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June 7, 2019

Alexander Steen

St. Louis, Missouri - Practice Day

Q. You may be without Barbashev for the next game. What has he brought to your team in the Playoffs would you say?
ALEXANDER STEEN: Yeah, we'll see what happens, but obviously very competitive guy, plays with a lot of intensity and passion, both sides of the puck. He's really intelligent, so a good player for us.

Q. I wanted to ask you, too, about the emotions, maybe keeping the emotions in check. Again, the town is going to go nuts with the opportunity to clinch the Cup. How do you guys handle that?
ALEXANDER STEEN: Oh, I think the way we've handled it throughout the course of the Playoffs. I think as you move along, you learn, as well, more and more. You know, you rely a lot on your routines and what we do inside the locker room before games to kind of keep your focus on what you want to accomplish out there.

Q. You guys have talked a lot about handling the noise or keeping the noise outside. Do you turn your phones off before these games or not watch TV or listen to radio or anything?
ALEXANDER STEEN: Yeah, I think you do. You just try and do things that relax you. Some guys enjoy texting and other guys probably don't do as much of it. It's all individual.

Q. What kind of for you personally calms you down?
ALEXANDER STEEN: For me personally, just normal stuff, mostly watching TV. I don't really spend a lot of time on my phone.

Q. I'm sure you've seen that they're going nuts in Boston about the no-call on Parayko. Do you guys read that stuff or look at the videos that get posted or react at all to what's going on in Boston?
ALEXANDER STEEN: No, we watch our own video on how we want to play and things like that. That's what's important to us, and that's where our focus lies. So moving forward here, we'll do the same thing tomorrow.

Q. How proud of this group are you, though, that when stuff happens to you, you just put your head down and keep moving forward? You guys don't look back at all.
ALEXANDER STEEN: Well, I think we do a good job of understanding what we can control and what we can't control. We want to work on the aspects of what we can control, and that's our game and how we play, and right now it's preparing for the next one.

Q. What would you like to do better in Game 6? What do you need to improve on?
ALEXANDER STEEN: There's a few things I think that we can build off of from last game, but also there's definitely some things that we want to improve on. I thought coming out of the gate in the first period we could have been a little bit closer to each other and more connected as a group and kind of get that -- our line changes rolling a little bit more. We'll look at all that stuff tomorrow.

Q. How important was Binnington being able to stop that early push from the Bruins to you guys?
ALEXANDER STEEN: Yeah, he's been huge. He played a great game yesterday, and we have so much confidence in him. I think he's proven to everyone what an unbelievable goalie he is, but to us it doesn't really come as a surprise. We see how competitive he is on a day-to-day basis.

Q. Do you allow yourself to think about the fact that you're one win away from winning a Stanley Cup?
ALEXANDER STEEN: I think right now we're just approaching it as, like I said before, we want to get ready for tomorrow or for the next game and look at what we need to get better and try and stay inside our routines.

Q. Would you like having the extra day here late in the series between games, or would you rather just --
ALEXANDER STEEN: The schedule is what it is. You just go with what they tell you the schedule is. There's no point in saying one way or the other.

Q. You talked about where you guys got better. What have you guys done on the penalty kill the last two games to keep their power play from producing --
ALEXANDER STEEN: I don't know, I think we've done a better job -- I think we've adjusted a little bit and done a better job of reading moments to be aggressive or moments to kind of step back and try and control it a little bit more. But you know, they'll make adjustments to their game, as well, so we're going to be on our toes.

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