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June 5, 2019

Annie Park

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. Here with defending champion Annie Park. How are you doing here on this beautiful New Jersey day?
ANNIE PARK: Well, I mean, the weather we definitely lucked out. It's just so nice. Not too hot, not too cold, just feels right, just like Atlantic City. It's so nice to be back, just close to home. My family is going to be here to week, so I can't wait for that.

Q. When you are on the tournament course and just around this place in general, how many good feelings did you have when you stepped up and just remembering what happened last year?
ANNIE PARK: I don't know. I mean, there's a lot of memories from last year, and hopefully I can do something better or the same. I guess I've had some really good finishes at this golf course, and I like the layout. It can be tough with the wind, so I like how challenging it is in that aspect.

So I can't wait to play this week, tee it up on Friday.

Q. How much do you think about that final day, that Sunday where you were able to come from behind and snag your first LPGA Tour victory? Do you ever think about that day and kind of this season?
ANNIE PARK: When I think about that day, I just remember making long putts, and I always think back and wish I could do that again. But it's crazy. I mean, thankfully my family was there to witness it with me, and I think it was very memorable and just to look back on that Sunday, I can't thank my family enough and the fans and volunteers.

Q. You've said before that LA is your home or New York is your boo or it's the other way around there, but for you, how much does it feel good to be able to come here and have your family and just your friends' support?
ANNIE PARK: It's so nice. I have a lot of friends come out this week, and they're all pressuring me to win again so they can witness it in person. It's just so nice. I have a great support team in New York, not only New York but also California, school there. My saying was New York is my baby and LA is my boo, and so I definitely -- New York is roots for me. I was born here. So it's good to see having all my friends and family around this week.

Q. You've had a high finish, especially in LA. What have you been working on in your game since LA to get you prepared for this tournament?
ANNIE PARK: I'd just say everything, driver to putting. I work on all of it at the same time, and if there's something that I'm lacking, I try to focus more on that. But I would say just overall my whole game.

Q. And have you been on the course yet? Is there anything different maybe compared to last year?
ANNIE PARK: I played yesterday, just nine holes, and it was really windy. So that's why I knew it was a little challenging. When it gets super windy it plays like a different golf course. But it's in great shape, and I can't wait to play it.

Q. What's it going to take for you this week to secure another one?
ANNIE PARK: Just focusing on my own game and just focusing on my own shots, and I think that will help me go through this week.

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