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June 7, 2019

Justin Thomas

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. Now with what round sort of getting you closer to where you want to be?
JUSTIN THOMAS: For sure. I mean, it's my first competitive round back actually playing or scoring well. Played pretty well the first round at Memorial. Didn't really get anything out of it.

Played pretty well yesterday. Easily could have been a 65 or 6. Today still could have been lower but it was solid. I drove it pretty well. Hit my irons well, my wedges well. I chipped it well and I putted well. Even the putts that I didn't make, other than that I hit a bad putt on I think 13, the par-3. I just kind of shoved it.

Yeah, I mean, it's tough out here because of how severe the greens are with the putting. I matched up my speed a lot better with my lines today. Yeah, it was good to shoot a good round.

Q. Everyone is saying the greens are very slow.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Very slow. Yeah, they were a lot slower than they were Monday and Tuesday and even Wednesday. I mean, I understand they have to keep them a little slower with the severity of the greens. Yeah, yesterday was the slowest greens I definitely played on in a while. All three of us had a very hard time getting it to the hole.

Q. How tough is it mentally to try and get yourself to hit it hard enough?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's hard. I struggle with it because I don't hit it online as well. I kind of feel like i have to hit it harder and then I'll get my hands ahead of it and I'll shove it.

For me, I have a hard time hitting it online. I don't like hitting putts firm. I like the softer speed so it doesn't hit the back of the hole. I mean, I've won and played well on slower greens in the past, but, yeah, if I could choose I'll choose greens like Augusta every week.

Q. With how well Brandt played today, was it easy to feed off that to see how easy he made it?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I felt like I didn't play very well playing with him. I mean, man that guy can putt. It was unbelievable. Those last -- pretty much from No.4 on, other than me on 7 and 9, our group made literally everything. It's like he made an eagle putt, I made an eagle putt, Brooks made a birdie putt. We all made our birdie putts. They made their par putts and then I missed par putt. It's unbelievable how -- or I guess 6 and 9. Sorry.

But, yeah being it's pretty easy to kind of forget what you're doing when someone is out there on 59 watch.

Q. Are you a believer in the drafting principle, one guy is going well...
JUSTIN THOMAS: No. I mean, it's not going to help you play better. I think it might just help your body language and like your mental side a little bit, but I would have a hard time believing that Sned shooting 10-under is going to make me shoot 5-under. I still got to hit the golf shots.

Q. Seemed like a comfortable grouping.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I know both guys. I've known Brooks a lot longer, but Sned is a great dude and very similar to me. We like to give each other crap and jabs. It was pretty fun out there watching him make all those putts.

Q. When you have a round going like Snedeker was, would you be a loose on 8?
JUSTIN THOMAS: We kind of had to. We had about ten minutes on that tee so we needed to talk about something.

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