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May 26, 2019

Kevin Na

Fort Worth, Texas

THE MODERATOR: We'd like to introduce the 2019 Charles Schwab Challenge champion, Kevin Na, into the interview room. Kevin picks up his third PGA Tour victory, and I know this one means a lot to you. You've wanted this one for a long time.

KEVIN NA: Yes I have. Well, according to go stats, they say this is a golf course that I've had the most leads in a tournament. I've had a lead at some point in the tournament the most out of all the tournaments I played. That tells you how much I like this place and how well I played here.

I knew this is one of the places I can definitely win, and I really look forward to coming here, having a chance. To be able to do it today, it's a great feeling.

THE MODERATOR: You move up to 27 in the FedExCup standings. That really sets up well for the rest of the season. I know you also have other goals in mind as well.

KEVIN NA: Yeah, obviously making TOUR Championship, making it the to finale, is a goal every year. Done a pretty good job over the years getting there. This is definitely going to help, 500 FedExCup points.

I should be on the radar for Tiger Woods Presidents Cup. Hope you're watching.

THE MODERATOR: We have some unique trophies on this tour, and this is obviously a beautiful one here. You also receive the 1973 Dodge Challenger that Mr. Schwab just presented the keys to you.

Talk a little bit about that.

KEVIN NA: Oh, wow, that car is beautiful. Saw that car. I knew about it before I got here. Months in advance they said they're giving a '73 dodge, this old classic that's, you know, refurbished and it's beautiful.

I don't know how my caddie convinced me to give him the car, but he's a good salesman I guess. He sold me into it. But I'm more than happy to give it to him. He deserves it. I got something cooler right here.


Q. You mentioned all the leads you've had here. What does it mean to get on the Wall of Champions, especially at a tournament with such great history?
KEVIN NA: It's an honor. This tournament has so many world class and legends of the game that are on the wall. On the first tee I saw that wall, looked at the name right below, Justin Rose, and in my head I engraved my name in it in my head.

Just trying to visualize success before I tee'd off.

Q. Kenny said that he first mentioned it on Tuesday during a practice round of about the car and you just basically said, Hey, if I win I'll give it to you. Did he continue to remind you about that throughout the week?
KEVIN NA: He did the practise round, and once the tournament started, no. But, oh, he knows I was thinking about it. I mean, looks like a beautiful car, but little did I know how much that car was worth.

But he said, But I'll take my name out of the hole-in-one list, because we have a hole-in-one list. Every time I make a hole-in-one, if there is a car, the person gets it. It starts with parents, then goes wife, daughter, and Kenny. Kenny said, Well, I started working with you before your daughter was born, so I'm behind the wife. I'll take my name out of list if you give me that car. I was like, Whatever, fine.

Q. Kenny said that since you won last year there has been a calmness about your game. Would you feel like in the last year you've played with a calmness?
KEVIN NA: I agree. I think after the win at Greenbrier last year was of a very emotional win. I feel like this week was the next chance at a win, next time I legitimately could contend and I won.

I felt so much more comfortable. Had some much more confidence. I think me winning Greenbrier last year has obviously taken a lot of pressure off. There is always pressure, but it's taken a lot of a load off, weight off my shoulders. I think it helped me today.

Q. What is it about Colonial Country Club course that makes it so patterned for your game?
KEVIN NA: It's a great designed golf course. You got to hit a lot of draws off the tee. Just some of the way the hole sits, I like it. Few cut holes. I can cut it when I need to. Mostly I think a lot of my draws work out here.

And I mentioned this many times, I feel like it's a second-shot-in golf course. The golf course, everyone kind of puts it in the same position off the tee and same spot.

It's about how good you can hit it with the irons and how well you can putt. I'm a pretty good player fairway in.

Q. Couple quick ones. First, why the fist pump on 8? Was that a moment where you felt like after you made that putt...
KEVIN NA: Yeah, because the hole before I really felt like I gave one away. I had wedge in my hands thinking birdie and I got too aggressive. I should have hit it 15 feet right; kind of went for the pin. Turned over a little bit long left and made bogey.

The putt wasn't all that hard of a putt, but Kenny and I couldn't come to an agreement on the line and I missed. It felt like I just really gave one away. To get one back right way on the next hole was a great feeling.

Q. And does Kenny still get paid or is the Challenger his salary?
KEVIN NA: Oh, yeah. You know what? Wouldn't surprise me if he's the highest percentage paid caddie out here. I'm being dead serious. You can ask him. He won't tell you the number, but he gets a good check, a lot more than the average.

Q. Going back to last year when you won, that was a stretch of about 158 starts between wins. You said you weren't sure if that was ever going to come again. Since that win, did you feel like, Oh, yeah it's going to come again?
KEVIN NA: Yeah, took me a while to get my first win, and the second win I had so many close calls. Got my second win and it took -- like I said, people said, You're going to win, you're going to win, but until it happens you just never know.

After I won Greenbrier I knew that it wasn't going to be too long until I got my third one.

Q. Since you've given him the Challenger, what have you got to race him in? Got anything you can race him in?
KEVIN NA: Oh, yeah I got a Lamborghini at home.

THE MODERATOR: Anything else?

Q. On Wednesday did you know you were going to win this tournament?
KEVIN NA: No, but I posted on my social media story, Instagram story, me on the first tee with that wall, and I said, I would like to add my name to that wall this week.

I mean, I'm always thinking positive. I don't want to talk about last week. I'll make it short. After I missed the cut last week by one shot at a golf course I feel like I have zero chance at, I was not happy. You never want to miss a cut at a major.

I told Kenny, I said, you know what? If taking the weekend off gets me rested for a golf course that I have a chance to win at and I know that I can win at, things happen for a reason. I rarely miss cuts, but I felt like getting rest last weekend and because I felt like I was going to contend this week, I think helped me.

Q. I wanted to ask you about Kapalua because you had to withdraw after trying to get there for so many years. Now you get a chance to go back.
KEVIN NA: It's a great feeling. Yeah, this year I was there but I had a broken pinky and just too painful to play. Basically took a month off the beginning part of the season. I getting to go back. You know what? Before the tournament, I don't know, maybe I'll wear some gloves or something to protect my hand. Make sure I play.

THE MODERATOR: All right. Our 2019 Charles Schwab Challenge champion. Congratulations.

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