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May 30, 2019

Kawhi Leonard

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame 1

Toronto - 118, Golden State - 109

Q. They held you pretty in check in that first half, but in the second half you were able to open up a little more. What they were doing that was effective in the first half there?
KAWHI LEONARD: I mean, they did a good job both halves blitzing my pick-and-rolls, keep the third guy in the bag, not letting me play one-on-one, really tuned in their defense. That's pretty much it, just not letting me get no easy looks, bringing two to the ball, and if I get by, that third guy is coming. My teammates played well tonight. So I mean, it's a team game. If they're going to play like that, then guys are going to play well, get wide-open shots.

Q. Everybody knows the Warriors have been in the last four Finals, they have won three, all that. What was your conversations like in the locker room the last couple days leading up to this? Was there some sort of discussion about how they're human just like everybody else or just trying to bring them down a level?
KAWHI LEONARD: No, I mean, we don't have conversations like that. We know that they're human, they're a great basketball team, talented players, high-basketball-IQ players. You just got to go out there and compete, take the challenge. We know they're going to make big shots, go on runs, and it's about just keeping your composure and keep fighting through, don't put your head down when Steph or Klay make big threes, just keep playing.

Q. Got great night from Pascal Siakam. Being on the floor with him, what did he add to the game for you guys tonight?
KAWHI LEONARD: He played well on both ends of the floor. He got to the paint, he knocked down his shots, his wide-open shots tonight, he was aggressive on both end of the floor. He got his hands, deflections on a lot of basketballs tonight. Big blocked shots, big buckets, he played well.

Q. You spoke about this a little bit earlier but can you kind of talk about how your teammates really complement you, especially when they are double-teaming you so aggressively. And how do you kind of go about your way of getting them going and how that kind of really brings the crowd into everything.
KAWHI LEONARD: I mean, just keep being aggressive. We played teams through out this playoffs that's playing similar defense, and I guess just learning from the experiences and guys being ready and just keep being aggressive, and make sure I make the right play and don't try to be a hero out there. Just play basketball, that's all I do.

Q. They got it to within three, they got it to within four in the fourth quarter, and you guys were able to have an answer a couple of times. How were you able to do it to withstand them?
KAWHI LEONARD: Like I said, don't get too down. They're a great basketball team. Just keep fighting, keep striving, don't give up and just have a confidence, self-confidence in yourself that you're going to win the game. I mean, that's all can you do, lay it out on the floor and see what happens.

Q. Before you succeeded so much in The Finals, you weren't universally recognized as a star. Pascal Siakam wasn't an All-Star this year, I'm wondering if you talked to him at all or he talked to you about capitalizing on competing on this stage?
KAWHI LEONARD: He doesn't need no prep talks. He's going out there doing it. He's not a guy that's shying away. He's very aggressive when's on the floor and I mean, when we talk it's a group effort, you know what I mean? And hopefully everybody hears it and brings it to the game, takes the knowledge that we all put in our knowledge and experience from past times and that is all we can do. It's a team basketball game.

Q. KD didn't play today, he may not be playing the next game as well. At the same time are you preparing for him? Are you thinking about how to prepare for a Kevin Durant, if he does return during the series?
KAWHI LEONARD: For sure. I mean, whenever he does play or say he's going to be playing, we're definitely going to have to prep for him. He's another guy that could just score 30 points in his sleep, and I mean, everybody knows who he is and for sure we're going to have to prep for him.

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