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May 29, 2019

Kyle Lowry

Toronto, Ontario - Practice Day

Q. You've played with Draymond on Team USA, you played against him for years, and you two kind of have a similar disposition as far as like toughness and grind. When you just look at Draymond's career, what do you appreciate about what he's become and similarities do you see in yourself?
KYLE LOWRY: The work that's put in. Coming into the league people would say that he was undersized this or not good at that. But he's worked at it. They said he was out of shape and he got in shape. He got his body right. He improved his jump shooting, improved his conditioning. He always had the toughness because coming from where he's from, you got to be tough. But for him just the respect that how much work you actually got to put in to be a good NBA player, All Defensive-type player, defensive Player of the Year, a champion. He's put the work in, and that's the thing about him is that he's put all that work in.

Q. In past playoff performances, past playoffs, sometimes you've been criticized about your play in the playoffs. Getting to The Finals, do you feel like there's a little bit of vindication for you there?
KYLE LOWRY: No. For me it's all about winning, and when you get to the point where you make it to the NBA Finals you won but you still got more to do. So getting here doesn't do anything but getting here. We still want to try to win this.

Q. Did anything change for you, confidence-wise or this year in the playoffs?
KYLE LOWRY: No, been the same. As long as we win games. I cannot score at all, if we win I don't care. As long as we win games.

Q. Masai was speaking earlier about the conversation that you guys had just before the trade deadline, how important that was, just in terms of clearing the air. What did that conversation mean to you?
KYLE LOWRY: Just kind of get on the same page, understanding that what they wanted, what he wanted from me, what he expected from me. Just kind of being on the same page. It wasn't anything negative. It was just, let's get on the same page so we can make this run. Because he believed in what we could do as a team. So that was the biggest thing, just getting on the same page.

Q. You're one of the few guys on the team that played with Alfonzo McKinnie last year. What do you remember about him and could you have predicted him to have the season, really the post-season that he's had?
KYLE LOWRY: Unbelievable kid, man. Great guy, always laughing, always joking, but seriously hard worker. Always trying to make sure he gets better, making sure he can do whatever it takes to get better. And I couldn't predict it, but I know how hard he would play, I knew how athletic he would be and he has the mindset to just go out there do whatever it takes to win. So I'm happy for him.

Q. And any particular moment, instance you can remember of him that sticks out?
KYLE LOWRY: Not really.

Q. Curious if you'll indulge and just go way, way back. What are some of the lessons that Jay (Wright) taught you back in 'Nova about leadership, quarterbacking, all those things that still hold true for you today that you still sort of apply today?
KYLE LOWRY: I think the one thing Jay's always kind of -- we never talked about basketball, we talked about life and being a legit person. Always just making sure that you're always you're just upfront, you take everything on the chin, you be legit. If you make a mistake, apologize, kind of just accept everything. Accept everything as a man and bounce back from it. If anything negative, just bounce back, take it and keep going. I think those are the things that stick with me today. I never shy from anything, I never shy from negative criticism, constructive criticism, I take it all, I understand it, learn from it, digest it and move on.

Q. Draymond recently called himself the best defender of all time.
KYLE LOWRY: (Laughing.)

Q. Wondering what you think of that, and where Kawhi ranks on that list and why.
KYLE LOWRY: I think that he's one of the best defenders at his position. I think Draymond's got a Defensive Player of the Year, so that's important. I think Kawhi's definitely up there for sure. I think Kawhi's definitely up there for sure.

Q. How would you compare them and what makes them each so great on defense?
KYLE LOWRY: Just their anticipation. I think that their anticipation that they have, the physicality that they bring, I think just the toughness that they bring on both ends, they both have long arms, big hands, understanding where they need to be on the floor and how to help teammates, and then on the ball, relentless pressure.

Q. You've been through a lot in your career, you've accomplished a lot in your career before making it to the NBA Finals. How did all that have prepare you for this?
KYLE LOWRY: Just through my life in general, coming from where I'm coming from, this is basketball, no pressure, just basketball.

Q. There was a point in your career where you were trying to solidify yourself as starter and as a star, do you feel like it's a different approach, obviously you always wanted to win but do you feel like it's a different approach you can take now toward winning that you've established yourself?
KYLE LOWRY: I've always just wanted to win. Different approach, my approach was always to play hard and do everything as hard as I possibly can to whatever it takes to win games, and that was the most important thing that I've always done is just do whatever it takes to win games.

Q. You seem to be developing a really good chemistry with Kawhi on the court. Can you talk about off the court have you developed a relationship there as well, and what that relationship is like, what is he like away from the court?
KYLE LOWRY: We're together a lot. As a team we're always together. Me and him have developed a relationship off the floor. He's a great guy. He's just a regular guy just like everyone. He's just a regular guy like everybody else. He's not this, he's not that, he's just a regular cool dude.

Q. Fun guy?
KYLE LOWRY: He's a fun guy.

MODERATOR: Thank you.

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