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June 7, 2019

Scott Brown

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. Terrific round. The backbone of it was 7-under par for eight holes in a stretch in the middle of the round. What were you thinking and what were you feeling during that run?
SCOTT BROWN: Just a lot of good iron shots. Kind of was feeling it with the irons and had a lot of good looks for birdies most of them.

Q. 223 feet of putts you've holed in in two days, but you've also only missed six greens. Which pleases you more, the long game or the short?
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, I like the long game obviously. The putts are nice, but it's been pretty stress-free, which is also nice.

Q. This morning we had some terrific scoring, 60 and 61. Sometimes players say that's intimidating and others say it's inspiring because you know there is a good score out there. How did it affect you?
SCOTT BROWN: I would say a little of both because you feel like it puts more pressure on you because you feel like you need to go out and shoot a good round, but you also know there are birdies out there.

I was able to make quite a few and look good for the weekend.

Q. Have you felt it coming?
SCOTT BROWN: A little bit. Last couple weeks I've played a lot better than I've scored, so just kind of downing the irons a little better this week, which is the difference. Just had a few stray irons in the past few weeks, but kind of been putting it nice. Hopefully I can keep going.

Q. You opened the tournament with a bogey; since then you've been not only been Steady Eddie, but then spurts of great birdies. When that happens on the opening hole of the tournament, what goes through your mind with so much golf in front of you?
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but usually when I start with a bogey before I tend to play better that way. I don't know if it's just a kick in the butt maybe.

There are a lot the opportunities on this golf course, so when I made the bogey I was like, There are so many birdies, so many short clubs, especially if you drive it good, and I've done that.

Hopefully I can continue to do that over the next two days. The rough is very thick and you need to hit a lot of fairways because you can attack it from the fairway.

Q. You have to be patient today? Particularly with your start. Six straight pars and then the big bird there at 17.
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, and I had a lot of good shots in the first six. Missed a few good, makable putts. Yeah, very patient. Just kind of tell myself, Just keep doing it. They'll go in eventually; finally got one.

Q. This is not unfamiliar territory for you. Three Top 10s. Playing well this year.
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, I've had a good year. It's kind of been more of a rollercoaster. Been a few bad tournaments and a few good tournaments, but there has been moments, so, yeah, feeling pretty good about it.

Q. Some general thoughts on the day today following up a low one with another low one.
SCOTT BROWN: Uh-huh, nice day. Just kind of kept it going from yesterday. Good iron shots over the last couple days gave me a lot of good looks and was able to capitalize on most of them.

Q. Do you feel like the eagle got things going there?
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, because I had hit a lot of good shots up to that point and missed some putts, so then to make that one, which was a crazy putt, kind of kickstarted the round.

Q. So many low rounds out there today, especially in morning. What is it about this course that's giving it up today?
SCOTT BROWN: I just think it's not an overly long golf course, so if you get it in the fairway -- and I've been pretty aggressive off the tee -- if you get it in the fairway you can attack it; you got some scoring clubs in your hands.

If you stand out there and hit good shots you're going to have a lot of good looks.

Q. 10-under 60 and a 9-under 61 in the morning wave. How does that affect you mentally? Challenge for the afternoon or...
SCOTT BROWN: Both ways, I would say. You kind of feel like you have to go out and shoot a good one, and then you kind of feel like there is a good one out there.

So I think it's just to not get crazy aggressive. You don't have to hit it five feet on every hole. You've got to make putts to play good.

I've kind of been conservatively aggressive.

Q. Speed of the greens allows you to do that as well a little bit?
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah. They're making speed. They're great making speed. But there is so much slope in these greens. Perfect speed for what the slope allows.

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