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June 1, 2019

Dan Heefner

Jarod Bayless

Jordan Martinson

Lubbock, Texas

Texas Tech - 3, Dallas Baptist - 2

THE MODERATOR: We'll start with an opening statement from coach and then take questions for the student-athletes.

DAN HEEFNER: Well, I thought it was a great game, really competitive, I thought Jordan did a good job for us. I didn't think he had his best stuff early in the game but he did what great competitors and veterans do, he made an adjustment to get into the sixth inning. I thought that was really big for him and he really started to execute pitches.

I think Jarod Bayless did an outstanding job as well. I thought we were putting together some good at-bats. Obviously the fifth inning was really good to get back within striking range to score those two runs.

To me the most disappointing thing is that hit-by-pitch call. I think it's a horrible rule. I think every single coach in NCAA baseball feels the same way. And you think about that situation, it's a one-run ball game in a regional, the two championship teams, the two teams who have not lost yet, runner on third base, one out, 3-2 count on the guy against a sidearm guy who is throwing sliders. Anybody who has played the game, has ever hit before, you can't roll on that. You've got to stay in on that pitch, and to have that be called strike three is exactly why before the season ever started why every single coach thought it was a horrible rule. And for that to happen to us in that situation is, it's really frustrating.

Puts the umpire in a bad position because he's got to officiate a terrible rule, and again anybody who has ever played the game before knows that you have to stay in on that pitch, there's no way you can move and go out of the way. And he didn't try to get hit by that pitch either, that pitch was inside and he just put his elbow down. He had to start making him move at the ball. Like I said, sidearm guy with a slider. I'm not saying we win the game if that's not called, no, but you like the players to be able to decide it and not that rule that we made up this year.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Jordan, I guess for you, when you gave up those three runs in that second inning, I guess what was the mentality after that?
JORDAN MARTINSON: Do whatever I could to settle in and put up zeros. That's about all you can do after that.

Q. Jarod, for you, when you guys put up those two runs, did you feel like you had another inning in there?
JAROD BAYLESS: Definitely. I was really confident in our guys and their approach. I thought we were going to get it done.

Q. Jordan, you talked about it a little bit there but what were you able to do differently after that inning? You seemed to settle in nicely.
JORDAN MARTINSON: You just got to flush it as quick as you can and get back to what makes you good and my slider wasn't there early and that's been a key to my success this year, and I just washed it and got it in warmups and rolled with it.

THE MODERATOR: We'll take questions for coach.

Q. Aside from obviously the hit-by-pitch, what did you think of Floyd's outing and how difficult was he to hit off today?
DAN HEEFNER: Yeah, he's very good. He's had a good season. You look at his numbers you can tell that he's done a good job. He's a tough look for righties and I thought he executed really well against our left-handers, too, with the change-up and sinking the fastball away from them. He's a great competitor and he made some really good pitches.

Q. I know obviously with everything that was riding on it you kind of mentioned it earlier you got to go three wins if you want to try and win this championship, I guess what's the message to your team after this?
DAN HEEFNER: The message to them is that it's going to be really fun when you do that, and the goal is to come here and to win a regional tournament and it's going to have to show a lot of toughness on our part, but I think we got some tough kids and I know that they never give in, they will never give up and they're going to keep going to the very end. And I do think we have the ability to win three games. Obviously we got to win the first one tomorrow, so that's the primary focus is right now is just getting ready for that.

Q. Hindsight is 20/20 but did you kind of see this type of game kind of going into it, 3-2 game where it's only one run that kind of separates y'all?
DAN HEEFNER: No way of knowing you got two good guys on the mound and they got a great team, both teams play pretty solid defense. So, yeah, you have to plan on it being a close game, especially with the way the wind was today, blowing in pretty good, you knew that the little things were going to be the difference in the ball game.

Q. With the turnaround do you know who you are going to throw against Florida? Does it help seeing them a second time, especially the success you were able to have against them at the plate?
DAN HEEFNER: Yeah, we don't know yet, we'll meet and make that decision, but you know, yeah, we had a good game yesterday, but they're going to have a new guy on the mound tomorrow and we got to be ready for whoever they have.

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