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June 7, 2019

Josh Holliday

Trevor Boone

Carson McCusker

Lubbock, Texas

Texas Tech-8, Oklahoma State-6

THE MODERATOR: We will start with an opening statement from coach.

JOSH HOLLIDAY: Other than a couple of small things here and there that probably we'd like to have back, we competed awfully hard. I don't know we played the cleanest game we could play, I know we could play better.

We did compete pitch to pitch with a great amount of emotion and intensity. I appreciate that from my team a great deal. We'll come back tomorrow and be ready to play in Game 2.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Carson, speak to what Micah, their starter, was able to do early on, using the lower part of the strike zone?
CARSON McCUSKER: He was throwing a lot of balls down, a lot of sliders down. We didn't make great adjustments the first two innings. Once we did, we got to him. Came a little bit too late.

Q. Trevor, talk about the adjustments you were able to make and the success you had from the plate.
TREVOR BOONE: We just told each other we got to compete better, have better ABs, stick with our approach the other way. If he makes quality pitches, tip your cap and move on.

Q. Carson, you mentioned it, speak to what Josh Jung was to Texas Tech today.
CARSON McCUSKER: I mean, he went yard, gave them a run. He also doubled up the middle, stopped us from getting an RBI late in the game. Pretty good for their team. He did a good job for them today.

Q. Trevor, in a game where you kept chipping away, how frustrating was it when they kept answering?
TREVOR BOONE: It was frustrating. But we just try and stick together. We've been in that spot before. We weren't exactly uncomfortable. We just trusted ourselves and trusted the guys on the mound. We just tried to stick together.

THE MODERATOR: Guys, thank you.

We'll continue with questions for coach.

Q. I know everyone is going to be looking towards that two RBI single. The two at-bats before, 13 pitches thrown with two walks, how important were those that allowed them to score there?
JOSH HOLLIDAY: Well, they're very competitive. They're very disciplined players. They're good players. You just saw what good players do. When they play back-to-back-to-back, complements one another. It's how a team is built. It's what makes them good.

We respect the way those kids play. They're good baseball players. That's just in their DNA, it's how they play the game. Compliments to them.

Q. Baseball is a game of adjustments. What did you do to adjust to Micah?
JOSH HOLLIDAY: Well, like the kids told you, just tried to be a little bit more competitive the second time through. Tried to see the pitches and locations where they were hittable versus locations where they start out at hittable but arrive un-hittable.

Start out as strikes, finish as balls. We need to find pitches that start as strikes and arrive as strikes. Other than that, good self-talk, trusting your sight to see the ball, believing in your swing.

It's the highest level of college baseball competition, that young man out there throwing his pitches, our kids going pitch to pitch with him. They're high-level athletes. Those are not common pitches being thrown, nor common players playing against each other.

Q. It seemed like every time they made a run, you had an answer, came up a little bit short. How do you carry that over into tomorrow, keep your guys level?
JOSH HOLLIDAY: I don't have to do that with this team. Tomorrow is a new game, they know that. We play tomorrow's game independently of today's. We've been doing that a long time. They know that's the only mature approach towards the game.

Tomorrow is a new game. I told the kids I was very proud of the way they competed down the stretch till the very, very last pitch, especially late in the game against some excellent relief pitchers. They were very competitive against them. Put runners in position, competed pitch to pitch much better as the game went on.

They know what they're capable of doing. I believed in them till the very end. They believed in themselves till the very end that a pitch was going to show up that we could put a barrel on and turn it around.

In the end, he made a couple beautiful pitches to finish the game. Move on and pick up tomorrow.

Q. You played the game before. On a day like today with the high sky, seemed like there were some troubles in the outfield. Speak to that. Is it difficult to see the ball out there, play defense?
JOSH HOLLIDAY: I think you might be making reference to the ball that landed that we got glove on, didn't catch. Probably more than anything, it was in the air a long time. The athletes traveled a great distance, all of them running at full speed. I think at the last minute there might have been a lack of comfort in finishing the play for fear of maybe just colliding. That's a play normally we make. Today we didn't make it.

No excuses, no transfer of blame. That one play didn't cost us the game. Sometimes when you're in a spacious park playing deep, the ball is quite high, comes down to a spot where people are running for a long time, your internal clock gets a slight bit off. Looked to me like that's maybe what might have happened.



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