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May 28, 2019

Will Roleson

Sam Atkinson

Bo White

Laurie Bollig

Rixon Lane

THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon, everybody. Welcome to this month's, or the second of this month's CoSIDA Capital One Continuing Education webinar.

I'm Ryan Bower from Florida Southern College and joined by a really great group of people today for our topic, CoSIDA Convention - Know Before You Go.

Want to thank our corporate partners: Capital One and ASAP Sports.

We'll run through several different topics as we get ready for convention, which is a little less than two weeks away down here in super-hot Florida right now. But we're looking forward to having everybody down this way in Central Florida joined by a really great group of people today:

Sam Atkinson from Gallaudet, the CoSIDA Second Vice Chair and Convention Programming Chair; Laurie Bollig, CoSIDA Director of Membership Engagement; Rixon Lane from Lander University is with us; Will Roleson, CoSIDA, Associate Executive Director and Convention Manager; and Doug Vance, Executive Director of CoSIDA; and Bo White, behind the scenes CoSIDA Director of Creative Services.

Want to thank everybody here for being here today as we talk about convention. Obviously it's a fun time of the year. It's a great time of the year to be able to learn things, reconnect with people maybe you haven't seen in a year or so or several years.

Have a good time and also learn a lot as well. So we'll get started and we'll bring Doug Vance on for a general overview of the convention and kind of get his thoughts on things as we speed towards that in Orlando here in about a week and a half.

DOUG VANCE: Thanks, Ryan. In just under two weeks, more than 900 of our members and friends of the organization will gather at the Marriott World Center in Orlando for this convention. I've been to roughly 35 of these conventions. And I can say nothing has really impacted my career more than the opportunity to learn and network at this annual gathering.

For me, it's always signaled the start of a new year, the end of an old one. And I've always left there with a lot of renewed enthusiasm about the year ahead.

CoSIDA staff and our members have worked really hard on this convention over the past 11 months with an emphasis on making sure everything was excellent and it had everybody in mind.

I would encourage you to set some goals heading into the convention. Planning is important. Determine what sessions you want to see and everything beyond sessions that you want to attend. One of the new presentations that we're offering this year I'll be participating in is called the State of the Association that will be Tuesday in the Exhibit hall as part of the business meeting and the Grab and Go lunch. I hope you'll be there.

As Ryan noted, this is webinar is intended to provide a preview of the convention to answer some of your questions, provide some guidance. But if you still have questions when you arrive in Orlando, don't hesitate to reach out to anyone wearing a CoSIDA convention badge and seek some assistance.

Everybody there is friendly and anxious to help you. Now, I turn it back to Ryan and we'll get started with a lot of people who have been responsible for putting this convention together.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Doug. Appreciate that. We'll kind of move into what we're looking at as far as some programming, operational sides of things, just to kind of give you a heads up as you go. I remember my first CoSIDA convention two years ago things were a little overwhelming. Last year it was a lot easier to navigate things and figure out where things are. So hopefully we can help you out with that today.

One man who has been super busy as convention manager is Will Roleson, so we'll toss it over to you to talk about operations side of things.

WILL ROLESON: Good afternoon, good morning for our friends on the West Coast. You see in front of you there the convention home page. Again, I imagine most if not all of you have already visited that site. Bo White has done an incredible job of making that a little easier to access than in the past.

So we encourage you to go there if you haven't been there recently please do so over the next week or so. Prepare yourself before you go to convention again. Look at what panels you might want to attend. Make yourself a checklist and then you'll be all the better to prepare for four great days in Orlando.

Bo, if you want to move us ahead, please. Again we're back to Orlando World Center Marriott a property we as staff are very familiar with. I know many of you have been with us over the past handful of years as we began in partnership with them and held our convention in conjunction with them. You're aware we sold out in record time back in mid-February, but rooms still do remain at the Marriott Village Properties just down the road.

If by chance you haven't made your hotel plans yet or you know someone who hasn't, please share that information with them. The shuttles that are mentioned at the bottom here are very convenient.

They will run throughout the day, get you to and from the hotels if you want to go back and forth. I end up taking one of these shuttles similarly back in January when the NCAA convention was at the World Center Marriott. Five, six, seven minutes away get you back and forth very quickly and gets you to the panels in sessions and social events you'd like to attend at the host property.

Again, here's what your credential will look like. You'll want to come to the Palms registration desk the same place we've been since we've been in Orlando. Registration will initially open on Sunday June 9th at 8.00 a.m. and it will be open throughout the days each of the four days of convention.

As it notes here you must wear this badge to all of our events. And especially the foodservice events where there will be security making sure that CoSIDA people who have registered for our convention are the only ones joining us. You do and we always want to really emphasize this because somehow this gets lost in some years for some of our attendees but your CoSIDA credential does entitle you access to all NACTA and affiliate sessions educational sessions and panels, which not the meals or social events or events closed or private for a variety of reasons.

Definitely want to make sure you have that on Tuesday night when CoSIDA attendees are invited to attend NACTA big exhibit hall social and we'll talk about that a little more a little later in the presentation today.

Convention app: We're pleased to partner once again with Sports Systems and I know many of you know Brian Binette. Sports Systems is one of our longest tenured partners. They provided us a new way to reach our attendees with the mobile app. Again this is their Press Pass app. If you have it downloaded from a year ago you'll need to log out. This will be launched within the next week or so, certainly before you get to convention.

You will receive a personalized invitation from Sports Systems on CoSIDA's behalf for those who have already registered for the convention. If you're one of those people who will be registering on site we'll try to get that login information out to you as soon as possible.

But look to this, as I mentioned earlier look through it you'll be able to personalize your app and select the event sessions foodservice events that you'd like to attend. And then kind of get all the clutter out for all the events you don't wish to attend.

If you've registered look for that. As a reminder there are no printed schedules. This is one-stop shop for all things scheduled for the upcoming CoSIDA convention.

Bo, we can move ahead. And again as we've done each of the last few years, when we've been at Orlando or other sites, Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel is complementary both in the hotels, at the host property and on the convention floor. CoSIDA is pleased to partner again with Learfield IMG College who stepped up working with NACTA and the hotel to provide complementary Wi-Fi service throughout the hotel. You'll get those logins and pass codes at registration that you may need to access that, or if you choose to access the mobile app before you get there, all that information is available on the app as well.

THE MODERATOR: Quick question for you coming in. The shuttles back and forth between the Marriott Village and World Center what are the operating times on those? How frequently will those be available for pick up and drop off throughout the day?

WILL ROLESON: A lot of times they start as early as 7.00 a.m. There is one morning it starts even earlier. I believe that's the morning that we'll have the 5K on Monday. If people are over at the Village properties, get over there early enough. I don't have the exact schedule in front of me. We can make sure if it's not already, that that's available online, and we'll have more information on that at the registration desk for people to access. That will be available at the desk at all times.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks. And reminder for everybody go ahead and keep sending questions in. And quick note from Bo, the schedule is online for the shuttle so you guys can find that at the convention home page.

WILL ROLESON: Very good. Now we can move ahead. And again another area we often get questions on. Attire and dress policy: Again, you see it here in front of you, business casual dress is appropriate for all the events. You can wear shorts to the ESPN event which is offsite just a few miles away from the World Center.

I think common sense pretty much prevails here. But we do ask that you abide by this and help CoSIDA look professional as all attendees interact with NACTA and other affiliates coworkers on your campuses and in your conference offices. Ryan?

THE MODERATOR: All right. Awesome. Appreciate it. Let's get into the crux of everything what this is about we'll hand it over to Sam Atkinson to talk about the programming side of things. So Sam, why don't you go ahead. This is obviously what we're all here for and the most important part. So welcome. Thank you and let's hear a little bit about the program.

SAM ATKINSON: Sure. Thanks, Ryan. First I want to thank our amazing CoSIDA staff and our programming committee led by Wendy Mayor for all their hard work putting this together. And like Will said, what Bo has done with the website, a lot of information that we deliver today is readily available there on the website CoSIDA.com for all your convention questions.

But keep sending the questions in this afternoon to Ryan. We'll be happy to answer them. So one question we get all the time is why attend a CoSIDA convention. Well, it's the best professional development opportunity in athletics communications. It's one of those events I look forward to every single year. If it's your first convention or your 21st convention, it's a must for anyone in our industry.

One thing you can look forward to going to this year's convention, you're going to hear from leading experts, dynamic visionaries, creative thought leaders ready to inspire you and motivate you to bring different ideas back to your campus.

You can keep up with the trends. We have over 70 educational sessions jammed into four days and we'll arm you with the latest knowledge to take back to campus and to your conference offices.

Network connections is always one of the favorite things to do when you're at the convention. Meet up with old friends or make new connections and new contacts. Help grow your personal network.

Recognition: This is a great opportunity for us to recognize our colleagues and peers who have received one of the CoSIDA awards. And recognition that Laurie will go over coming up on the different ceremonies we have at CoSIDA. Plus other ceremonies is our Google Cloud Academic Hall of Fame ceremony on Monday, June 10th, at 5:30 and in a minute we'll dive into the sign-on sports leadership forum presented by Learfield that's now in a new two-day format. It's June 9th to 10th. Used to be a one-day format on Sunday. Now we're going to cover Sunday afternoon into Monday.

Plus getting involved. You have opportunity to give back. We have opportunities as a community service project with samaritan feet outreach details in a second and CoSIDA 5K fun run/walk that is a great opportunity to give back to yourself personally and physically doing that.

And last just to recharge and relax. Why go to convention? You owe it to yourself to recharge your batteries so you return to your campus ready to be inspired and armed for a new year with different ideas and new energy.

So plus hopefully you make a lot of new contacts and friends in your personal network. So Bo, if you want to go ahead and move forward. So let's talk a little bit about the Leadership Forum. This is its fourth year that we're in this Leadership Forum presented by Sidearm Sports Learfield IMG College. This is a two-day setup. This will allow participants not to miss an entire day of programming of convention plus allows opportunities to foster and grow those relationships with new contacts made on the first day of the forum and the follow-up the next day.

This is a specialized program that brings together senior-level administrators and communication and athletic directors and executives who have impacted college sports. This forum is perfect for CoSIDA members who have moved up in administration or are looking to take the next step in their career. So if you're a senior level administrator trying to get back into CoSIDA and coming to a convention this is a great opportunity to do so and make those reconnections or if you're looking to crack into a senior-level administration position, this is a great opportunity to help grow yourself there.

So, this year's forum is very diverse and inclusive, takes on major hot topics in college athletics. So it's our most robust lineup we've ever had. Most sessions, eight different sessions, four each day, featuring this forum.

There's a couple people I'd like to highlight during the forum is on Sunday you'll hear from Dr. Derek Greenfield, who's a noted speaker and consultant on the power of diversity and teams. Also we hear from our allies at the NCAA, NCAA senior vice president communications Bob Williams, along with our friend Eric Christensen, the NCAA managing director of external affairs. We'll talk more about leadership as the communications professional.

Dr. Jared Spencer is a new person, an outside voice for us this year. He's going to talk about the mind of a leader. He'll dive into mental wellness and athletic administrators in this day and age. Last is time management approach dealing with media, dealing with media. We have media members from ESPN, the Athletic, and Malcolm Moran, who is the director of sports capitalism and journalism at IUPI.

And Monday morning we jump into resilient leadership with Bob Delaney. He's a former NBA referee and former undercover New Jersey state trooper that infiltrated the mob. So he'll have some interesting stories he'll share with everybody there. A couple more sessions, we have a roundtable discussion creating a pipeline of leadership talent.

We're thankful to be joined by Big East commissioner Val Ackerman and women's leaders in college sports CEO Patty Phillips.

And then idea shaping, social media is always a big topic we like to cover at convention, but this year you get hear from members of Clemson and South Carolina's staff along with University of Kansas director of athletics Jeff Long.

Lastly, we close out the Leadership Forum with a session on productivity at work, something that we can all benefit from and improve on, and we'll hear from Eric Papp. He's a productivity expert and management trainer.

You can still sign up now online or you can do on-site registration once you arrive if you'd like to join us for that. Bo, you want to move forward.

So just a couple things that we've kind of mentioned already. We'll keep moving along. We're going to talk about divisional day that's going to be on Tuesday, June 11th. So that's when we have Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA all have their divisional days. This is a day later than normal, but this allows us some more flexibility at this year's programming convention schedule. So look forward to that.

And just a reminder to anybody, you can attend any divisional days sessions even if you are not a member of that division.

If you go to the next one, I'll talk about highlighted sessions. Here we go. So we have 70 educational sessions and you're not going to be able to attend them all. So what should you attend if you're looking at schedule for the first time and you're a little bit overwhelmed. This will help kind of maybe pick out a couple keynote things for each day to help build your schedule for that day.

One thing that we're doing this year is CoSIDA Listens to You. It's a follow-up to our membership survey. That's on Sunday, June 9th, in the morning before we have an afternoon session with athletic directors and different sessions with media.

One of our famous or popular things is speed networking. We have a session on Sunday that's a great way if you've never been to CoSIDA or you don't have a lot of connections or you're trying to meet some new people, this is a great chance to do so or even people that have been in the industry for a long time, speed networking is great.

As mentioned, a couple of the highlights. Dr. Derek Greenfield will be speaking on Sunday. We have on Monday Don Doolittle dealing with writing. This should be a great session in regards to that.

We also will have a special presentation by the Ninth Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics on the afternoon of Monday. Tuesday starts out divisional day with a kickoff breakfast. That's where Eric Papp will come speak to the whole group on productivity at work if you weren't able to hear him in the leadership forum and different divisional day programming, and then as Doug mentioned earlier, we'll have our State of the Association business meeting. It's a kind of revamped business meeting for CoSIDA this year. You get to really hear all the things that we've done with CoSIDA this past year and looking forward to the future.

So lastly on Wednesday, it's our CoSIDA NACTA joint sessions. This has been very popular, this format and the way it's moved along, but people can attend different sessions in the quick format and hear different topics. We will also hear from NCAA Patrice Albert on diversity and inclusion in collegiate athletics, and Dr. Jared Spencer makes another appearance here talking about the mind of an athletic administrator.

Lastly, just network wrap-up sessions, this is the last session of the programming before we all head over to Disney Springs for Wednesday night social. But this is a great time to kind of wrap up the convention and also we give out prizes and different things to kind of wrap things up.

That's a great way to end the convention going to that.

Educational lounge: So we have 33 sessions and 58% have been filled so far. There's still great opportunities for people to sign up. It's really tackled a lot of the Adobe Suite issues with PhotoShop, Premier, Adobe Spark. There's different sessions on motion graphics, photography, talking about soccer and volleyball this year, podcasting, working with green screen. So different things that you might have interest in or something you might want to learn. So you can still sign up online and like I said there's 58% have been filled and only a few sessions have been kind of filled or sold out so far.

And then the next session, NACTA. So being at CoSIDA '19 is part of our convention you can attend the NACTA sessions as well. And a couple of key things to point out here is on Monday, afternoon, from 3:00 to 4:00 NACTA has motivational speaker John Maxwell, and on Tuesday you hear from the different Power Five commissioners Bob Bowlsby, Greg Sankey, John Swofford from the conferences listed there. That's in the morning from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. But again, with your badge from CoSIDA you can attend any of these NACTA events as long as it's not invitation-only, but any general session you're able to attend.

LAURIE BOLLIG: Thanks, Sam. So hello everybody. I am so excited about the convention. Doug mentioned 900. So I just consider it 900 of my closest and coolest friends that I'll get to see in a week and a half.

So while Will and Barb, my coworkers, they do so much of the heavy lifting for this convention. I sort of get to do the fun stuff, I guess.

And so I have a lot of coordination toward the luncheons and the award ceremonies that we have. So Sam mentioned them but we'll just go over real quick on Monday night we have the Google Cloud Academic Hall of Fame induction.

You may not recognize these names possibly, but we have an astronaut; we have a former Major League Baseball player; we have somebody who literally has designed things that go to Mars and can exist on Mars and on the moon.

So if that doesn't make you intrigued or interested with these people, then I would just -- for those of you on the call or on the webinar who have never been to the convention, this CoSIDA Google Cloud Academic All-America program is CoSIDA's signature program. This program for student-athletes has been around for six decades. So it's very important.

And this is a show that is emceed by Reese Davis of ESPN. He does an unbelievable job as the host. From 5:30 to 7:00 I guarantee you it will be the fastest 90 minutes of your convention. So please make it a point to come. Anybody's welcome. If you would like to bring your athletic director or supervisor, they are welcome.

This is a very impressive group of inductees we have this year. And the show will reflect that, and the questions. It's an amazing group of people and I'm never disappointed in this event every year. I encourage everyone to come.

Now we move on to the CoSIDA luncheon. So on Monday we have the CoSIDA Hall of Fame luncheon. You'll see our esteemed Hall of Famers on the screen in front of you. Emcee for that event is Adam Amin from ESPN. Most of you probably, if you watched the Women's Final Four, you'll remember what a great job he does with the Women's Final Four. In addition to Hall of Famers, we have some lifetime achievement award winners that we'll be recognizing, and Keith Jackson, Eternal Flame award, is going to the College Gameday Built by The Home Depot. So that football show on every Saturday morning, there will be people from ESPN representing College Gameday and the Jake Wade award, of course, to Holly Rowe from ESPN also.

So really another fast-paced event that includes a free meal. So invite you all to come to that.

And then this year we're doing something a little bit different on Tuesday. We've taken -- we're using divisional day of the kickoff breakfast to recognize our 25-year award winners and our Rising Star award winners.

So Amy Yakola from the ACC will be our emcee for that event. She did a luncheon last year. She's phenomenal. There are over 30 25-year award winners. They do not all speak. They're recognized. And then the Rising Star award -- we sort of figured as we looked at who we could recognize in that event, we thought wouldn't it be nice to have the bookends of the people who have been in the profession, the veterans, and then talk to the rising stars, who have been around for less than 10 years.

And then that will lead into Eric Papp's discussion about productivity at work before Divisional Day begins.

And then on Wednesday the last day we'll have the CoSIDA special awards luncheon. You'll see all those awards listed below. They're very important awards to CoSIDA. The men and women who will receive these awards are some of the best in our profession. Jamie Saye from Orlando will be there. Jamie did this luncheon two years ago when we were in Orlando and she was really great emcee.

I would just ask that our members remember how important these luncheons are to the award winners and their families, and really to our profession. So I would just encourage you to be there and to stay for the whole awards presentation because these are meaningful and this is the face of our profession and these people, men and women, are getting awards because they've done really outstanding things in our profession. So I would just encourage everyone to stick around for the whole program.

I am going to turn it over to Will for the next part.

THE MODERATOR: Before we get to you real quick we've got a question that's come in. Thank you, Laurie. That was great. Will the educational lounge sessions be recorded on audio or video? Obviously everybody is limited to three, but some people, they're probably seeing 15 different ones that they want to go to. Is any of that going to be recorded?

WILL ROLESON: I'm not sure if Barb is still on the line, but Barb, do you know if any of those will be recorded? I don't think so, but I'm not positive.

BARB KOWAL: Thanks, Sam. No, those will not be recorded. This is obviously first come, first serve. Very intensive learning lab. But no we do not have any ability this year to record off of those. But we have tripled the number of offerings this year. We've also upped the number of people that can attend to 32. So space is going to remain. Great question. We think it's a great part of our programming and we hope to have space for as many people as possible.

THE MODERATOR: One strategy we've done if you're going with multiple people maybe from your office or something like that, I'll be going with two other members of my office, we split those things up so we say, hey, you're going to go to this session, I'm going to go to this session. You'll go to this one and we'll talk about it afterwards. Many might be coming in by yourself. If that's the case get with some friends and see what sessions they're going to. Go to some things different and see if you can report on things you've learned. That way it's been really, really good for us.

WILL ROLESON: Just to add, what Barb mentioned, too, we have lounges every single day of the convention this year compared to last year. There's different opportunities and ample opportunity to go to something if you can't make it, and it's a great benefit of going to the convention.

THE MODERATOR: We'll turn it over to you. It's not just all business while we're there. We do get to have some fun. Let's talk about some of the social events and hanging out with our colleagues and enjoy some time together.

SAM ATKINSON: Sure. Of course on Sunday is our kickoff reception presented by Sidearm Sports. It's going to be in the Exhibit Hall. If you're new to convention and you haven't met anybody, make sure you make an effort to go to socials and introduce yourself and meet new contacts or connect with people from your conference or people that might be from your state, different regions. So it's a great opportunity to start things off and start making those contacts and hopefully make friends for a long time.

And then after that we have ESPN's College Sports Caravan. It's going to be over at Tomco's Tavern. As Will has mentioned, we have different shuttle buses take us to and from. Will, I imagine it's the same shuttle buses or same location that people will take for the ESPN outing?

WILL ROLESON: Yes, Sam, bus pickup will be right by the Palms registration desk in the convention center area. We'll have a lot of them right up front right after the Exhibit Hall social ends and then you'll continue on rotation through that event which concludes at 10:00 p.m. at Tomco's.

SAM ATKINSON: Will, can you explain on Tuesday with our Exhibit Hall, how that works for people that may not be used to it or haven't gone to it before?

WILL ROLESON: Sure. NACTA has two nights of Exhibit Hall; that's Monday and Tuesday night. CoSIDA works with them to buy into one of those nights and offers all of our attendees an opportunity to go there. For those who have been there, I think most are familiar that it's unlimited beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and a number of food stations there they usually have between 200, 250 vendors. The CoSIDA credential for two nights will get you in on Tuesday night. You're free to stay as long as you want, opens at 4:00 when our programming concludes that afternoon.

I'll continue on with this, Sam, if you don't mind. We're proud to partner with Women in College Sports. Patty Phillips, CEO, is speaking at the Leadership Forum. They've been a partner of ours for the last few years. So another social opportunity in the 7:30 to 8:30 hour.

And then Wednesday night as has been mentioned a couple times, buses will take you off-site to Disney Springs just down the road. Most of the World Apart, 5:30, right after the networking wrap-up session that concludes our programming that afternoon.

Just a reminder again for those who may not have been with us, as we did a couple years ago at Universal Studio Walk when we provided buses, there's no formal social event at these locations, it's just an opportunity for CoSIDA to provide you an opportunity to get offsite if you've been with us at the host hotel or going back and forth between hotels for four days, this is another opportunity to get you offsite, enjoy the evening, with your friends and colleagues. And then we know most of you will be returning home on Thursday.


SAM ATKINSON: Finally from my end, CoSIDA Exhibit Hall continues, 26 exhibiters and an expanded 12-product theater sessions this year up from 18 we've had the last few years. We do have a number of these vendors that you're familiar with seeing, Sidearm Sports. Press CBS Stat Crew, College TV Ticket, and recognition for a few others that have been with us a few years, and also glad to bring in a couple other ones. We know NCAA Live Stat from [inaudible] will be popular, as well, and again, the always popular NCAA Champion Magazine will allow you to pose for a faux cover of Champion Magazine.

Again, and new this year we usually opened with a kickoff reception on the evening or the late afternoon of that first day. This time we'll actually have hours on Sunday afternoon, the first day you're there 1:00 to 4:00 and close it up for a little bit, and then the exhibit hall social hour from 5:30 to 7:00, and hours all day on Monday and then opening early Tuesday in conjunction with the Divisional Day breakfast and continuing through the State of the Association business meeting, and the Exhibit Hall will close at 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon so those vendors can pack up and hit the road if they want that day.

So same number of hours. A few more exhibiters and more product theater sessions for you to learn about some products and services for companies that have chosen to associate with CoSIDA.

THE MODERATOR: Question. For those that are staying at the Marriott Village locations that have shuttles all day the buses that depart from the World Center, will they only bring people back to the World Center or will they go to the other hotels as well?

SAM ATKINSON: The buses for our two offsite events, ESPN at the tavern and Disney Springs, will only bring folks back to the World Center site back at the Palms Center registration.

THE MODERATOR: The 5K run and walk, I guess there wasn't enough for people to do. Let's talk about that.

SAM ATKINSON: This is a great opportunity to invest in yourself and get active on Monday, June 10th, at 6:30 a.m. The Goodwill & Wellness committee led by Chris Mitchell and his great committee have organized their annual 5K fun run/walk this year again. If you sign up, you have opportunity to sign up for the 5K or the two-mile walk. If you preregister, you have an opportunity to get a T-shirt and the finishers are getting medals this year for the first time. And all the funds raised from the registration is going to Samaritans Feet as part of Frontline Outreach's community service project. You can still register now online or you can register once you get on site in Orlando.

Talking about community service, this year we were working with Frontline Outreach in Orlando again along with Samaritans Feet. This will be on Monday afternoon. This is limited to the first 50 people to sign up. It's a great opportunity as we work with the homeless in Orlando and help give them new shoes and work with their Frontline Outreach facility and their staff. It's a great thing to give back. It's another thing to kind of maybe pause during the busy convention and do something that's great for others.

So again, hats off to the Goodwill & Wellness Committee for organizing this, and looking forward to seeing what they do once we get down there to Orlando. But again, you can still register now in advance. If you have any questions, please reach out to Chris Mitchell and Ryan Davis for the Goodwill & Wellness committee.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Sam. Appreciate it. We'll hand it over to Laurie now. We'll talk about the CoSIDA Mentorship Program, which is a great program. I've been part of it. I know several other people have been part of it. Laurie, give us an overview of that. Convention is a great time to meet up with a mentee or mentor.

LAURIE BOLLIG: Thank you, Ryan. I'll be very quick. Our Mentorship Program has begun signups. If you haven't signed up, don't worry, we keep the signup open all year. But we have begun a first round of matching, and we'll communicate those out. If you're signed up already we'll communicate those out to you so that there is a possibility that you can meet up with your mentor or your mentee at the convention.

We do have a time allotted for that. And that's going to be on Sunday, June 9th at 11.00 a.m. and the location will be in the app. But again, if you're not signed up and/or if you're interested and just want to get more information, that is a good time to come and find out more about the program. You can see the register link there on the screen and then any additional questions about the program before, during and after the convention. Just let me know. And if there's any questions, thank you.

BO WHITE: Hello, friends. I'm bringing you information today on some ways to get social and share your experience on your personal social networks for the convention.

The first thing you'll see on your screen here is a new thing that we started with Corporate Partner Score Shop. Hopefully you've seen the information we put out on it. But if you haven't, there's a link on the convention homepage.

And we have some hundred or more speakers. And so this is an opportunity for the you're presenting or speaking to create your own social media graphic that you can share however you see fit.

It's totally customizable. There's a tutorial video. There's some written instructions. So if you're not familiar with Score Shots, it's pretty similar. Most people are able to get this done in two or three minutes by following the instructions, even if they haven't seen it before.

And I would also just throw out, if Score Shots is a company that you'd like to know more about, this is another opportunity to just go look and see their product. You don't have to create the graphic. You can use the login and you can go in and see some of what they offer. They've been a great partner on this and just make sure that if you use it, you use the CoSIDA19 hashtag and share it with all your friends.

The next slide is a selfie frame. I'm sure you've all seen these or used one before. It's just a cardboard cutout so you can take pictures with your friends onsite. We'll have several of these around the convention. Be on the lookout for them. You can get your selfie with Rob or whatever you need to do.

The last piece I wanted to add, we don't have a slide for it, but we have a Facebook frame for your profile again this year. There's a link to that off the CoSIDA home page. It's pretty easy to find on Facebook if you just search for CoSIDA under the Facebook frame. Ryan?

THE MODERATOR: I'm sure that selfie frame, Rob will put that to good use during the convention. Reminder if you have any questions, we're winding down here if you have any questions, go ahead and fire them in.

In the meantime, let's bring on Rixon Lane from Lander University, he's going to give us his top three or four tips for going to the convention. And if you didn't see his video on why you should go to the convention, you've got to check it out. It's pretty good. Thanks for joining us. And what are your tips?

RIXON LANE: Just a couple of notes on people that maybe are making their first trip to CoSIDA or maybe early in the process of coming to these conventions. One of the most helpful things I did last year and understanding that it's maybe not possible for everybody to get in the day before the event, but last year when I attended for the first time up in DC, the first thing I did I actually got there a day beforehand and just kind of scoped out the hotel and the beautiful venue where it was.

And I'm a person that I like to be comfortable in my surroundings. I can't be comfortable if I don't know where things are. Just being able to walk around the venue, see where the rooms are, what the layout was, that saves you a lot of headache on the morning of the first day when everything is scrambling, you're trying to figure out where you're going to go. That saved me a lot of strife and turmoil trying to figure out where things were, just being able to walk around at your own pleasure the night before and get a feel where everything was. That was a huge help to me.

If you're not able to arrive early and do that, the mobile app I know people have mentioned it already, the app is such a huge time saver. I was looking at my notebook I took to CoSIDA last year, and just looking at all the ink I wasted writing down things I thought I needed to write down in terms of scheduling when it was all right there on the app.

That app is a huge help in order not only to see what your schedule looks like but the ability to make your own personalized schedule, really cut through all the things that maybe you're not going to attend and not going to have time to attend. It's just such a time saver; I would highly recommend you download that app when it's ready to be downloaded.

Another thing that I took away from last year is that there's power in numbers. This is especially important for those of you that are maybe making your first trip to CoSIDA and like me, maybe you're a one-man shop or maybe you're the only person from your department going, and you don't really have a group that you're going down there with. If you're a member of one of these chats like the YP Sports Chat or the SIDA chat, all I did last year was reach out to people in those groups saying who is making their first trip or who doesn't want to go through the whole thing alone.

We got a group of seven or eight people going to CoSIDA for the first time ever, and it was so helpful to have. Not only do you feel like you're going through this experience with some other people because like people mentioned earlier, it could be overwhelming for your first time. It's a great event, but those first day or two it can seem like there's a lot being thrown at you once. Knowing there's other people going to these sessions with you that you guys are kind of going through it together is a huge help.

And also as Ryan mentioned, like he does with his team from Florida Southern, if I'm going to an educational lounge or to a session and there's another session at the same time that I really want to go to but I don't have time, it's a great thing to be able to turn to somebody that maybe you have met through social or that is going, to partner on this trip and say, hey, can we share notes afterwards and get lunch talk through what you learned in my session and what I learned in my session.

So power in numbers. There's no shame in putting a group together and saying let's go through this thing together. It's really helpful to have a group like that that you can work with.

People talk about being able to relax and recharge. Obviously this is a very educational trip and you're going to learn a lot about this profession. But there's so many ways that you can have some fun and kind of take care of yourself and enjoy what this profession is and all the camaraderie that comes with it, whether it's being a part of the volunteering, whether it's taking part in the receptions, the ESPN event is a fantastic event. You're going to meet a lot of great people and it's a really wonderful relaxed atmosphere. The 5K is as much fun as you can have at 6:30 on a Monday morning. Jeremy and his group do a great job putting that whole thing together.

As people mentioned registration for that is opened until June 4th online and you can sign up on Sunday the first day at the convention or the morning of on Monday. That's a great event as well. There's just a lot of things like that are maybe outside of what people think of when they think of CoSIDA and they think about the panels and they think about the learning how to do different things and the learning parts of this profession but there's a lot of fun stuff too.

You owe it to yourself to take advantage because it's really the only time you'll be able to be involved in some of those particular things. And the last thing, this is sort of a shameless plug, but the educational lounges are incredible. The most helpful thing that I did last year at the convention was going to the educational lounge on Adobe Spark. They're very -- like people mentioned -- they're small groups. They're very informative. They're things you can immediately take back to your campuses and implement right away.

There's none of these sessions that's great information -- it's stuff you'll definitely want to keep in mind all through the year maybe you don't know where it can fit in your program or fit it into your department. These educational lounges it's information you can take from CoSIDA and the next day you can start implementing it whether it's via the In Design or Adobe or PhotoShop, I'm teaching a PhotoShop basic on Wednesday with Tommy Chasanoff from Cumberland, information you'll be able to utilize right away. Only half are full there's so many spots for people to take advantage of the educational lounges. They are one of the most important aspects in my mind of the entire convention.

Those are four very quick, very basic overviews of some things that I learned from my first year. But the big thing is just enjoy it. It's the only time of year you're going to be around this many professionals in this job and be able to pick the brains of so many people that have so many years of experience. So just take advantage of it and enjoy it and don't be afraid to ask questions, don't be afraid to try to make connections, don't be afraid to hand out a couple of new business cards if you have to because it's truly a once -- it's a once-in-a-lifetime or once-in-a-year opportunity if you get it. Take advantage of it and enjoy it because it's going to be awesome.

THE MODERATOR: I would echo that stuff about the educational lounges. I think they're awesome. Some of my favorite parts of it. And remember, too, it's not just something that helps you but it can help the people that you work with in your office and you can even take that back and give that knowledge to the other folks in your department and really help out your athletic department as a whole. Look forward to seeing you down here in Florida in about a week and a half. Appreciate your tips there.

Let's head back over to Sam real quick. Just a question here. We have Divisional Days; what does that comprise for people who haven't been before?

SAM ATKINSON: Sure, so the different divisional groups, D3-SIDA, D2-SIDA, NAIA-SIDA and other groups have been working throughout the year preparing their programming basically for their division, but a lot of the ideas can probably be applied to a lot of other divisions or if you're in one shop and maybe looking to cross over to a different division, there's different topics that you might want to go to just to kind of get that perspective or hear from those voices in that room. Divisional Day is a great opportunity that features programming geared towards a certain division or certain type of shop. But also it's a great opportunity to kind of cross over and go to different divisional sessions, as well.

THE MODERATOR: Also a reminder on that you don't have to stay just within your division, correct? You can go anywhere you want.


THE MODERATOR: A lot of good things to learn. Finally, what's involved with the Job Seekers event on Sunday? For those who maybe they're coming in, they just graduated and they're looking for a job, people looking to advance their careers, what's that Job Seekers event entail?

SAM ATKINSON: So it's a great opportunity for people looking for their first job or internship or graduate position at different levels, different schools. The Job Seekers committee as part of CoSIDA does a great job putting this together and kind of really spotlighting some of the open positions currently and also maybe filling in tips for job seekers as far as resumé building or interviewing skills and different speakers will come in and speak to those who maybe never been to CoSIDA or maybe never had the opportunity to kind of approach a different -- a leader in CoSIDA for a job.

So it's a really good thing for people looking for jobs or other people maybe thinking or mulling about maybe switching positions. So check that out.

THE MODERATOR: Appreciate it. That's going to about do it for us. Just a reminder that your credential will get you in, even to different NACTA events throughout the week such as the Exhibit Hall and things like that. If it's a closed NACTA event, your credential won't get you in there, but you have a lot of crossover with that stuff, as well. Make sure you download the app. That's super helpful. And if you have any more questions or any more information, feel free to reach out to the folks at CoSIDA. I know they'll gladly help you and check out things on the convention home page on CoSIDA.com. Thank you.

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