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June 4, 2019

Justin Langer

West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, England, UK

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. lots of talk of bumpers going in - have you been preparing for that?
JUSTIN LANGER: From us to them or from them to us?

Q. From you to them.
JUSTIN LANGER: No, not really. We've got a couple of world class bowlers. Got a good leggy. He won't be rolling in any bumpers.

Nathan Coulter-Niles is getting better with every game, so every batsman, West Indies batsman will have a different game plan against him. Yeah, a lot of talk about that, but not specifically.

Q. Andre Russel has come out and says he's pumped and ready to bowl at the Australian batsmen - what do you make of that?
JUSTIN LANGER: Yeah, one thing that we have to adapt to, and we talked about in this morning is that we've probably spent four months thinking and playing against spin bowling. If you think about we played India throughout the summer in the back end of the one-days. Went to India played T20 and one-days there, then in Dubai -- sorry, in the UAE.

So our focus is almost solely made on playing spin bowling. Now we have to change. We've seen in this testimony that there has been some good, fast bowling so far.

We have to adapt to West Indies no doubt who have got a number of good, fast bowlers. South Africa will be same. England will be the same.

Have to adapt our game plan and adapt pretty quickly. The wicket here is pretty good though. The Outfield is fast. The squares are fast as well. Just have to adapt a little bit to that. But our blokes have spoken about that and they'll be ready for it.

Q. Did you watch Andre Russel's three over spell and what did you make of it?
JUSTIN LANGER: We did, and we also played against them in our practise game on the nursery ground in Hampshire, so got a little taste of it. Good feeling what we'll get from them.

Obviously a very dangerous team the way they bat and aggressive bowling, but they've got weaknesses as well and we're playing pretty good cricket. Look, I say if we can adapt and be ready, nice and sharp, hopefully we'll be okay.

Q. How is the PTSD walking back in this stadium [Trent Bridge]?
JUSTIN LANGER: Yeah. It was, yeah. It was actually. Had some really good times here at Trent Bridge and last year was a down -- I mean, I remember we turned up and everyone was pretty -- the spirits were pretty high. That was unbelievable.

I remember walking down to the gate at the end almost wanting to give all the boys a hug because it was brutal. No doubt about that. England, we saw it again yesterday. Very high scoring games here at Trent Bridge.

Certainly a few more smiles at the moment in the camp than there was whatever, 12 months ago, so, yeah.

Q. So you didn't have a go at the boys after that one?
JUSTIN LANGER: No, no, no. Not after that one. I think after Cardiff I did. I had a red hot dip with the boys. I think it will become legendary ten years' time.

But not in this one. Trent Bridge last year was just a very flat wicket and we had a young bowling attack. Last thing I need was another smack when I'd been smacked for three and a half hours.

Q. What sort of changes might we see for this game?
JUSTIN LANGER: I would say none at this stage. I think we're going with the same team. We haven't had a look at the wicket yet, but my gut feelings is against the West Indies, having won the first game as well, had a bit of a break in between, so start the same 11.

Q. Tempted to pick Nathan Lyon?
JUSTIN LANGER: Yeah, there is because they're left handers. That said, we probably won't bowl two spinners here against the West Indies. There is always thoughts about Nathan Lyon. Every game there is thoughts about playing Nathan Lyon, but Adam Zampa is doing a really good job for us.

There is thinking about it because they're left-handers, but Adam Zampa is a very good top spinner. Glenn Maxwell is bowling well, so hopefully get some balance there. Some of the other grounds we might look to play two spinners or the matchups for -- the off spinner will be more appropriate, but properly not here.

Q. Just, how did you assess Dave's innings the other day?
JUSTIN LANGER: Good sign, isn't it? David Warner gets 99 out and didn't hit many in the middle and his feet weren't moving like they could be. That's a good sign for me.

You can see the look in his eyes. A lot of people are talking, looks determined. For him to battle through 90 or 80, whatever it was, and to still be there at the end and get the job done for the team, that's a great sign for us.

Q. How far away is he to get on his feet moving?
JUSTIN LANGER: Who knows? Hopefully the more time he spends in the middle facing fast bowling. Again, he's just come off playing cricket in India, like a lot our guys. Very good player and confidence is a beautiful thing.

So who knows? But that all said, not as if he batted badly. Just wasn't as dynamic as you've seen in the past. He did a brilliant job for the team.

And all talk has been for the last 12 months about Dave, how is he going to fit back in the team. He could not have played a better ten innings than they did the other day. Energy in the field was brilliant. Smiling a lot.

Q. Just on that game at Trent Bridge last year - i know the side is very different but how will they cope under the pressure of that situation if it arises here again?
JUSTIN LANGER: Yeah, it's a very different team if we look back on it. I don't imagine -- well, any of our bowlers that were here last year are in the team. We've got David Warner and Steve Smith back in the team. Usman Khawaja is in the team, so six or seven already.

Yeah, we're better equipped for it.

Q. Are you able to reel back in that panic?
JUSTIN LANGER: Yeah, of course. Try and stay as calm as possible. We expect some fireworks from the West Indies. Going to be times when the boys are going to have to take a deep breath and keep smiling and bowling their best ball. That comes with experience and that's what great teams and great players do.

Q. One on the Ashes, how much of a set back is seeing Joe Burns heading back to Australia?
JUSTIN LANGER: Yeah, it was really sad to hear he had to go from Lancasshire. I think there is some good process in place. I'm over it -- not over it as in had enough of it. I'm over the processes. But he's one player we were hoping would play six, seven, eight games of red ball cricket. That was the plan initially.

Sometimes players change, and we'll just have to monitor that over the next a little bit.

Q. Does that leave the door wide open for Marcus Harris?
JUSTIN LANGER: Well Marcus Harris had an 1,100 run shield year. He played six test matches. Did a pretty good job and he's on the contract list, so he's a good young player. Took his opportunity.

Again, like we've said all along, there is competition, which is really good. I guess the tough thing for (indiscernible) is having not played any cricket leading up to whether he comes back to England or not. Like I said, fair bit to happen before we make a decision on that.

Q. You made your debut playing against the West Indies - what is like now facing them again on the big stage?
JUSTIN LANGER: Hit in the head that many times I can't remember it very well. (Laughter.) I made a lot of money out of telling that story.

Yeah, always nice. One thing we know about the West Indies, and particularly with Andre Russell and Chris Gayle back in, going to be exciting cricket, isn't it? When I was a kid it was Calypso cricket, and I think we're seeing plenty of signs of Calypso cricket. Running and bowling fast.

They're not necessarily going to be bowling the same spot every ball, but going to be exciting to watch. They all try to hit 6s most balls so Darren Bravos probably a little bit more unorthodox. Always exciting playing the West Indies. When I was growing up they were my heros. They're not my heros today because I hope we beat them on Thursday.

But always nice to watch West Indies play cricket. Great spirit. Always been my favourite tour going to the West Indies. Love the Caribbean. They way they go about their business. They love the cricket. It's always exciting to watch. Hopefully that's not that exciting on Thursday.

Q. How much talk has their been around Chris Gayle - are you thinking of how you get him out?
JUSTIN LANGER: Yeah, I mean, he's been a brilliant player for a long time. Dangerous, we all know that. Like he'll have his plans against our bowlers; we'll have our plans against him as well.

We know he's dangerous. They got a number of dangerous players. With him on the team they seemed to grow a leg. They take confidence from him. Again, hopefully don't take too much confidence on Thursday.

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