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May 26, 2019

Danny Hall

Tristin English

Durham, North Carolina

North Carolina - 10, Georgia Tech - 2

Q. Coach Hall, talk about your starting pitcher. He only pitched 79 pitches. Did he run out of gas? Is that part of the game plan, maybe just pitch 80 pitches (indiscernible)?
COACH HALL: I think his last probably inning he was missing on some pitches, had a hard time throwing his breaking ball for a strike. But I'm not remembering exactly who we brought Bartnicki in to face. We brought him in to face a left-hander, and he got the guy out and got us out of the inning.

And then credit Busch. I wish in my mind we could replay the sixth inning. We had shifted all day. He had shown bunt and right before the pitch, it was on my mind because we had Bartnicki facing him, he may try to bunt again but we just -- it happened before we could say anything. He put a perfect bunt down. And then Sabato hit the home run.

And so if we could replay it, I'd replay it and we'd keep the third baseman there so he couldn't bunt. I would say in most instances we're very happy with Busch bunting. But to his credit he put a perfect bunt down. And then the next guy, you know, hit the home run to really kind of give them a lot of momentum.

Q. Danny, what can you say about Cort's start today? And did he get to a point in the game where maybe he started to tire a little or --
COACH HALL: I don't know if he tired. He lost his breaking ball. Early on he was kind of landing his breaking ball, but then he kind of lost it, started to kind of miss, just miss with his pitches.

I was proud of what he did, 4.1 innings, one hit, one run. I'd like to see less than three walks. But we like him a lot. We think he's got a big future ahead of him. And I thought he did his job here today.

Q. Tristin, obviously a disappointing finish but you guys played a really good baseball here. What do you think a springboard heading into regions, and do you think the team is playing its best baseball at the right time?
TRISTIN ENGLISH: I would say that we're getting better. Obviously as the year's gone on we started off good. We were consistent the whole year. And here towards the end we had to win -- we needed to win four in a row and we won three in a row. And we only won three in a row at one other point in our year and it was against Western Carolina.

We're kind of building off of it, chip on our shoulder. Preseason fifth in our side, in our division, and here we are No. 2 in the ACC. So, obviously we felt snubbed in the beginning, and we'll see how selection Monday plays out for us.

Q. Danny, what did you tell the team? Obviously disappointing game today, but overall, imagine a good week for you guys?
COACH HALL: Absolutely. Proud of what they've done all year. Now it's important that we get rest and then just get mentally and physically ready to go out next weekend on whoever it is we're going to be playing.

But we have everything right in front of us that we set out to do at the beginning and we look forward to that opportunity.

Q. Was Zxa an option today? And what are your hopes being through more of the rehab now?
COACH HALL: We kind of decided over the weekend to hold him out this weekend to give him just a little more rest. I fully expect unless something goes wrong this week that we'll see him somewhere next weekend. He's progressed.

It was kind of the old risk/reward thing of I don't think it was worth putting him back out there and not having him in the regionals. So we have erred on the side of caution with him. He's progressing. And I think unless there's a setback this week, I think he'll be ready to go next weekend.

Q. Going back to Cort, I think his last appearance in the regular season, he pitched the whole game from a stretch. Today he went back to his regular delivery. What went into that change and where he ended up today?
COACH HALL: We kind of felt like going in last weekend's start that he threw a few more strikes and every time he got in the stretch there's kind of less moving parts. And so that was kind of the strategy behind it. But he didn't really like it. And so we just decided, okay, you don't like it, then go back to your windup and get the job done. So he proved us wrong and he did a nice job today.

Q. Danny, about the bullpen, obviously last couple days you had some really good performances. Today it wasn't as good. What are your thoughts going into the regionals about your depth there?
COACH HALL: We obviously would have pitched Tristin if we could have stayed in that game a little tighter for maybe one more inning. Didn't happen. And if Zxa goes back in, I just think it lengthens our pitching staff.

The two guys yesterday, Gibson and Hughes, have kind of been bullpen guys for us. Thought both those guys threw well.

We knew we were a little short heading into today. We were kind of hoping that we could kind of sneak through it a little bit. Just didn't happen. When we made mistakes, they made us pay.


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