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June 1, 2019

Tim Tadlock

Taylor Floyd

Cameron Warren

Lubbock, Texas

Texas Tech - 3, Dallas Baptist - 2

THE MODERATOR: We'll start with an opening statement from coach and then take questions for the student-athletes.

TIM TADLOCK: Martinson really competed for however long he was out there, looks like six and a third, and kind of kept us off balance and did a really good job. Their reliever, Bayless, did the same, came in and really didn't scratch much off him.

You hand the ball to Taylor Floyd -- and we have had a Tyler Floyd here, you know that, right? Hand the ball to Taylor in the fifth, and you're really thinking you're going to piece that together, and what a pitching performance. I mean, that's just really outstanding the way he threw the ball.

Josh and Cam put a couple good at-bats together back to back there early and gave us a couple runs, and fortunate these guys are on our side for sure.

THE MODERATOR: Take questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Cameron, what did you see on that first home run pitch? I know Josh was able to get a hold of a breaking ball there. Was it the same for you?
CAMERON WARREN: I just got a breaking ball middle of the plate first pitch, and I was able to get it elevated and get it out of the park.

Q. What kind of energy did that bring to the guys to be able to get those runs?
CAMERON WARREN: It was good to get ahead early again, like yesterday. Up 3-0 after two today, and then Kilian pitched well and what Floyd did today was amazing.

Q. Taylor, is this the type of things that relievers kind of dream about, just being in this type of situation?
TAYLOR FLOYD: When I came in the game I just had to have the mindset of it being 3-2, until the game's over. So it's definitely something that you prepare for.

Q. What was that final out for you like?
TAYLOR FLOYD: It was cool. I mean, having the stands like it was and just feeling that energy, I think that's what you play for, for sure.

Q. Taylor, did you have to lobby to go in in the bottom of the ninth or was it understood that you were going to go in?
TAYLOR FLOYD: No, this time they let me go out there. Sometimes if the pitch count gets too high for us they will debate it, but I think we're right where we needed to be at that point.

Q. How do you think you handled it after coming in and kind of juiced up there and hitting some batters but able to settle down?
TAYLOR FLOYD: Yeah, I mean, sometimes certain pitches work for you and I'm just glad to have a couple pitches working, and when you hit a guy you just got to focus up, especially if it doesn't affect you, move on, just keep executing pitches. The more you execute pitches, the better it's going to play out for you.

Q. Cameron, you've been hitting in this ballpark for a while and I know you got the one today, but how many more of those hits today would have been out of the park if the wind wasn't like blowing right in your face all day?
CAMERON WARREN: Kurt would have had one and then Josh would have had one for sure, if not two. But it's blowing in from right. It was kind of blowing in from center today, but we had a few today that would have been out on other days.

Q. How frustrating it as a hitter knowing that you got a good knock on it but Mother Nature just decides to kill it in the air?
CAMERON WARREN: It's kind of tough, but you just got to bounce back and wait for your next turn and hope you have a good at-bat next at-bat.

Q. On the flip side of that, Taylor, you got the opposite, where when it's blowing in you're like if this thing is in the air, we've got a chance for the outfielders to make a play. It's got to take one aspect of a hard ball game off your shoulders, right?
TAYLOR FLOYD: Yeah, especially one-run ball game. It takes a little bit of pressure off knowing that if they drive a ball, it is less likely to leave the park. But nothing really changes, just executing pitches.

THE MODERATOR: All right we'll take questions for coach.

Q. Was it an easy decision to send Taylor back out there after breezing through the bottom of the 8th?
TIM TADLOCK: We didn't even discuss it. So, yeah, it's pretty easy. We discussed what we're going to do at certain points, but we didn't discuss him not going out and starting it.

Q. This might be a duh statement but how beneficial has it been not to have to burn through so many guys in these first two games, knowing you're in the driver's seat now?
TIM TADLOCK: Well, each day's a new day. It doesn't hurt anything, that's for sure. We were really glad to get Freeman and Sublette on the mound yesterday. So it can't hurt anything. So I guess that's the answer.

Q. Obviously don't want to come to this but if you do have to play a little bit longer, will Taylor be available?
TIM TADLOCK: Wouldn't think so this weekend. It would be really short. It would be a short stint. He bounces back good.

Q. What was their pitching staff doing? I know the wind was an issue as Jeff mentioned there, but what was their pitching staff doing after that inning where you guys were able to put three up?
TIM TADLOCK: Really both guys elevated some fastballs, whether it was on purpose or not. The breaking ball was down, and so any hitter, I mean a fastball up looks good and a breaking ball down, if you swing at it obviously looked good at one point. So they do a good job with that. They don't give in. I mean, you go back and you look at it, there's a lot of fastball counts, they're spinning the ball, and so it makes it tough. It exposes an approach and that's why guys with a really good approach that can hit get to play for a long time.

Q. Coach Heefner addressed this, the hit-by-pitch, what are your thoughts on that rule? He mentioned how he didn't like it whenever it was brought up during the off-season. Your thoughts on it? Clearly it was beneficial today.
TIM TADLOCK: Yeah, I mean, it's one of those things that -- the easiest way I can explain it, in the neighborhood I grew up in we played 21 all the time. And if you called a foul, we were going to go at it. You weren't allowed to call fouls. And so I like letting -- I could do without all the replay and all the extra stuff. Just let them play baseball.

Q. The wind was obviously a factor today for both offenses. Was there any point in the dugout you were trying to -- that you had to keep your guys up with regards to, they scored up some pretty good balls today that the wind just absolutely knocked down.
TIM TADLOCK: No. We did have some -- I mean, no, there wasn't ever a time where we had to say like hey, let's go. They were doing their best as far as that goes. Probably you want to, what you want to do is give their pitching staff credit for making pitches.

The wind to left field was still, if you could catch a ball out front, it was still -- obviously Cam hit a ball on the top of the tree, so it would still go that way. The other way, I mean, it was playing awful big. But both teams are kind of used to that. So we know the wind blows at their park too.

So, no, guys did a good job with that.

Q. I know everyone's going to focus on Cameron's home run but just speak to the at-bat that Braxton had right after that just to kind of get you guys up 3-0, because it certainly was the difference in this one.
TIM TADLOCK: Well, I think you're right on right there. I mean, it's a 2-0 game, it's first and third, he gets a ball that's elevated and singles into left field, and when you can do that consistently, I mean obviously it helps. He's a big part of this deal and I was really proud of him for driving that run in.

Q. How important was it for Taylor to kind of get in this type of situation? Seems like he's kind of bred for something like this.
TIM TADLOCK: Yeah, I mean, he is a guy that loves pitching in the grease. Really I think he thrives on it. He was as good in the ninth as he was in the fifth, you could probably say. He's just a kid that -- and he's got really good stuff. I guess if any of us had really good stuff, we would like pitching then too, so.

Q. I guess last one from me, I'm guessing Bryce Bonnin is probably starting tomorrow just because of the way that everything has gone?
TIM TADLOCK: Yes, yes.

THE MODERATOR: All right, thank you.

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