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May 30, 2019

Jennifer Song

Charleston, South Carolina

Q. You had it going for a while there, lost a couple at the end, but overall assessment of your play?
JENNIFER SONG: I think I played pretty well out there. It was kind of tough. Wind was blowing quite hard at some parts of the hole.

I mean, I had a lot of birdies out there. Of course, it's a little disappointing, making two bogeys coming into the hole, but I think my game was solid. I made a lot of up and downs, and whenever I had birdie chances, I think I made a lot of them.

Q. Did the wind catch you a little by surprise?
JENNIFER SONG: Well, I knew the wind was going to pick up a little bit in the afternoon. I just -- yeah, I should have factored in the wind a little more coming into the -- in the back nine. But then I made a little bit of mistake in calculating the wind, and I think that's how I made the bogey.

But I feel great because I'm hitting all the shots that I want to hit out there and rolling it well. So I'm excited to play the rest of the rounds.

Q. How would you assess this golf course as a host for this tournament?
JENNIFER SONG: I think it's a great venue. It's very gusty out here. Greens are most -- a lot of them are turtlebacks, so it could get really tricky. But if you just place yourself the right way on the course and just give yourself -- keep giving yourself birdie opportunities, I think you're going to have good scores.

Q. Do you like the draw you have, where you're morning today, afternoon tomorrow, in the heat? Gives you time to rest. Or would you rather go out this afternoon and come back tomorrow morning?
JENNIFER SONG: Actually, I like how I start with the morning round. I can work on my game a little bit and then get to have, like, full recovery time. So I think it's a great tee time for me.

Q. We've heard a lot of people say they're been driving the ball further because of how hot it is. Have you found yourself doing that? Have you had to adjust your game because of it?
JENNIFER SONG: Obviously, when it's downwind, the drives are going a little shorter there. But other than that, I think I'm just hitting my distance out there.

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