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June 2, 2019

Kawhi Leonard

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame 2

Golden State - 109, Toronto - 104

Q. Can you take me through the final possession where Iguodala hit the three. There was about five seconds left on the clock when he took it, eight seconds left in the game and he wound up being wide open, and the plays that took place before it where you guys almost stole it.
KAWHI LEONARD: I mean, you pretty much summed it up right there. We ended up trapping Curry, I was playing 2, he ended up passing to Livingston, almost got a steal, and then I mean, I really didn't see where Iggy came from. He came up, Livingston found him and he knocked down a shot, a big shot.

Q. Did you want to see the ball in his hands in that situation compared to anybody else on the floor?
KAWHI LEONARD: No, we wanted to see it in our hands. No, we wanted to get a steal.

Q. What is the key in winning on the road in such an important playoff series in the Finals? You've done it obviously before, what do you consider the key when you go on the road, especially now that you guys are 1-1?
KAWHI LEONARD: Just coming in as one, you know what I mean. Obviously on somebody else's home floor, they got the sixth man with the crowd, but just have to buy into ourselves and come out hard, strong, no mistake, no turnovers, and same thing you got to do at home.

Q. How does it feel to be the only player to lead a team to two different NBA conferences?
KAWHI LEONARD: I mean, I never thought of it, really, but I guess it feels good, but it's not over yet. Still basketball, no matter what jersey you got on. And that's what I'm trying to do, just lead and win games.

Q. When you look back at the game and the body of work, where did things break down defensively for you guys and how?
KAWHI LEONARD: Oh, I feel like in that third quarter, we didn't score the ball in like the first five minutes, four and a half minutes, obviously led to them getting out in transition early and a lot of layups and open looks, and that was pretty much the game right there. Went on like a 15, 18-0 run, I believe, and you can't do that with a championship team on the other side.

Q. Did it seem different this time around? You guys were really fast Game 1, did things kind of flip around Game 2?
KAWHI LEONARD: I mean, I can't say that. I mean, I feel like our pace was good early, it was just that third quarter, I feel like it just really killed us. 18-0 run, if we can't score no baskets, you're not going to win no game.

Q. The Warriors have a lot of injuries, will that affect the team's chemistry, the Raptors' team chemistry or do you feel that you will take advantage of that?
KAWHI LEONARD: Not really. I mean, we still got to go out and make shots and guard guys that's out there. Everybody's in the NBA, these guys have a high basketball IQ. I mean, obviously them missing Durant it's a big loss for them, but I mean they won the game tonight.

Q. How much do you lean on just your past experience in the Finals and how much do you share with your teammates going in 1-1 or going on the road?
KAWHI LEONARD: Obviously just take it one game at a time. Finals is not going to be easy. The only thing that matters is the four. Four wins. Once you get it, two wins, three wings, it does not matter. Just take one game at a time and just play through the adversity.

Q. How much did your respect grow for a team like the Warriors, just the fact that they were able to get all those key plays down the stretch?
KAWHI LEONARD: It's big respect for them, they have been here the last four years, won the last two, and I mean you got to just take the challenge. Great basketball team, you got to go out there and accept the challenge and want to fight and win.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Kawhi.

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