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May 24, 2019

Gino DiMare

Alex Toral

Durham, North Carolina

GINO DIMARE: Very disappointing game for us. We obviously jumped on them early, had a five-run lead after three innings, and we've had some games like this this year, where we've let teams come back. We just didn't do a good job offensively. We had guys on base, and we had a couple situations, man on second, nobody out, didn't move the runner over. We didn't get the big hit. We left, I think, eight guys on base today. We had some guys there with two outs and couldn't get them in, get the big hit. Just let them kind of creep back in the game.

Our guys battled. They fought the whole time, like we have all year, so I'm proud of them for that. Just disappointing. We had a chance to do something really good there for our program. We're trying to get it going in the right direction. But the real season begins now next week for us, so we move forward and get ready for the NCAA Tournament.

Q. Gino, did you get an explanation as to what the ruling was on third? Looked like his hand came off the base.
GINO DIMARE: No, they never did give me an explanation. He was safe, and then came off, and we stayed with the tag. First of all, I never even -- they just went to review it before I even said anything. I'm not sure that's how it's supposed to work. I was going to ask them. I guess they can. I guess they can review a call -- you know that. After a certain inning, I guess they can review on their own, so that's what they're doing.

I just wanted to make sure, when I went out there, we think he was safe, but we thought he came off, like you were saying, and we thought we stayed with the tag. They said, no, we're going to look at that. I've got to be honest with you, the replay thing, it boggles my mind. It's great we have it, but even last night I watched the play they said we didn't have a catch, and I'm watching it over and over and over -- and I've done this a number of plays this year, and I'm going it's a catch, it's a catch -- no catch. It's got to be -- I don't know. They didn't explain it to me, to answer your question, no.

Disappointing to hear that he did come off the bag, if you're saying that, though.

Q. Alex, how do you feel about the state of the offense right now as you head into the postseason? You guys came out swinging the bat so hot today and weren't able to extend. Overall, do you feel good about where you guys are at as a unite?
ALEX TORAL: Personally, I feel our offense as of late is heading in the right direction. We've been swinging the bat great, had good approaches throughout the whole lineup. It's unfortunate there at the end. Lancelotti came in and was pitching well and shut us down. I'm pretty confident of our lineup coming into the postseason, though.

Q. Alex, what did Love -- the first reliever they had, what did he do that kind of changed the momentum? Because you got some good swings on the start. It just didn't seem like you got as good of swings against him.
ALEX TORAL: He just varied his pitches well. Threw every pitch he had for a strike, kept the ball down. He really only made one mistake pitch, and besides that, he really dealt for them. He came in for a big role for them and got the job done. We couldn't figure him out.

Q. Coach, do you expect to be at home next weekend? Have you thought much about it?
GINO DIMARE: Have I thought about hosting?

Q. Have you thought about your chances?
GINO DIMARE: Yeah, I have. I don't know. I honestly don't know. I thought, if we win today, we'd probably -- I told our guys I'd put the mortgage on it that we hosted now, and I think it's up in the air. I think we should. I'm not a guy that's kind of got to plead our case. That's not me. Hopefully, our play speaks for it. We have had a lot of -- you know, our top two pitchers and our shortstop, our third overall hitter were out for over a month, and we still put ourselves in this position. That's pretty good.

Even our starting pitcher today, we had to take him out. He's on a pitch count. Only his second outing since, he was out for a month, and it's his second start back, and he's on a pitch count. If McMahon was to throw tomorrow, he'd be on a pitch count. We're still trying to bring these guys back in the right way. And you see how good of a player Zamora is, and he missed a month, and we still were winning games.

This team can be dangerous. I think it deserves to host. It deserves the NCAA's respect certainly. It's a young team. It's a fun team to watch, you know that. Our place is a great place to have a regional because I've been part of a lot of them. Had a lot of great games over the years. Wherever they put us, we'll accept it. That's the way it goes, and we'll be ready to play.

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