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June 4, 2019

Tom Latham

Kennington, London, England, UK

Q. So you were recently beaten by Bangladesh on your home soil and now you're going to play them here. How do you take Bangladesh as an opponent? Is that an advantage that you have recently beaten them?
TOM LATHAM: Yeah, look, I think we've played Bangladesh a lot over the last couple seasons, we sort of know how they go about things, and recent tournaments, they have obviously played really well in the Champions Trophy a few years ago, then obviously their game here a few days ago.

So we know what threats they have on their side but hopefully we can stick to the things that we do well and keep going on the momentum that we built up a few days ago.

Q. Bangladesh beat South Africa in their first match, but some ex-cricketer said it's a shock, that Bangladesh shocked South Africa. What do you think?
TOM LATHAM: Bangladesh played a really good game of cricket. I think the way they went about things in that first innings, to put a good, competitive score on the board and then obviously apply that pressure with the ball.

You know, they played a fantastic game and we have certainly seen that in the past, how they put sides under pressure, and I'm sure tomorrow will be no different and they will be looking to put us under pressure and they will be looking to stick to things that they do well in order to have success.

They will be coming in here tomorrow with a lot of confidence about how they went about things against South Africa, so hopefully we can stick to our things that we do well and I guess challenge them all the way.

Q. You had Ajaz Patel bowling to you yesterday. Was that a good preparation, knowing you'll face a left-hand spinner in Shakib tomorrow?
TOM LATHAM: Yeah, I think so. It's always valuable when you have, I guess, a like for like bowling to in the nets. We know what sort of bowler Shakib is. He's had obviously a lot of success around the world for a long period of time, and he wasn't in New Zealand in our last home summer series.

So you know, I think it's important that, I guess, we, I guess get used to a left-arm spinner, and we are certainly looking forward to the challenge of facing him tomorrow.

Q. A day/night game tomorrow. Are you expecting that to make much difference in terms of playing under lights?
TOM LATHAM: I'm not 100 per cent sure on that. You know, sometimes it does under lights get on a little bit, so that is a fresh wicket out there.

So I'm not 100 per cent sure what we'll look to do, but if the dew does come into play towards the end of the evening, I think it's important that we try to adapt to that. We've played in conditions like this before the ball, I guess skids on or the dew plays a factor. So it's important that we, I guess if it does come, try to adapt with it.

Yeah, we haven't played one for a while, a day/nighter, so I'm sure the guys are looking forward to that.

Q. Have you finished your side? Have you set on a side? Are you only picking from 13?
TOM LATHAM: We are going in with the same side. So yeah, obviously I think the way we played in the last game, I think, you know, bodes a lot of confidence for the group. I think the way the bowlers went about things, you know, they challenged the guys, or challenged Sri Lanka much from ball one, and I'm sure the same side is looking to hopefully repeat that tomorrow.

Q. Boult is out to injury and Ferguson -- three bowled 150 round. So do you think that in the conditions, the wicket, some grass will be there in the wicket, do you think that is challenging for the batsman or top order?
TOM LATHAM: I think Bangladesh are a quality side who I guess can adapt to conditions really well. I think, you know, for our bowling attack, we are used to bowling on our surfaces that do offer a little bit in terms of if there is a little bit more grass.

So hopefully we can apply that pressure that we are used to, and I'm sure Bangladesh will be coming up with plans to, I guess, try to counterattack our seam attack, and I'm sure it's going to bode for a good contest.

Q. You've had a very successful tournament so far. Early days yet, but what's been the most difficult thing about the World Cup so far for you?
TOM LATHAM: Yeah, we've only had one game so far. We managed to play a good game of cricket against Sri Lanka, but I guess the important thing about this tournament is you play -- we play nine games at nine different venues around the country.

It's important to, I guess, adapt to every surface, every team, as quick as possible. The way we usually play a series back home, you play two or three games against a side and you're able to I guess try to work out the way they go about things.

But in a World Cup and this situation, you run once and it's important that you I guess adapt really quickly to what that side offers. I guess we're lucky with a side like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh who we have played recently in our home summer. We are sort of familiar with them.

So I guess later on in the tournament when we play sides that we haven't played that recently, it's important that we try and adapt as quick as possible.

Q. New Zealand win first match, Bangladesh win first. Will this match be tougher fighting match?
TOM LATHAM: Sorry, say that again.

Q. New Zealand win first match and Bangladesh win first match. Are you going to this match, will be tough for both teams?
TOM LATHAM: I'm sure it's going to be a challenging contest tomorrow. I think the way we went about things against Sri Lanka was ideal, but we know we're going to be put under pressure tomorrow and throughout this tournament.

So I'm certainly looking forward to the challenge of doing it all again tomorrow, and you know, whatever Sri Lanka throw at us, hopefully we can take a little bit of pressure from that and then again apply the pressure on them. You know, it's going to be a good contest tomorrow, and we're certainly looking forward to it.

Q. End of last February when Bangladesh tour was unexpectedly cancelled due to an unfortunate event in your country, that's the last time your teams played, and tomorrow is a new game, of course. Will there be any effects or any memory? Do you share any message to the world?
TOM LATHAM: Yeah, obviously last time Bangladesh were in our country, it obviously wasn't ideal, our scenario. But obviously it will be great to see them tomorrow.

I'm sure both sides are looking forward to getting out there and I guess getting back to the cricket field around what we love doing.

You know, as I said, they left pretty quickly, so we didn't get a chance to I guess see them, but it will be great to get out on the cricket field tomorrow and do what we love doing.

Q. We've got Southee and Nicholls nursing injuries. Can you confirm whether they were in consideration for this match, or doing to go with the same team regardless?
TOM LATHAM: They are a day-by-day thing. They are certainly getting better as each day goes by, which is great, and I think the duration of this tournament, it's a long tournament. So it's important to make sure the guys are 100 per cent fully fit by the time they get back on the park.

Fortunately they are getting better day by day, so hopefully they will be a chance for the next game.

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