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June 1, 2019

Morganne Flores

Gabbie Plain

Sami Reynolds

Heather Tarr

Oklahoma City, Oklahomaa

Washington-5, Minnesota-3

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by Washington.

Gabbie, what does it take to have that kind of success in the post-season?

GABBIE PLAIN: I think trusting yourself, trusting the process. You've done all the work to get to this stage. You don't need to change anything too much.

I think just trusting everyone else around you, as well. You can't have that sort of success without the team that's behind you, all of them in the field. You trust that they're there.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Morganne, how big was that home run in the first inning to jump-start today's game?
MORGANNE FLORES: Yeah, our plan was to get on the pitcher early, so we were just going to chip away. It happened to be the first pitch. I saw it down the middle.

Q. Sami, what did you do during the long weather delay in order to be able to jump out?
SAMI REYNOLDS: We talked about our plan a lot. We changed our approach against the pitcher that came in. We just did our best to stick to our plan that we were working on while we had the break.

Q. Gabbie, top of the first inning, the offense gives you a couple runs. You have the long break. Out of that break, the offense gives you another couple runs. What is it like to have that behind you?
GABBIE PLAIN: Yeah, it's really helpful, takes a lot of the pressure off for sure. Especially, like, say we don't get those runs, we'd be in a tied ballgame right now. Definitely very, very stress-relieving for me personally.

Q. Gabbie, how did the delay affect you? How confident were you that you would get the final out?
GABBIE PLAIN: I think I just got a little bit fast for myself. It had been a long day. We'd been here since 8:30 in the morning just chilling out at the ballpark. I think I just got a little bit too far ahead of myself, tried to get to the end of the game.

When Taran came on, I knew she had it like she had it. I knew she was going to have my back. Just put complete trust in her.

Q. Gabbie, what do you do during a long delay like that? Try to stay warm?
GABBIE PLAIN: I think trying to stay warm the whole time might have been a little bit too long, yeah. It would have been playing another game altogether. We all had a break for quite a while. I don't even really know how long it ended up being. Two hours?

Yeah, when we came out, coach said make sure you and TA get warm, get your bodies warm. Warm up about 35 minutes to go, make sure everything is working, yeah.

Q. You mentioned you've been at the ballpark a long time. What is your strategy moving forward to mitigate those challenges?
GABBIE PLAIN: I think just go out there as hard as we can with as much energy as we can that's all we can really do. Yes, it's been a long day. We're all super excited to be here, super excited to have that one extra game. We're going to try to capitalize on that as much as possible.

MORGANNE FLORES: Just taking it each pitch at a time, inning by inning, not looking forward to anything. Putting all of our energy and time on the exact pitch.

SAMI REYNOLDS: I think each of us have a different energy to offer to this team, which is pretty cool. We're super diverse. We're able to keep each other in it, keep each other pumped up, so...

Q. Sami, your double in the seventh inning extended the lead 5-1. That was the difference maker. What was your approach against Sydney Smith?
SAMI REYNOLDS: My teammates did a good job of getting on base. They did their job, so I needed to do mine. They were on there for me to score them. I just looked for the pitch I wanted up in the zone, and I hit it. That was it.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, ladies.

We'll continue with questions for coach.

Q. When Gabbie gave up the double, 5-3, Partain had the highest batting average of any Minnesota player, how important was the strike-out?
HEATHER TARR: We know how good Partain is. She grew up with the Pacific Northwest. Have all the respect for that athlete. We had to find a way to close it out right there. We gave a couple walks; I can't remember how many walks. Put some runners on to get the opportunity to get the fly ball or pop-up to right field to cause those runs to score.

I thought it was a good call to put Taran in to close the game out. Glad we got it done.

Q. Was the first Arizona game (indiscernible)?
HEATHER TARR: We trust both of them. It just wasn't the time of the game to mess around. Gabbie probably could have gotten out of it. The chance she couldn't have, you kick yourself knowing you have someone like Taryn sitting there waiting to shut the door.

Q. When it comes to a delay like that, where is the balance between trying to keep your team locked in but not too much?
HEATHER TARR: The delay probably makes it the most difficult because in a way when you come off the field, your mind kind of has to shut down a little bit. You don't really know how long the delay was going to be. It just continued and continued. It was almost like we were going to approach it like we had a second game in those last two innings or whatever it was going to be.

I thought our team did a pretty good job of approaching it in that way.

Q. You had the first two runs against Amber in the first inning. You got to her in the fourth. What was the difference there?
HEATHER TARR: I think just this team's pretty good at sticking together, trying to find a way to score runs together. I was just proud that we were able to do that in multiple innings. That's when this team's at its best, up and down the lineup being able to contribute and score runs. They changed pitchers there. That was good on them. We had to find a way to make an adjustment. Then a two-hour delay. More adjustments. I'm proud of our team for being able to do what they did offensively today.


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