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June 2, 2019

Jimmy Fouse

Dan Heefner

Lubbock, Texas

Dallas Baptist-9, Florida-8

COACH DAN HEEFNER: Every win at this point is a good win, and really proud of our guys. Thought they battled well. Jimmy did everything we could ask for him starting the game. Obviously the big inning in the fourth, and then able to hang on rest of the way.

So we're fired up to play another one.

Q. How big was the nine-run inning from the offense to get you maybe settled in a little bit and say, okay, now I can kind of pitch with a lead and now I can get a little more comfortable?
JIMMY FOUSE: That's huge. That's what our offense always does. They always come through. They kind of started a little bit slow, but they are always going to come up. As a pitcher, you have to go out and pitch with the lead and fill up the zone and let the defense work.

Q. Jimmy, I know you're going to be sitting back watching this next one, but what problems have you seen from Texas Tech, either this year or in years past?
JIMMY FOUSE: I mean, they are a good team. We're a good team. So I mean, whoever plays the game better that day is going to win. So that's all we can do.

Q. How much has being in this situation before in the last few years with this ballclub, knowing that you guys have been on the cusp so many times?
JIMMY FOUSE: It's huge. We have older guys that are experienced and know how to play in an elimination game. Like I said, just go out and play our game and good things will happen for us.

Q. This quick turnaround, even for the tournament atmosphere now, do you tell your guys anything or simple as go play your game?
COACH DAN HEEFNER: Just a reminder of who we are and what we do. Honestly at this point, you don't need to say a whole lot. They are excited to keep playing and we've got some guys who are some great competitors and I think they have some toughness to them. Playing a doubleheader is not an issue at all.

Q. The 4th, I think eight of the nine runs came with two outs there.
COACH DAN HEEFNER: I think our high on the season was 13 in one inning, so we have done it a few other times. Not against an opponent like that, but you know, we do have an offense that can get rolling a little bit when they are clicking.

Q. How much do you have -- similar situation in 2016, having them speak to the younger guys about what this moment is about, essentially the same team, same place, same scenario?
COACH DAN HEEFNER: Yeah, I don't know. They might be saying things to each other, but we haven't had them, you know, address the whole team about it.

I think it's more the guys who have experience and who have been in regional championship games and stuff, it's more how they model it and just how they carry themselves, the confidence they have and just how they keep going about their business. I think that's the best way to lead the younger guys and the guys who haven't experienced it before, I think our veteran guys do an outstanding job of that.

Q. Tadlock said last night they were going to go with their regular No. 3, Bryce. What do you know about him and have you -- how do you approach a guy like that?
COACH DAN HEEFNER: We just got to do our thing, so right now, we're just playing and going up there. Each guy has to have a good approach. You know, a lot of times, at this point in the year, you treat everybody as an individual, so each of our hitters have different strengths, so they are not all going up with the same approach.

Even they look at it, okay, here is what this guy does, but we look at what are each of our hitters' strengths. It's not necessarily here is a scouting report for our whole offense. It's a scouting report for each individual guy.

Q. Who are you going with?
COACH DAN HEEFNER: Not sure yet.

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