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June 2, 2019

Jaye Marie Green

Charleston, South Carolina

Q. How are you doing?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Holding it together right now.

Q. But really, when you look at it, you haven't been in this situation that much. What do you take away from the experience?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: To put together four, that's what winning is, is putting together four good rounds. My putter was ice cold today. It was like -- I felt like I was going to make putts, and every time I looked up, they just weren't going in. So there's not much I could do.

Looking back, I feel like I was calm, I stuck to my game plan. It just hurts when you par your last six holes to win. So it stings bad.

Q. The scores, it looked like a lot of players struggled today. How much more difficult did the golf course play?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, the pin placements were -- some of them were just -- one of my putts was going towards the hole, and it kind of came backwards. I'm like -- it was tough because you couldn't really get at pins or anything.

You had to play really safe and smart, and then you do, and then you're left with like a 40-footer that you're just trying to two-putt. But I only had two birdies, and it just wasn't good enough.

Q. Having a taste like this, at KPMG and now here in Charleston, how much hungrier do you think it makes you?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, very. At the moment, I feel like I just went through a breakup or something, you know. You feel like it's going to go in your favor, but that's golf. I think, looking -- if you give me like 30 minutes, I'll be able to look back and be like, hey, you know, sixth place is a great finish in a U.S. Open.

In my mind, it's not good enough because I really want to win. I want to get that first win.

Q. How comfortable were you playing with Lexi today?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, yeah, me and Lexi, I think of her like my little sister because we grew up together. We were grinding it out today, both of -- it just seemed like none of our putts wanted to go in today. We had a good laugh coming up 18, just like, what more could we do?

But it was comfortable because you look over, it's like I've got my brother on the bag and you see Lexi. It felt like I was kind of with family today.

Q. I was wondering, what were you talking about coming up 18?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: We were just like can we get this on the green close and get ourselves a look at birdie and get out of here? Because it's just like it's such a long, gruelling day. We were just laughing about, like, how -- I think that was one of the first times I hit a good tee ball on 18. We were just talking about random stuff.

Q. How much of it do you think was nerves, and how much just one of those days in the game?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: I could honestly say, like, I did not feel nervous, which was crazy. Like usually, I would feel that. It just -- it was just golf, and I feel like I could live with that more. If I messed up coming down the stretch because of nerves, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

But knowing I gave it my all and it just, just didn't go my way, I could feel a little better about that because I gave it all I could. There's nothing, going back, oh, I should have done this, because I really put my whole heart into every shot I hit.

Q. You talk about the conversations with Lexi. What did your brother say to you afterwards?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, well, because I was crying a little bit in the scoring tent, he's like, Jaye, it's okay. You're right there. It's right there. But obviously, to me, that's not good enough right now.

But down the road, maybe I'll look at this and think that it's a great -- it's what maybe made me even more hungry for it.

Q. Jaye, if they asked you to have another Major here, would you recommend bringing one back to the Country Club of Charleston?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, yeah. Me and my brother talked about that on the course. On 11, I'm like oh, I'm glad I don't have to play that hole again. We were like, well, maybe not until like 2030. We were thinking like 2030 would probably be when it comes back.

I hope it does. I think it's 6 under or 7, whatever is leading. I think that's great for a U.S. Open winning score for sure.

Q. It's stressful enough being in contention on the last day. What's the cumulative effect of the heat over six days, practice rounds, the whole thing?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: I think it helps me being from Florida. The heat didn't really affect me too much. But now being done, I'm like, I am exhausted. I can't wait to go home and just chill. It definitely plays a factor, just on your mind. If you're not pounding waters out there, a few holes, I'm like, whoa, where am I? So it definitely plays a big part, the heat, but it wasn't as hot these last two days as it was in the beginning.

Q. What are your plans from here on, next month or so?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: I will play -- that's a good question. I'm not even sure myself, but I do know I'm not playing Arkansas or Green Bay. So take some time off and go home and just kind of soak in all I've learned from this week.

Q. Anything in particular you learned, other than your putting kind of went south today?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Honestly, I think the most I learned was just the experience of just being in this position. It just puts another notch in the belt of something I could draw back on. There's nothing where I'm like, oh, I got to learn how to do that or I got to learn how to hit this shot.

I really felt like I played well today. I just didn't make a putt. And I feel like any given day, the putts can go in, and it's a different story.

So I think I learned just to keep doing what I'm doing and don't change anything.

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