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June 1, 2019

Jaye Marie Green

Charleston, South Carolina

Q. More than likely, you'll be paired with Lexi tomorrow. Is that a good pairing for you following up this exceptional round today?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: I think if anyone gets paired with Lexi, it's a good sign. We're really good friends, and it's cool because I feel like, you know, we're going to try and beat each other. And we know that, and it's cool because we could just kind of go about our business. So I will look forward to it.

Q. How much does it help you in maybe moments where the rails -- seem to be coming off the rails, having your brother out there with you as a calming factor?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, having my brother as my caddie, I couldn't ask for anything more. He helped me so much today. Just to stay calm. He's making me laugh when I'm -- like, really help loosening me up, and just to look over and see that it's my brother is really special.

Q. You obviously, you're an American. What would it mean for you to win your country's National Championship?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, I think it's something I've always dreamed about. It's tough for me to think -- I try not to even think about it until it would become a reality because I'm trying hard to just stay in the moment because I feel like that's been working. But I'm such an American girl. It would just mean the world to me. Makes me want to cry just even thinking about it.

Q. What's it like looking at the leaderboard now knowing you're one shot back at the U.S. Open going into the final day?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Honestly I thought the lead would be 8 or 9. I had it at 7 and missed a short one on the last. So it's just cool that I'm still only one back. I thought it was going to be a few. Now just still one shot at a time and kind of keep to my game plan, and having my brother is the biggest help for sure.

Q. Are you going to be able to rest at all tonight, or are you going to be too amped up, getting ready for tomorrow?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: I don't know. The way this week has been going, I feel like I'm going to sleep pretty good. I feel really chill this week, for some reason.

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