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June 4, 2019

Justin Thomas

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

THE MODERATOR: Justin, welcome to Canada for your first start at the event. Could we just get an opening comment on that?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, my first-ever time to Canada, so I'm excited to be here. You know, it was obviously a late add. It wasn't exactly in the plans, but definitely need to get a little bit more reps just going into the (U.S.) Open. Just a little rusty last week from not playing for a while but definitely excited to be here. Heard a lot of great things about the course.

THE MODERATOR: Could you speak a little bit to the quality of the field this week? We have four of the top six players in the Official World Golf Ranking here, and four of the top five in the FedExCup. What does that say about this tournament?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I think it's something to where if it didn't come when it does in the schedule, it would probably have an even better field, if that's possible.

But the fact that guys are willing to come and play the week before the U.S. Open, as far away as it is from the U.S. Open, I think speaks values, and you know, kind of takes care of itself.

But it is a great field, and I've watched it on TV the last couple years. So you know, glad to be here.

Q. With the time off that you had, and touching on your performance last week, what do you want to accomplish this week to say, okay, I'm in the right spot going into the U.S. Open?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Playing four days would be a good start, as opposed to just two. But it was weird, because I mean, I felt -- I really felt pretty good about my game last week. Just the little things here and there, I short-sided myself a couple times. Obviously made three big numbers that I -- I'll make some every once in a while but I won't do that on one nine ever.

So it just was -- I just was really rusty and was kind of making some stupid mistakes and stuff that I don't usually do. So just trying to play my way out of that, and just the more time you can get in competition, or the more time I can spend in it, I feel like the quicker I'll get out of the rust.

I mean, my swings were pretty good in terms of looking at them on video and I was hitting them solid. My clubface control wasn't very good. I'd hit it solid and look up and it would be starting way off line or something like that. I just had a hard time matching up my speed with my line on those severe, fast greens.

Just trying to get more competitive rounds in, and just more of like the tournament conditions, I guess.

Q. A little while ago, you sent a Tweet out about Corey Conners. Just wondering if there was something specific about his game that you liked, and maybe if you could speak to kind of the state of Canadian golf, as well, obviously Corey won a couple weeks ago. But there's 24, 25 Canadians in the field, and a lot of guys on the PGA TOUR now?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I know Corey just a little bit through Jupiter. We've hung out and we have a lot of mutual friends. He's a really good dude, quiet, goes about his own business.

He flushes it. He hits it really, really good. I think to play as well as he did, trying to win for your first time at something that is very hard to do, and he made it look very easy and like he had been there a lot. So I think that in itself kind of speaks to how good of a player he is and how confident he is.

But yeah, Canadian golf, they are everywhere, Canadians are everywhere, especially this week. There's a lot of great past and a lot of great history. It seems like it's only getting better and better each year.

Q. Did you have a good time at the Raptors game?

Q. The vibe, looked like something you were really enjoying.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, sure, being from Louisville, we don't have any professional team, so it's not like my allegiance is necessarily with one sports team. Know Steph and Andre, just a little through golf, and I'm a huge Kawhi fan. I think he's awesome to watch. I love his demeanor, his work ethic, how he goes about his own business and he's never blaming anybody. He never complains. He kind of just goes out, does his work and is always thanks his teammates. He's never putting anything on himself. It's pretty cool. Especially this day and age, it's pretty fun to see someone who works that hard and does that well and is such a team player.

Obviously I was happy to see the war I don't understand win, but it's not like I'm not necessarily -- my day isn't made or ruined either way. So I never have been to an NBA Finals game before, so when the opportunity presented itself, it was pretty fun to get to go.

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