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June 7, 2019

Henrik Stenson

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. Round of 66 to go with yesterday's 66. What's been the strength of the game over the two days?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I guess we need to reflect on that. No, I've hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens; putting has been good. Made a couple nice birdie chances and then a lot of good two-putts from longer range as well when the iron shots haven't been as sharp.

Yeah, it's been fairly solid; I've been happy.

Q. This golf course, first time here. Impression of it and the challenge it represents?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it's the rough, I would say. It's a fairly short golf course: Par 70; only two par-5s; the par-3s are a little bit longer.

But in general, there is a lot of short par 4s, a lot of the birdie chances out there if you hit the tee ball in the right spot, and you can be aggressive with your second shot because they're pretty receptive.

So all in all, (indiscernible) you're going to get birdie chances.

Q. You've been making lots of cuts recently. 20th your best finish. Have you felt a better one coming?
HENRIK STENSON: Hopefully this week. Don't jinx anything now. We're on the right track.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I mean, (indiscernible - wind.)

No, I've just got the afternoon off. It's close by. Never seen it. I'm really looking forward to it. See something else than our hotel, the airport, and the golf course.

Q. What was the key to your low score?
HENRIK STENSON: Same as yesterday. Same score: four birdies, no bogeys. I feel like I left a few chances out there. On the other end, it's been fairly tidy when I've missed greens. Managed to play two rounds without a dropped shot, so that's kind of nice.

You got to hit the fairways around this golf course. It's not a long one, but the rough is pretty juicy. I think I've done that reasonably well the first two days. Quite a lot of fairways and greens in regulation. I guess that's why we haven't dropped a shot and managed to make a few birdies.

Q. Do you enjoy the challenge of a course like this that's not necessarily set up for the long bomber? More of precision ball striker's kind of course?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I mean, out on tour I think we should. We're all playing a wide variety of golf courses, different setups and different challenges that they present.

Yeah, this is certainly an old-school golf course; shorter; some doglegs with the rough which it has to have. With no rough this golf course has got no defense really. It needs rough, and you got to think your way around it and hit the shots accordingly.

Q. Where would you rate these 36 hole together as far as the entire season goes?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, certainly two of the better rounds we put together. Hasn't been a great year for me. I feel the best I played this year was at match play the first three matches when I managed to beat Phil and Furyk and Jason. That was probably the best I played this year.

In terms of scoring, this is not far behind it, I guess. I don't feel like I'm playing fantastic, but it's been fairly solid. Never a bad thing when you're playing two rounds without a bogey.

Q. How does it feel to be in contention going into the weekend?
HENRIK STENSON: We'll see by the end of the day. It's good scoring conditions. I'm sure some of the boys in the afternoon will get on a nice little birdie train.

We are there and thereabouts, and we've got another two days to make up whatever ground we're going to be behind by the end of the day.

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