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August 29, 2002

Venus Williams


MODERATOR: Questions for Venus.

Q. Did you think you'd get this match in today?


Q. You approached it that way?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yes. I thought that it would stop raining enough time for me to play. I suppose I was optimistic.

Q. How well are you playing? What level are you at?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I feel good. That's the important thing. I feel confident. Today was windy, so I wasn't able to serve as big. I was able still to play well.

Q. Your sister, she's No. 1 right now, she's won the last two majors, but she says she is trying to reach your level in practice. What does that say about your game?

VENUS WILLIAMS: She's really played really well in the Grand Slams. I played fairly well also. I just wasn't able to get to the finish line exactly. The rest of the year I have played really solid also. I suppose that's what's contributed to her saying that.

Q. Do you give her a hard time in practice?

VENUS WILLIAMS: We give each other a hard time in practice. I guess the best practice partner out there.

Q. Do you think (inaudible) up since Wimbledon?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I am doing better than at Wimbledon. I really couldn't do much at Wimbledon.

Q. You've been on the circuit a fair number of years already. Who aside from Serena do you think is the toughest mentally?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think everybody's about even, to be honest.

Q. I know you've been on tour and not paid much attention to news. President Bush is holding town meetings across the country to talk about Title IX, the legislation that helps women, girls, play sports in college and high school. He's considering actually repealing that legislation that helps get funding for women's sports. What would you say to him if he were here?

VENUS WILLIAMS: First of all, I'd have to be more informed on the matter. This is my first time hearing about it. I wouldn't be able to make an educated opinion until I was educated on the matter, so... Saying that, I can't say.

Q. If legislation that helps make participating in sports equal for both little boys and little girls, do you think that's good legislation?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I definitely think so because historically it's been a little bit more difficult in this country for women to have the equal rights as men. It's really just the turn of the last century that women were able to get on their feet and start get going. I still think we have a ways to go. I think acts like Title IX helped women to stay in sports. I would be really disappointed if it would leave.

Q. How would you describe the practice that you guys have in your own words?

VENUS WILLIAMS: My practice?

Q. With your sister.

VENUS WILLIAMS: She likes to hit the ball real hard in practice. I don't like to hit so hard. I'm always, I suppose, taking some pace off of it, and she's firing it back.

Q. Pretty competitive?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't like to miss in practice. That translates right over into the match. However you practice, it's important to be just as intense or more intense. In a lot of my practices, I'm a lot more intense and a lot more emotional. In the match, I'm just steady.

Q. Your dad used to say that he thought the US Open should be moved to Compton. The Championships are going to the Staples Center. What do you think the one best thing about The Championships going to the Staples Center?

VENUS WILLIAMS: The one best thing is that my sister lives there and my nephews and nieces, my other sister also. I'll get to see them again.

Q. What parts of LA do they live in?

VENUS WILLIAMS: One lives in Santa Monica. The other one just moved. I don't remember the name of the city. Culver City.

Q. Culbertson?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't remember. Something with a C.

Q. Carson?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Not Carson. I don't think Carson.

Q. On the crossover, I used my powerful lens. When you focus, your eyes are closed a lot on the crossover, relax. What are you thinking about?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Maybe towards the end of the match because I felt like I could have closed it out sooner. I was hoping that it wouldn't rain, that I wouldn't have to come back or have a rain delay, have to come back tomorrow just to finish out a couple of games.

Q. What do you think of your sister's acting aspirations?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think she's a really creative person. She likes to be out in the forefront. Personally myself, I couldn't do it. I wouldn't be able to. I hope she makes it in whatever she tries.

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