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June 7, 2019

Ben Silverman

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. (In progress.) You knew it right away about three foot before the hole it was dropping, didn't you?
BEN SILVERMAN: I didn't know it right away. Yeah, when I started turning in the end I actually thought I missed it high and I just started curling hard, so I knew it was going in.

Q. What was it for you today? Just one of though magical rounds? Would be been a course record if Brand Snedeker didn't shoot amazing, but that doesn't take away from what you did today. What was it about today?
BEN SILVERMAN: Honestly, I was hitting fairways. That was the one thing my caddie and I looked at yesterday. I hit five fairways yesterday and it's almost impossible to score around here if you're missing fairways. The rough is so deep.

I think I hit every single fairway today. I looked Keegan's score yesterday. He was round one leader and he hit 12 fairways and hot 17 greens. Fairways equal good scores around here. That's what I did today.

Q. Makes the game pretty simple when you just go fairways and greens. What's it mean right now to see all the support you have coming off nine and your fellow countrymen and women are here cheering you on?
BEN SILVERMAN: I think it's exciting. If I shot 9-under in Texas like this I wouldn't get the same kind of reception. I have family and friends here. It's actually my second straight Friday in a Canadian Open shooting 9-under. Pretty pumped about that.

Q. And you should be. Hopefully good day for Canada with the Raptors.
BEN SILVERMAN: Yeah, some other Canadians playing well this week. It's good for everyone.

Q. Tell us about that. 14 fairways. You hit them all. I guess that makes the game easier.
BEN SILVERMAN: Yeah, especially around here. That was what me and my caddie talked about today after hitting five fairways yesterday.

The rough is so thick it's hard to hit the green if you miss the fairway here.

Q. (Regarding the last one on 9.)
BEN SILVERMAN: I really wanted that. That was good.

Q. You could tell.
BEN SILVERMAN: Yeah. I knew Sneds took the course record already and needed to birdie 8 and 9. But, yeah, I really wanted that last one. I saw there was a bunch at 8, and who knows if guys are going lower this afternoon. Happy with the last putt.

Q. Currently tied for second in the Canadian Open. How does that sit with you?
BEN SILVERMAN: It's great. It's where I want to be.

Q. Does it feel like tomorrow might be a little bit uncharted territory?
BEN SILVERMAN: I mean, maybe, but it doesn't really matter. There will be some excitement, nerves, be a bigger crowd maybe, but I'm just going to focus on hitting fairways like I did today. That's how you score around here.

Q. You said you wanted to hit the fairways. How did you accomplish it? What was different today?
BEN SILVERMAN: I needed it change something a little bit with my setup with driver. I was getting -- club face and my feet weren't kind of matching, so when I was trying to hit a draw I was hitting a hook. When I was trying to hit a straight ball, it kept turning on me. I hit some drivers after yesterday's round and got a game plan figured out to how I wanted to set up with driver today, and it worked obviously.

Q. How good does it feel to have the second lowest round of the day?
BEN SILVERMAN: We could just ignore Sned's and say it was the greatest Canadian Open round ever.

Q. Sure. I'm willing to do this if you are. Ben when you talk about making a change, how minute of a change is it? Super tiny?
BEN SILVERMAN: Yeah, that's pretty minor considering it's the difference between setting up for a draw versus a fade. You don't have to shuffle your feet too much. That's why I hit balls after, just so I can get an idea for how was it going to look to my eye. Wasn't really a major change. Swing thoughts were the exact same.

Q. When you got here this week, I don't know how much you played here last week, but does this type of golf course speak to you?
BEN SILVERMAN: It was my first time here, but I love the setup. It remind me of Colonial in a sense where I've played well. It's not long. A lot of shots into the green are from the same spot no matter how far you hit it off the tee.

Then the rough is up and you've got to hit fairways, and Colonial if you miss fairways it's also tough to score. Reminded me a lot of that.

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