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May 28, 2019

Steven Chervony

John Fields

Fayetteville, Arkansas

RICK NIXON: Steven, take us through obviously a tremendous putt on 18 to get to the extra hole. Take us through your mindset leading through that hole to force the extra.

STEVEN CHERVONY: It's match play. Anything could happen. I didn't give up. I knew I could hit a good shot in there and just give myself a chance.

I thought if I made birdie, there was a good chance he wasn't going to make birdie. That's what ended up happening.

RICK NIXON: Take us through the extra hole. Very steady hole for you. Good placement on the fairway, shot to the green was outstanding. Take us through step by step the clinching hole.

STEVEN CHERVONY: We both hit great drives. I had a good number in there and hit a great pitching wedge probably about 15, 20 feet. I would have liked to have given it a little more gas, give it a chance, but I knew he had a tougher putt. He ended up 3-putting.

RICK NIXON: John, take us through this match. Great performances up and down your roster.

JOHN FIELDS: No question about it. I mean, I knew that the core of our team, Cole and the two Coody brothers, would probably play pretty well. It was an interesting match. Spencer Soosman against Viktor Hovland. Spencer played really well. Viktor just played extraordinary golf, did some extraordinary things.

Cole's victory over Matthew Wolff was outstanding and gave us an opportunity to get a point on the board. Pierceson did the same thing with Hayden Wood. He got a point on the board.

Unfortunately Parker got beat. Then Steven righted the ship, got one up after 15 holes. Got kind of a tough break on 16. Ball got all the way down below the tree, ends up making bogey. Then gets another tough break on 17.

But the resolve that he had to finish out on 18 with that putt, just give ourselves an opportunity to possibly advance playing in that playoff.

I'm really excited for our guys. They played great golf today. Oklahoma State played great golf today. I don't think they would say they played poorly. Our guys played well. They played well. We came out on top this time.

RICK NIXON: Questions.

Q. John, a couple days ago you were being complimentary of Oklahoma State, saying maybe one of the best college teams ever assembled. You thought your team could have a say in who wins this championship. What was the mindset you had to take into today to beat them?
JOHN FIELDS: Well, I mean, it's Big 12 Conference. Today we played Oklahoma in the morning, we played Oklahoma State in the afternoon.

Somebody asked me, How do you get your guys up for this? There's no trouble getting them up for those type of teams. Big 12 conference, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, two great programs, two programs that have won national championships in the last three years. We won one in 2012.

Big 12 conference is big. Our guys know that. We played Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in our Big 12 match play championship in the fall back-to-back on the final day. We weren't playing for the championship. Baylor ended up winning that. But we beat Oklahoma in the morning and we beat Oklahoma State in the afternoon.

Déjà vu, here we are.

Q. Looking at tomorrow against Stanford, what do you tell your guys tonight? You had these two big victories today. What do you tell your guys tonight hitting the reset button?
JOHN FIELDS: Well, we need to get some rest. I hear we're going to play at 6:40 in the morning. These guys are used to getting up early. We do that from time to time in qualifying.

They're excited. We need to get some food, get some rest, really calm down and start thinking about what we're going to do tomorrow. We can't do anything about what's happened now. All we need to do is just get some rest and get ready for it.

RICK NIXON: Steven, mentally and physically right now, a lot of golf in the last several days, take us through where you are.

STEVEN CHERVONY: I'm a little jazzed up right now. I'll probably feel it here in a couple hours. It's a lot of golf. This is not an easy course to walk.

We're tired, but everybody's tired. We're a great, mentally fit team. We're very confident about tomorrow.

Q. John, I know Texas historically isn't used to being the underdogs. With everything that Oklahoma State accomplished this year, how good does it feel to prove to everyone that they may have counted you out, but you had the last say?
JOHN FIELDS: Well, truth be known, I mean, people have been talking about Oklahoma State all year. Somebody asked me out on the range the other day if I thought that we had been overlooked. I thought this entire field has been overlooked this year. Really last year too.

Oklahoma State has been at the crux of all the media, and they've earned it. They have absolutely earned it. They've done a great job. Alan Bratton, Donnie Darr, that whole team. We have a lot of respect for them. This time we came out on top.

Somebody said something a little bit nasty about the Sooners. I said, No way, huh-uh. I mean, we have tremendous respect for Ryan Hybl, his team. We have tremendous respect for Oklahoma State, the storied history and tradition they have of winning.

This is just one of those days where we got the better of a really, really, really good team.

Q. John, you've had a lot of experience in match play over the years. Your team, young team. What have you tried to relay to them this week on how long of a week and how difficult this is? What will you tell them about tomorrow?
JOHN FIELDS: Well, I've been blessed in terms of having some great players that have kind of helped me with match play, starting with Jordan Spieth and Beau Hossler, Gavin Hall, Scottie Scheffler. When you have United States junior champions on your team, guys that have won it multiple times, you're going to learn something from them. We had little things that we think about.

But the number one thing that Steven or any of our guys got to do, they got to play one shot at a time, they got to really, really be focused, understand that you're playing a really good player, and they can make a 30-footer, hit a wedge in the hole. Who knows. You got to be able to have the resolve to come back and keep going.

It makes me think about all the guys that I've coached. These guys, we've shared those stories. Hopefully those things have helped us get where we are today.

Q. Steven, when you first got to Texas, I understand there were people that would come up to coach and say, Man, I wish Steven really realized how good he is. Do you believe that now?
STEVEN CHERVONY: I'm getting there. But not yet.

Q. (No microphone.)
STEVEN CHERVONY: I don't know. I don't know. I'm getting there. I'm almost there.

JOHN FIELDS: Really good player.

RICK NIXON: Thank you so much. Congratulations. We'll see you in the morning.

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