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May 14, 2002

Venus Williams


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did a doctor see you?


Q. Did he give you a diagnosis?


Q. What did he say?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, the doctors give you a diagnosis, but they don't tell you what to do because they don't want to make a decision for the players. So they give you the best information they can, and, unfortunately, they don't help me with the decision. You have to do it alone.

Q. From what the doctor says or from what you feel, how serious do you think it is?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Hopefully, it won't be very serious. Hopefully, I'll be able to practice soon. I'm just going to take some time off and maybe finally see something in Rome.

Q. It's not only this week, but you've got to consider, with the French and Wimbledon coming up, it's very important that you're fit for those two big events coming up, one after the other?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, for sure. But every tournament is so important. If I could have done well here, I could have really solidified my No. 1 ranking a lot better, I think. And, really, it somewhat makes me nervous about the French, that I won't be able to play this week, that I'll have two weeks that I can't play a tournament. So, you know, there was a lot of factors in the decision. Should I try to play? If I play, am I going to make it even worse than it is now? So it makes me nervous.

Q. Is this the same problem you had two years ago?

VENUS WILLIAMS: No, not at all.

Q. Did you pick up the bag and feel something go, or was it something that you didn't notice too much at the time?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I did notice it at the time, but then I was okay. But right now, the same symptoms and same pain I had then is the same that I'm having now.

Q. Was it picking up the bag? Did it twist?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't remember exactly what movement, but it had something to do with the bag. I was... I don't know.

Q. Suddenly, pain?


Q. Have the doctors given you any prognosis? Did they say to take a couple weeks off, see how you feel? Anything like that?

VENUS WILLIAMS: No. No prognosis at this point, because I just saw the doctor now. So it wasn't a lot of time. But I do have a personal -- I mean, a trainer that travels with me, a physical therapist. So that really makes it easy for me to get a lot of attention.

Q. At this moment do you think it's your intention to stay in Europe between now and Paris?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I'm gonna stay. I can't go home and get the attention that I need and take care of myself. I think it's just I'm going to be here and support Serena, then hopefully start practicing on the clay.

Q. Any plans for an MRI scan, anything like that? Any investigative tests?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't know.

Q. We're wondering, should you have announced the fact that you had this little problem to the press yesterday, since it's been going on for a few days?


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