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June 7, 2019

Nick Taylor

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. Put yourself in a very good position. How did that round feel?
NICK TAYLOR: Felt good, to be honest. Early on I was hitting good shots; putts weren't dropping. Even 1 I thought I hit a great drive. Was kind of first cut, caught a flier, went over the green to get up and down.

4 was nice; two great there. Make the putt, get under par, and kind of get the round going.

Yeah, I was fortunate on 15. I was in the rough there. Kind of baseball swinged it. Ran up really close and made a birdie there.

Made a great up and down on 16.

Then hit four great shots on the last two holes. Nice to make that putt on the last hole.

Q. Did you see the really low scores this morning, like Brandt Snedeker went out and shot 10-under par.

Q. If you did, were you like, Okay, this golf course is gettable today?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, 60 is 60. I don't care what kind of conditions are. It's low. I think I saw Ben shoot 61 as well. It was out there. We didn't much wind this afternoon, so I wasn't say 60 was a reasonable score, but I'm happy with 5-under.

Q. Friday afternoon. You don't tend to get that many people around 18. Does it feel more like a weekend out there with some of the crowds?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, you know, Friday isn't typically like that, and then to get on the green and have that applaud, ovation for Mike walking up there for how much he's done for Canadian golf and for Dave and I to be playing with him, it gave me chills. It was awesome.

So it's an experience I won't forget, but for a Friday especially it's pretty cool.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, I mean, bottle that up next two days I'll be good.

Q. One shot back at the Canadian Open going into the weekend. How dies that feel?
NICK TAYLOR: Good. This year might be a bit of redemption from last year. Felt like I was a decent spot and let it slip a way. Feel more prepared, so hopefully I can play well.

Q. Another solid round out there. Put yourself in a wonderful position. Talk about what happened out there.
NICK TAYLOR: I hit it really well again. Had some chances, a lot from like the 10- to 15-foot range. Was able to make a couple on the front. One was a nice eagle on the 4th fourth hole to kind of get my round going, and then the back nine was a little scrappier than probably had previous 27, but hung in there and made a couple nice pars.

Finished really nice, so felt good.

Q. These 36 holes, how would you compare it to anything you've played so far? Pretty solid year, but is this the most consistently good round you've had all season?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, I've been consistent all year, but to be back up a really nice round with another one is probably something I've been missing. Been in good positions after the first round and hit stall for 36 holes. It was nice to back it up. I didn't change anything today and game felt good.

Q. Playing in front of these crowds out here, you got four Canadians now within shouting distance of the top of the leaderboard; you're heading the group out there. What's the excitement level going to be like if you guys (indiscernible) together?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, hopefully it will be buzzing. For a Friday at any tournament, but Canadian Open was awesome today. If we keep staying up in contention, hopefully three, four of us have a chance coming in Sunday.

Q. If there is one of you would the other three be rooting, do you think?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah. I think all of us obviously want to win, but if we don't win I think having a buddy and a Canadian would be pretty cool.

Q. A little early to start thinking about that perhaps?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah. Got to hit the next tee shot on the first hole tomorrow and go from there. I put myself in a good spot, so that's good.

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