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June 2, 2019

Erik Jones

Brad Keselowski

Long Pond, Pennsylvania

Q. You match this season best with a third‑place finish, and I said before the race if you guys had a clean day, you're a top‑5 team, and that's exactly the way it played out today. Anything that could have gone differently for you to maybe get your win?
ERIK JONES: Well, yeah, you always want to think that way, but I think Kyle and I on four tires, if we were both on four tires would have been pretty even, but he had an advantage on tires there at the end. We needed some track position so we had to take two, and had it stayed green, we were going to run second, and we ended up third. You know, a good day overall.
It would have really had to be a perfect scenario for us to win today, but we had a good car. The DeWalt Camry was fast, and it was fast all weekend. We've been doing it every week, we've just got to have things go our way and have a little luck on our side. Had some good luck today and some things play out the way we needed them, so hopefully that trend keeps rolling here the next couple months.

Q. You always come in looking for the win, but second place for Brad Keselowski. How would you evaluate the entire day as a whole?
BRAD KESELOWSKI: Yeah, good day. We had decent speed. We didn't have speed enough to go up and pass guys, but we could run with them. I feel like if we would have got to the front, nobody ever would have passed us. One of those races, with the way the cars are, if you're the leader you could be a 20th place car, nobody is going to pass you. You just try to make the most you can and take advantage of the restarts and the pit strategy and do the best you can as a driver to make up for it.

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