals, it's a long season, you play a hundred-plus games, you're going to be banged up. But you just got to dig deep. No one's going to feel sorry for you, so you just got to go out there, man up and play the best of your ability.

Q. Steph, I'm sure that nobody is throwing in the towel in any way. Like you said, you're going to look at the film and come up with some answer. But I'm wondering, just considering the stakes tonight and the history of what you guys have done in this building, is there a certain amount of shock at tonight's result?
STEPHEN CURRY: Not really, we try to win every game we play. We don't -- you don't succeed the way we have over the course of these years without that mentality. So as the second half unfolds and things aren't going our way, we're still fighting and trying to get over the hump. But until the final buzzer sounds and somebody gets the four wins, we still have life and have an opportunity to win.

So like Klay said, nobody's going to feel sorry for us at all. It's just a matter of can we get it done or not, and we're going to leave it all out there starting on Monday.

Q. Over these last five years, you guys have put so many teams away with big runs, but it seemed like every time you would have a 3-0, 5-0 run tonight, they responded. What is it about them do you think makes them equipped to kind of handle those pushes from you guys?
KLAY THOMPSON: They're a good -- they're a great team and it's the NBA Finals. They got a lot of, everyone knows their role. They got a lot of experience, guys who have been here before. And hopefully Game 5 we have bigger runs and they can't close the gap. But it's just basketball. You got to give them credit.

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