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June 2, 2019

Adam Stevens

Long Pond, Pennsylvania

Q. Adam, we know this isn't Kyle's favorite aerodynamic package. Do you have to do anything to keep him from being too frustrated, or do you just let him be and hope for the best?
ADAM STEVENS: Gosh, I think there's a little bit of both. We spend a lot of time during the week together and talking about what we're up against and what everybody is up against, and at the end of the day we're not racing packages, we're racing other teams and other drivers, and it's our job to beat them, and that was the same with last year's rules and it's the same with this year's rules.
It's just a matter of perspective and making sure that he's focused on the right things. But as time goes, that gets easier and easier.

Q. Last week on the radio when he says, "I resign," does that make you laugh, or does that make you cringe?
ADAM STEVENS: It depends. You know, there's a certain amount of venting of frustrations that helps him, right. That's probably true for all of us. Sliding scale for some people. And you just don't want to see him get to the point where the venting isn't helping relieve the frustration and then he makes bad decisions. I remember that incident. I don't remember exactly how I felt at that specific time. But a lot of times if he can just get it out and then you can refocus him, he's probably better off than keeping it bottled up.
By and large, we've found a way to navigate through that.

Q. Adam, I think we've become conditioned, so used to seeing Kyle win that when he has a couple of finishes like that stretch at Talladega, a couple of 10th and a 30th at Kansas that he's in a slump. Was he in a slump, and has he broken out of it?
ADAM STEVENS: I think you could look at the finishes and say we were in a slump of finishing races for sure. We weren't in a slump for running well. We were second on the last restart, I believe, at Talladega and got shuffled and sped on pit road a couple times, had a‑‑ was it Kansas, I think, or one of them places where we drove through too many pit boxes racing the 88 for the lead. It's not like we haven't had speed and not like we haven't been up front late in the races when it matters most.
But certainly not finishing off the races and taking advantage of those opportunities will weigh on anybody that does this for a living. This is our job, so it's nice to get back and put a whole weekend together and capitalize on it.

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