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June 2, 2019

Bud Cauley

Dublin, Ohio

BUD CAULEY: Yeah, I played pretty well. I played really well on the front today and missed a couple of putts for birdie. And then I hit a bad shot on 16 and kind of got a bad break there with it staying up there on that lip. And three-putting. I shouldn't have three-putted. The wind was kind of switching on 17. And then 18 would have been nice to make that putt to finish off the week.

But I played well. Some of the things I'm working on are starting to click a little bit. Looking forward to playing next week.

Q. What will ultimately be what you remember or take out of this experience this year?
BUD CAULEY: You know, really just everyone's support. Everyone out there was cheering me on and hoping that I would play well and make birdies or make a lot of comments about last year and happy to see me back. That was a lot of fun. I felt like I was from here or something just with how supportive of everyone was, so that was cool.

Q. Is that hard to embrace that and not get distracted or too focused on it, worrying about this year when so much is being talked about last year? Is that hard to balance that out in the moment?
BUD CAULEY: Not really. I didn't think it was that difficult. It was kind of inspiring just to be out there and everyone cheering you on, and hoping you would do well. It made me want to play well even that much more. So as far as being distracted or being tough out there, it wasn't. It was just a lot of fun.

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