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June 7, 2019

Webb Simpson

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. They say sometimes it's not what you make it's what you leave. Now you've made a lot but you've left nothing. Bogey-free and your par putting today was absolutely incredible.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, it was nice to close the round with no bogeys. I don't know if I've ever done it for two days. Certainly thought about it. Not something you want to be thinking about over the putt. I did leave myself some tricky putts coming in.

But, yeah, it was a great day. Really got as much as I could have out of the round. Fun group today. Everybody played great.

Q. I was with you for actually the entire day, and I mentioned multiple times it felt like you guys were actually feeding off one another. Was that true? Feel some energy out there and just say, Let's ride this thing to the clubhouse?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think so. It always helps seeing balls going in the fairway, putts going in. I love playing with those guys. I've played a lot of golf with them. Even though you're in a tournament, when you're playing with guys you enjoy it's a relaxed feel.

Q. So bogey-free. Is there anything you might do different, change the plan of attack, work on something to get ready for tomorrow, Saturday?
WEBB SIMPSON: I'm going to go hit a few shots. Overall, I feel pretty good. But in terms strategy, everything is the same. I imagine guys are going to continue to make birdies, so that's what I've done a good job of the last two days.

Tougher holes, respect them, hit it to the middle of the greens, but then when you get on the shorter holes, going to have sand wedge, pitching wedge in; get in attack mode.

Q. Lovely say out there. How did it feel?
WEBB SIMPSON: Felt good. Golf course firmed out a bit, but saw the scores they posted this morning so I knew we had to keep going and keep making birdies.

Kuch played great; Rory as well. It's fun to see a lot putts go in and a lot birdies made.

Q. What is it like when you have to step on the accelerator to keep up with the group?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's a good feeling. You know, I fell a little bit behind seeing those scores and I'm further back than I was when I woke up, but it frees you up knowing there are birdies to be made and the golf course is gettable.

So you kind of take some of the nerves off I think and just go play and try to make as many as you can.

Q. Being in a group that was playing pretty well help, too?
WEBB SIMPSON: It did. When you see balls going in the fairway, putts made, you do feed off it. It's not fun when you're not playing well and seeing everybody else making it look easy.

But felt like we fed off each other well all day. Combined, whatever we were, 15-under or something like that.

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