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June 7, 2019

Mashrafe Mortaza

Cardiff, Wales, UK

Q. Whatever you got from The Oval game, there must have been a lot of positives. Against England pre-tournament favourites, do you think those will work for Bangladesh?
MASHRAFE MORTAZA: Well, you cannot confirm, but yes, we have to take the positives, which might help in tomorrow's match. There is a possibility to win against New Zealand, but again, I said that we need to deliver in the right time, which is maybe equal last match.

But I think, again, I said in Oval 244 is always difficult to defend, but we were very close and hopefully the positive stuff we will take and move to tomorrow.

Q. Can I ask you, you know a lot of people are saying that this England team is the best England team for a long time, and here is the World Cup on their home soil and maybe that creates some pressure for the England team which might help you in this game.
MASHRAFE MORTAZA: Well, I think obviously this is one of the best team England have ever produced, especially in the World Cup. I think still they are in the right way winning matches, and they are in good touch, which I feel

But again, I'm not much believer in the question you have asked, which is I know we have to play at our best. You know, the area they have been very strong, we have to keep them quiet. If it's we can make it happen, tomorrow matches, it might help us.

But on the other hand, obviously I know there was a little bit of pressure that the people that are expecting that England will take the trophy this time, which is a kind of pressure, obviously. But I think England players knows how to handle this pressure.

So obviously for us, this is a very important match, and we have to give our best shot, if possible, tomorrow.

Q. You have beaten England in the last two World Cups, so how realistic is a hat trick here, do you think?
MASHRAFE MORTAZA: Well, I don't think so it's going to help us a lot because, you know, even if we lost, it's not going to help us. So it's a new, fresh match. Both teams started from the first ball, so it's very important for both teams starting well.

For us, again, I would say yes, we have been beating them the last two World Cup. It doesn't mean that we will make it happen again the way it did.

So yes, obviously there is the chances, and for that, we have to play at our best.

Q. Whatever happened in the last two games, do you think there are chances for changes in terms of performance, or do you think you will make the changes according to the conditions?
MASHRAFE MORTAZA: The plan is to change according to conditions, and I don't think so much change is going to help team much.

But it depends, you know, if it's keep -- if it's raining like this, we have to think about it. If not, then obviously, there is the management, as well. They will think about it. If someone will come with different plans, we will think about it.

But at the moment, know, we haven't think much about it. Weather also can be an issue.

Q. In the first two England games, we've seen spin bowlers take the wickets of England openers in the power plays. Is that a tactic you're going to employ tomorrow with the new ball, as well?
MASHRAFE MORTAZA: Tomorrow, I can't say you, but no, certainly all spinners all over the world, they played a big role, which is one of our biggest strengths. We know that Shakib is -- all over the world, he is one of the biggest strengths for us. Miraz is doing well for a long time. I mean, the last two years, he's doing so well for us with the new ball.

So yes, it was been tactics, which we have seen even England, against England, South Africa started. So most of the team, you know, taking this sort of tactics. But it's depended how much you can be success or you cannot be success. But you have to be confident enough with your tactics.

So tomorrow, I never know. As I say, it all depends on the weathers and everything.

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