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June 2, 2019

Dan Heefner

Cole Reeves

Lubbock, Texas

Dallas Baptist-0, Texas Tech-3

COACH DAN HEEFNER: First I'd say I'm incredibly proud of this team that we had this year, the amount of turnover we had and for them to once again win a conference, go to regional, make it this far in the regional, couldn't be more proud of them and the seniors we had on the team.

As for this last game, I thought it was obviously a really about game, really well-pitched game. You know, take away the first inning and there were zeros across the board all the way.

I thought Cole Reeves did an outstanding job for us. He's a freshman that we have high expectations for in the future and I think he proved to himself just how good he can be and we have -- I know there's going to be really big things to come for him next year and the year after that.

You know, tip your cap to Texas Tech. Outstanding team. National seed. Won the Big 12 Conference outright. You can obviously see why, very balanced. They pitched it really, really well tonight. Bryce was outstanding and McMillon as well at the end.

Obviously they have got a team that can get back to Omaha again, and you know just want to congratulate them on another regional championship.

Q. In terms of what Bonnin was able to do, what was he able to do, was he rounding the strike zone?
BRYCE BALL: First congratulations to Texas Tech. Yeah, he was bringing it tonight and I think he was really, really good in tough situations, he almost got better. He was throwing everything for strikes and good velocity, good stuff to go with it. We really couldn't string anything together --

Q. Can you speak to the seventh inning where you had two runners in scoring position?
BRYCE BALL: Yeah, like I said, seemed like when he got in tough situations, executed his pitches. Yeah, he threw really well tonight, and he executed well, so I mean, tip of the cap to him.

Q. I guess for you what was the message to you today, and how do you feel you performed?
COLE REEVES: Coming into that situation, it was a cool one, something that was a little nerve racking at first but after the first inning I kind of settled in. Yeah, I mean, just kind OF HAD to zone it out.

Q. Seems like Cam was a thorn in your side the whole regional. Can you take us through that at-bat, and following at-bats, where you decided to intentionally walk him?
COACH DAN HEEFNER: Yeah, he's a really good hitter. He's tough. He makes adjustments. His bat is in the zone for a long time. He has good timing. We tried multiple different things against him thinking, okay, here is a way we can get him out. Kind of whatever we tried, he was thinking right with us.

So yeah, we got to the point where you've got a base open, you've just got to put him on.

But yeah, he's really tough, and he's got Young right in front of him, so there's usually guys on base for him, as well, and there's times where we could not pitch around him and you had to pitch to him, and if you miss, he does not miss. So he's good.

Q. What did you see from that seventh inning? Obviously you were trying to scratch a few across but weren't able to do it?
COACH DAN HEEFNER: Yeah that, was our one opportunity in the game. Bryce was really, really good, all game long. He's got great stuff and I know that's been his reputation, his great stuff.

Also has a reputation for not being in the zone all the time, and that was not the case today. I mean, he was just pounding it. There were times where we tried to take and see if we could get his pitch count up a little bit and he would start us off strike one, it was fastball first strike, it was slider first strike. We were having a tough time with him, and really just tip your cap to him. He was good.

Then in the seventh, like you said, we did have second and third with two outs and I thought Blayne had to really battle him, made him throw seven, eight pitches and just wasn't able to get the knock when you needed it and that's kind of what it comes down to.

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