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May 30, 2019

Stephen Curry

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame 1

Toronto - 118, Golden State - 109

Q. What do you take from this game? This is the first time guys have lost a Game 1 of a Finals game, what are the good and bad things you take from this specific game?
STEPHEN CURRY: Obviously the bad is we're down 0-1 but it's not the end of the world. New experiences for us all the way through, but we have proven our resiliency and ability to win games that we need to, and kind of answer the bell and learn from nights like tonight.

So key callouts are fast-break points that they got whether it was a make or a miss for us. Couple sloppy turnovers that really didn't kill us but just added to their momentum. And obviously Pascal had an amazing game. Pretty much found a bucket wherever he was at, and we got to do -- all five guys got to do a better job of just being physical, being alert, and we'll be all right.

Q. Following up on that, this is the first time since Steve's been coaching that you guys dropped Game 1. What do you think changes, if at all, from the mindset perspective for y'all dropping into an early hole like this?
STEPHEN CURRY: Nothing, really. I mean, it was a great atmosphere out there. They obviously played well, but our confidence remains the same. Block out all the noise about how, you know, what these are firsts and this and that and kind of the doubt around our team. It's just come out and play hard, get Game 2, and take it from there.

So I like the vibe. I say it a lot but I like the vibe that we have in the locker room in terms of everybody focusing on what they need to do differently and the overall energy bump that we need to have and then go steal Game 2.

Q. You guys have often said when things aren't necessarily going your way that Kevin Durant's an obvious bailout that can make things easier. Besides his scoring, what other things were more difficult tonight?
STEPHEN CURRY: KD's an all-time great player on both ends of the floor, so I could sit here and talk for days about what he adds to our roster. We obviously have proven that when he's out we have, we can have guys step up and that's going to be the case until he gets back.

So for us, I think the first half after that 10-day break it was a little bit sloppier than we might have thought and a little bit more rust that we had to shake off, but we still had a chance to win in the fourth quarter and they did what they were supposed to do on their home floor and close out the game. So I don't think it's that complicated what we need to do differently, it's just play better, take away the easy buckets for them and control the momentum a little bit better. And we're definitely capable of doing that, no matter who is out there on the floor.

Q. When you see Siakam go 14-for-17 and Gasol 6-for-10 and then you got VanVleet 5-for-8, do you kind of live with that and just kind of tip your hat? Because you guys seemed to do a good job kind of blitzing Kawhi, getting the ball out of his hands.
STEPHEN CURRY: I'm definitely not smiling at him and saying, "Good job, guys." We can do things differently, a little bit better, be more physical on him, be more aware of where they are on the floor. Obviously Kawhi's the nucleus of what they do. And like you said, we did a good job on them, but we have to keep doing a good job on him. Especially early in the first half, we didn't rotate well enough and just make them think a little bit more. They're really comfortable out there, stepping into open threes, a couple miscommunications where almost like practice shots, and obviously they made them.

So defensively overall we can do a lot better job as well as some of the good things that we did.

Q. Outside of the break you guys don't really have that much tape to work off with this Raptors team. I know you're very familiar with Kawhi Leonard. Do you think that that posed a challenge as well?
STEPHEN CURRY: Yeah, I mean, the two games we had in the regular season, there was guys missing both nights and what have you, but I'm sure they're in the same situation, not really expecting or knowing what to expect. So at the end of the day they outplayed us. Like there's no other way to kind of say it. They did what they were supposed to do and took care of home court on the first game.

No matter what, our sights were coming in, that it's a long series, and Game 2 is an opportunity for us to right the wrongs and get a big win and go back home.

Q. Draymond said the loss and Siakam was on him. He called Siakam, he said, "He's become a guy." Meaning, I respect his game. What did Siakam show you guys in this game that perhaps might have been even over what you thought he was capable of?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, his motor is pretty much nonstop. So even if you feel like you're in transition, you're running shoulder to shoulder with him. He has another gear he can get to. It puts pressure on you in transition. He showed that pretty much all season, but tonight especially when he puts the ball on the floor, he's pretty composed, knowing what he's trying to do with it, and obviously great at finishing, no matter where it is around the paint. He knocked down two threes, which was big for him to keep the momentum going.

But at the end of the day like Draymond said, it starts with the one-on-one matchup, but you can't give him any dare shots, and you can't give him any straight line drives to the basket, and that's just an effort thing that we all can be more mindful of. Because at the end of the day it's not just going to be Draymond guarding him the entire game.

So he played well and we got to do something about it.

MODERATOR: Thank you, Steph.

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