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June 1, 2019

Lexi Thompson

Charleston, South Carolina

THE MODERATOR: Good evening. Here with Lexi Thompson. Lexi, just some thoughts about today's round.

LEXI THOMPSON: Overall, it was a very good day out there, just very steady. I played solid on the front nine, made bogey at 10 and 11, but those are very difficult holes, especially 10 with that hole location.

I hit good shots, just missed by a little, and it doesn't take much out on this golf course. But I had a great back nine after that. Made an eagle and birdie coming in.

So I think just really overall on this golf course, you just have to stay patient. There's going to be bogeys made out there. You just have to stay in it and know tha tyou can birdie some holes after that.

Q. Even on the par 5s this week until 15. Talk us through the eagle and then the birdie right after.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, overall this week on the par 5s, I guess I haven't birdied until today, and then starting with a birdie, I believe, on No. 5 helped there on the front nine. Then the eagle on number -- was it 15?


LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, 15. I hit a great drive, and I had 240 to the front edge into the wind, so I knew I could hit a 3 wood and would be fine, it wouldn't go long. Ended up hitting a missile 3 wood. It was going right at it, and it bounced up to 25, 30 feet, and had a great look at birdie. Can't get any easier with uphill, a little left to right, and made it.

THE MODERATOR: Going into tomorrow, talk us through what the rest of your night looks like and your mindset.

LEXI THOMPSON: Well, eat dinner, for sure tonight, whenever I get back to my house. No, just have a nice relaxing night. I have a lot of family in town, which has been so nice, just the support that I've been given this week. It's just been a very relaxing week.

So go back, have some dinner with my family, relax, get a good night's rest, and the come back out tomorrow with the same game plan as the last three days and just commit to all my shots like I have been.

Q. Can you just describe what was going through your mind after the second shot on 11? Did you feel things kind of unravelling at all, or were you still focused on trying to make 4?
LEXI THOMPSON: No, I was just really focused on making 4. That hole can happen like that. I didn't hit that bad of a shot on my first shot. I had a 5 iron in. Really I only pulled it probably about five to six yards. It was just too much club to go on that line, and it goes through.

Really, that bunker shot, even if you hit it perfect, it's ending up there anyway. I actually hit it really nicely. That was the sad thing. It had a lot of spin on it, but just obviously airmailed the green.

I was happy I made bogey and got off the hole and really didn't let it get to me. Just try to stay patient on the last few holes and ended up making the eagle and birdie.

Q. Is that something you would have let it get to you in the past?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I probably would have, to be honest. It's something I've just learned along the way that I think every athlete does, and you learn from your mistakes. It's tough not to let it get to you. But at a tournament like this, you can't. Because it will get to you, especially on a golf course that's playing as difficult as this one. So you just have to stay positive and go into the next hole and get after that next shot.

Q. How do you feel about your putting going into the final round?
LEXI THOMPSON: I feel good about it. I just made the change Tuesday, I believe, and it's been quite the change, but I feel very comfortable with it. I think it's just something that over a matter of time it will just get better once I get the speed down with it, just more and more comfortable with it.

But, yeah, I love it so far. Putting is all confidence and being comfortable over it. I believe I'm there.

Q. Lexi, what's going to be key for you tomorrow as far as mindset and focus?
LEXI THOMPSON: Honestly, my key tomorrow is just, like I said, to go into it as I did the last three days, same mindset. I've made a few changes in my swing, my putting. So really just focusing on those things, I think, is key.

Doing my routine, picking my small targets, and just not letting anything else get in my mind. I think that's what I've been doing great these last three days, and I think will be key tomorrow because you just have to focus on what you can control and nothing else.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Lexi. Good luck tomorrow.


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